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  1. A chap I knew had a horrific injury on his face, just missing his eye, from using a grinder with no guard and no PPE. I’ve been scared of them ever since if I’m honest !
  2. Pictures and price of the tub kit on Lo the scrolling photos .. http://www.outback-motorcycles.co.uk/rear-tubs
  3. Yes - beautiful place! My brother had one of those Staffordshire Long Houses - and iirc had to (lime) plaster some of the interior walls due to the demands of SPOAB.
  4. @crclifford lovely ! What does the house look like from outside ?
  5. Gosh - all I’ve achieved today is 3 hours of brushing and hoovering carp out the inside of the 90. I’ve had so many jobs on it that are just moving away from me, that it’s likely started the process of becoming a shed.
  6. Another though - Is it possible that your fuel pump has become clogged ? The tanks can become full of carp and reach a peak point. They do have an access hatch in the D2 ...
  7. Perhaps you could start with triggering the ECU to purge the air from the fuel system. From memory you put the key in and turn it on without starting it - and quickly pump the accelerator 10 or so times - that should trigger the pump and the bleed cycle.
  8. At the other end of the price spectrum - I just ordered MUC1005 from Bearmach’s website to do mine.
  9. They’re neatly stacked .... ok - I’m sorry
  10. Stephen - that is not a small metal rack ... it is if you’re British steel, but for a forum of Land Rover owners ... I’m pretty sure that’s huge !
  11. I had someone say I could arrange a courier - but would only tell me the weight, height, and depth - wouldn’t share the length. Insisted I only needed 3 dimensions - and that was weight, height, and depth 😳
  12. I’ve just been reading about the Roxor - which is pretty interesting... https://www.motorbiscuit.com/the-mahindra-roxor-was-too-much-like-a-brand-new-willys-jeep/
  13. Ed - you cover more miles than Judith Chalmers
  14. I owe you too - you need to think of ways for us to return the kindness !
  15. I liked the look of the hot zinc spraying that RetroPower do - but I can’t seem to find anywhere near me that does it.
  16. Just googling for a club - are these anywhere near : https://texasrovers.com/index.php/about-us
  17. Oh no - first Dunsfold, now Blanchards :
  18. Fabulous !! So happy to see you on with it. 🙂 How heavy is the engine you’ve got Daan ?
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