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  1. I have to let the back tyres down on the 80” to get it in it’s garage - that has an up and over door. I’m looking at side hung timber doors - but have been suprised how expensive they are.
  2. Reducer to the airbox. Mine is in a series without an intercooler - the inlet pipework runs where you want it. These are the best pictures I have on my phone for it at the moment:
  3. Let’s give a little space to inexperience: A standard Land Rover is amazingly capable off road - particularly with skilful driving. To use it as a daily driver you need to love it - they are noisey, usually leak water, really quite uncomfortable. To carry passengers you really want a 110 - long wheel base. They’re big - harder to park and I think harder to fit in with modern traffic. A lot of Land Rovers are in poor condition - many are like most tools, they’ve used and abused. I love mine, use it daily, and think it’s a great place to be. The main thing we need to know to help is to know your budget. My suggestion would be, if your budget allows it, to buy the best condition standard Land Rover that you can afford - then use it.
  4. It’s up to you 😊 Here’s mine with a snorkel top pushed onto the airbox. I just used sheet steel of similar thickness to the airbox and straps.
  5. I think so. Unless you want to mount suspension on it too ?
  6. 5mm plate 😳😮👍🏻
  7. I have a 300 turbo on my 200 and fitted the airbox where you’ve got it. I used silicone elbows and stainless pipe to route it round the back, OE bobbins and brackets to mount the airbox, the rear lifting eye mount to hold the pipe, and a silicone reducer from the airbox to the pipesize.
  8. 2008 for a full rebuild? - 10 years seems too soon.... Have you looked at the Graphics company website? Some interesting stuff on there: http://bluelite.co.uk/gallery/?gclid=CjwKCAjwstfkBRBoEiwADTmnEHdsYzS9kePB6AfMIhFUGtXfKG3nH6wOdI9xTw1GrWfkndmFlWI2FhoCVMMQAvD_BwE Worth dropping them a question on their reference number 😊
  9. If it works for CTEk ....!?! 😊 It should work for Mo !
  10. One of the first things I want to look at again is the heater exhaust. Not only is it close to the intake at the moment - it’s ripe for my daughter catching it with her foot as she climbs in and out. I don’t want to exit it into the wheel arch and have carp thrown up into it, I’m also not sure that the campervan trick of having it exit under the body work is good on a vehicle with panel gaps like these have. Running it through to the back, up and over the axle, doesn’t seem to offer any natural fixing points - and makes the low spot a bit awkward - so I’m thinking just extending it a little and having it come out on the front edge of the rear wheel arch like a side exit exhaust might work. Any suggestions or words of wisdom folks?
  11. Is it worth checking the ECU earth in the seat box? Mine went dodgy and gave intermittent running issue as it made and lost continuity.
  12. Gone are the days of an old boy in a brown smock saying ‘that was a common part to the p4 Rover - I’ll get you one.’
  13. Admonished and excited 😆 Thank you !
  14. I don’t think I need an LED... I think the controller is an on/off and the variable control, so I assume I’d need another switch too. Perhaps I can run a light from that one.
  15. Mine is insured for commuting too. 👍🏻
  16. Wow Fridge - thank you! Given what my soldering is like, I might hold out for when you’re next doing some if that’s ok? I’ve a load to be getting on with, so there’s no rush. I’m finding all the little things I want to tweak... i do want to fit some door seals - there’s a hell of a draft 😂. I’ve ended up with the noisey wiper motor on my side ...🤔 I just noticed there is an arrow next to the word ‘dip’ - so the dip switch is wired the wrong way around. ⬆️ I need a couple of shorter bolts (or shorten them) for the floor, they aren’t seating. 💺 I want to make the wiring behind the grill tidier 🧹 i need to send the Speedo off 🕰 oh - and I want to drive it a lot 😊👍🏻
  17. My 80” has a 200tdi and just the back box - and isn’t loud at all. I’m still suprised by how unobtrusive it is.
  18. Anyone one for the 12J or 200TDI?
  19. Did you ever sort this out Nick?
  20. Good progress👍🏻. Any plans for coating the underside ?
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