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  1. Anderzander

    New Series - RR Heavy

    Nightmare, and kudos to you George. I know the message from your Series is kind of ‘just keep going’ - but I remember my Dad saying there are times when you’re better just shutting the door and leaving it. I’ve a couple of old motorbikes that are fighting me every step of the way to getting them done. One of them in particular has a way of breaking my heart at every opportunity. I almost hate it at the moment.
  2. Anderzander

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Brilliant 😁 Flying together too !!
  3. Anderzander

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Still loving using this - and working through the various teething troubles. I can fit my daughters motorbike in the back ... Biggest teething problem was the rear diff exploding. I’d fitted Rover P4 used diffs - I had remembered them as being 3.9’s but they are actually 4.3’s. As an interim, and to assess how it ran, I’ve run it with the front prop removed and a 3.54 fitted. Which proved too high a gear - it’s like a 3 speed box with an overdrive, and on the B roads around me I can’t be in 4th or I get transmission shunting. So a 4.3 has been found and I’ll be off to pick it up shortly. A lot of things have worked really well - the heated seats are great and the Webasto is amazing. I left it on a few weeks back whilst we went into a restaurant- when we came back it was so hot 🥵 I suddenly realised my mouth was dry . The only down side with the vents is they get knocked shut when someone is in the middle seat - I could switch them to a non directional / closable vents ... but it’s good being able to direct the air - so I’ll live with it. Current conundrum is my indicators - they’ve developed a fault where they work fine without the engine running, but when it is running they behave like their is a bad earth, with the tell tale light having the faintest glow when they aren’t on - and when switched on they don’t flash. Any suggestions for it?
  4. Anderzander

    Book green laning around europe

    Me too - plan is to get the 80” reliable and take that.
  5. ....and I don’t think Dan uses the forum anymore, sadly.
  6. Anderzander

    Defender 200 Tdi water pump question

    It’s also possible you just had a bad one ... and the issue isn’t endemic to the brand at all. To help Turners, aside wether they can help you, I’d let them know. They may also say - yours is the only one that’s failed blah blah ... or yes, we found that and have a stock of Airtex...
  7. Are you close enough to anyone to borrow something ? Would you consider that ?
  8. Wonderful ! I fancied a capstan for my 80” - but as with your V8, the crank position doesn’t allow the drive to line up. My engineering skills mean that I need to use a Tirfor in that situation though 😂
  9. Anderzander

    New Series - RR Heavy

    What gas did you use George? MAP or Butane? I have a plumbing torch with Butane and I’m wondering if that’s upto the job... The thread repair idea came from seeing this video years ago - starts at 1:00 in...
  10. Anderzander

    New Series - RR Heavy

    I’ve had some of those rods sitting unused in my garage for years 😳 They are an aluminium’s alloy made to have a very low melting point and super high surface tension aren’t they ... I have an old carburettor with a stripped thread in it ... I’ve been thinking of setting a bolt in it and filling around it with the rod, see if it works....!?
  11. Anderzander

    New workshop project

    I have to let the back tyres down on the 80” to get it in it’s garage - that has an up and over door. I’m looking at side hung timber doors - but have been suprised how expensive they are.
  12. Anderzander

    New 200TDI wiring loom advice

    Did you find any pics Mav?
  13. Anderzander

    Manual Diff Lock Install

    Awesome !
  14. Anderzander

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

  15. Anderzander

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    Reducer to the airbox. Mine is in a series without an intercooler - the inlet pipework runs where you want it. These are the best pictures I have on my phone for it at the moment:
  16. Anderzander

    Need advice on finding the right vehicle

    Let’s give a little space to inexperience: A standard Land Rover is amazingly capable off road - particularly with skilful driving. To use it as a daily driver you need to love it - they are noisey, usually leak water, really quite uncomfortable. To carry passengers you really want a 110 - long wheel base. They’re big - harder to park and I think harder to fit in with modern traffic. A lot of Land Rovers are in poor condition - many are like most tools, they’ve used and abused. I love mine, use it daily, and think it’s a great place to be. The main thing we need to know to help is to know your budget. My suggestion would be, if your budget allows it, to buy the best condition standard Land Rover that you can afford - then use it.
  17. Anderzander

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    It’s up to you 😊 Here’s mine with a snorkel top pushed onto the airbox. I just used sheet steel of similar thickness to the airbox and straps.
  18. Anderzander

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    I think so. Unless you want to mount suspension on it too ?
  19. Anderzander

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    5mm plate 😳😮👍🏻
  20. Anderzander

    300tdi turbo inlet size

    I have a 300 turbo on my 200 and fitted the airbox where you’ve got it. I used silicone elbows and stainless pipe to route it round the back, OE bobbins and brackets to mount the airbox, the rear lifting eye mount to hold the pipe, and a silicone reducer from the airbox to the pipesize.
  21. Anderzander

    Utilities/services vehicle mystery

    2008 for a full rebuild? - 10 years seems too soon.... Have you looked at the Graphics company website? Some interesting stuff on there: http://bluelite.co.uk/gallery/?gclid=CjwKCAjwstfkBRBoEiwADTmnEHdsYzS9kePB6AfMIhFUGtXfKG3nH6wOdI9xTw1GrWfkndmFlWI2FhoCVMMQAvD_BwE Worth dropping them a question on their reference number 😊
  22. Anderzander

    Lidl smart battery charger

    If it works for CTEk ....!?! 😊 It should work for Mo !
  23. Anderzander

    What's it worth? 200tdi 90

  24. Anderzander

    Wiring help please ..

    I wondered if some kind soul could point out where I'm going wrong with something ... I've been attempting to modify the circuit on my Td5, so that the rear washer switch becomes a rear wash/wipe switch using a m 4-pin relay. The washer switch is a momentary live-switching switch, so I've used the live output from this to power a relay, which switches the earth from the rear wiper relay. The plan was that this would replicate the function of the rear wiper switch, which is a latching earth-switching switch. But it's not .... the wash wipe works off the button - but the washer jet doesn't. The relay is switching, and if I pull it out and bridge the wire pairs into it then I can get the washer to work off the button - as I'd expect - and the rear wiper works just from bridging its pair (as it doesn't pass through the switch) - so that works too. I'll post again with wiring diagram pictures...

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