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  1. I don’t think you can underestimate the high degree of technical lock in they have, nor how the way they have procured their stuff over time has shrunk the market.
  2. I think they look better than 8 spokes would - it’s looking good.
  3. I thought there’d been a new one then!
  4. The airtop in my 80” is about 7000 BTU I think, and albeit in a small space, that’s hot enough to dry wet clothes, burn your hand, and find I have a dry mouth when my daughter has secretly turned it up a notch.
  5. MOD aren’t bound by the EU procurement regs in the way that other Departments are.
  6. That bent my punches ....😮
  7. I thought they’d have had you at ‘big ball joints’?
  8. And after 39 pages of assessment we’ve arrived at the point where we can say it’s not a Defender either 👍🏻
  9. That would work for me 😊 I’d actually forgotten about that 😳😮
  10. I don’t really understand the motor - but it’s been full of water - I did my best to clean it up and when I connected it up, it smoked.
  11. Well done - great to see it with the floors in. getting close ! What’s left?
  12. This is excellent - some great problem solving and lateral thinking. I also like the copper pipe idea for the heater, I’ve often looked at mine and thought how vulnerable it is having the exhaust, fuel line, and wiring exit right next to each other...
  13. For goodness know how many years I’ve been rebuilding an M8000 winch - it stalled because it needs a new motor and because I don’t really have a use for it. Given that last point it seems daft to pay for a bowmotor or a genuine warn item - is there’s anything cheap and cheerful (inc secondhand) so I can just get it back together?
  14. Thanks Steve 😊 I’ll try and get some black and white ones The only one I took black and white so far was outside my daughters ballet class, and it looked like straight out of the 50’s. In fact I texted the picture to my Mum saying “ here it is in Layton (nearby town) 1951” - and she thought I’d unearthed some historical photos 😳
  15. Good call I think Gazzar I love my heated seats - they make such a difference to being comfortable quickly in cold weather. Thus them going in the 80” too.
  16. .... and here it is being mentioned, can’t find the build thread yet:
  17. I think Simon R did a ‘build thread’ on here for fitting them and strongly recommend them, if I remember, as a rebadged kit that you’d pay more for from anywhere else.
  18. I’ve had that message too!
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