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  1. 28 minutes ago, ianmayco68 said:

    So the big question, do you all recommend genuine Eberspächer parts for the exhaust and exhaust pipe, intake hose , fuel line and the vents or are the cheaper stuff on eBay of good quality and okay to use?

    cheers Ian 

    I spent a bit of money on some directional vents - and I’m glad I did because they have proved robust (my daughter keeps kicking them!) and they feel and look a nice thing too.

    Pipework I didn’t buy branded - but did look for decent reviews.

    Silencers - I bought an intake and borrowed a genuine exhaust silencer, and strangely neither made any appreciable difference and I’ve left both off. I was surprised at that, having read on here what a positive effect they had. 🤷‍♂️ 

    The one thing I bought cheap and regretted was the clips - they proved to be carp and I ended up buying again, and better quality.

  2. 42 minutes ago, lo-fi said:

    That's how I do it. I'll lend you the a-frame if you like; the legs detach for easy shipping. Just add an electric winch, chain hoist, tackle blocks or whatever you've got. 



    Edit: just realised the gearbox pics are an old post! Did you get it sorted? 

    That’s an interesting set up - I assume you lower it to the ground and then pull it out from underneath ? 

    I haven’t put the gearbox in yet - still collecting parts and getting things ready to do a few things at once.



    The aspiration is to do the gearbox, steering, and 11” brakes at the same time....

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