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  1. 5 hours ago, garymorris said:

    Excellent , how far have you got ? Have you done one before ? .

    We’ve Fitted a 300 turbo and manifold to make the exhaust a bit easier but now the dipstick won’t fit 🥴 try reshaping it without any success , so wondering if a 300 dipstick will work or the one out of the original 2.25 diesel.

    ill put some more pics up tonight off the body removal etc 

    I had that - tried a 300 dipstick but it had a different fitting into the block, so wouldn’t work. From memory it was a press-fit O ring.

    A friend managed to bend the original one into an S shape and get it to work. The bend means you have to twist the stick (at the right time) as you pull it out for it to clear the bend - but it works.

    There’ll be a picture in my 80” thread if you wanted to look.

  2. Just had a proper Land Rover adventure: took my mum out laning..


    As we got out the end of the last Lane the accelerator pedal lost grip and was just rotating around the rod, with nothing left on the bolt to tighten it up. 

    So I drove 40 minutes back using the ribbon on my dog’s whistle as a hand throttle - passed it through a hole in the bulkhead and cable tied onto the accelerator linkage.



    The lesson is that it’s bloody hard changing gear whilst using a whistle to accelerate with the same hand - albeit great fun.  

    Made it home safely though with just a bit of erratic driving coming out of junctions.

    Here’s a short video from before it happened:

    and a couple more photos taken in my usual parking spot:



  3. Mine is a lights through the grill model. There are other subtle differences it seems between versions of that S1 type too -  I’ve seen them called out on the S1 forum, with people looking to make sure they have the right type for their date of production.

    Mine had rotted at the bottom - and I’ve seen a few like that. I guess dissimilar metal corrosion starting from where it bolts to the front chassis cross member has a role to play in it too? 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Red90 said:

    Really.  Maybe from a UK perspective.  From a world perspective, they are not.  They had a chance to make serious gains by taking a chunk of the huge Wrangler and Landcruiser market.  Even a small chunk would have been a huge gain for such a small car maker.  But they do not seem to want to take on anything new.  Just a little chip into the tiny market that they currently cover.

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