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  1. I saw Ineos reply to a question on social media about price - saying it would be competitive with utility vehicles, I wonder what bracket that is ? Will it be the pickups ?
  2. Doesn’t that just sum up the inconsistency of their messaging on the Defender.
  3. The fasteners May lock in from the outside and only be released from the inside Geoff ? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Yes - great idea to have a full width opening. Depending what it has in wheel boxes it should be able to take a pallet.
  5. Good stuff here - thank you guys. I’m having much more success upping the pressure. I’ve made a hole for the hoover to draw from and that’s made just the right amount of negative pressure. It’s loads better. Still more to do. One thing I need to learn is when to replace the media - I notice that the hoover caught quite a lot of media to start with that still felt abrasive To the the touch - so I put that back in the pot. The next time I emptied it - a lot of it felt just like powder. I tipped it back in but then reflected that I should probably be sieving that out. I still need a more flexible hose - it’s a pain to use as it is. But it’s coming together as a useable set up. I’m very grateful for everyone’s input.
  6. They photograph them with filters to get that look though don’t they.
  7. I’ve read a lot of comments justifying the design of the new LR Defender against crash standards and safety regulations, and its construction against modern standards and what the market wants - effectively not admitting that they’ve renounced utility to build a luxury car .... and asserting that what they built was the ultimate modern 4x4 - I think we are about to see that that is all nonsense. This is looking every bit the modernised Defender to me so far; with intelligent supply chain and profit margins, substance over style and utility at its core - and all that that means, and all done whilst having the same beam axle and separate chassis design, plus boxy iconic exterior styling. What do they say? The King is Dead - long live the king !.
  8. It does look tidy 😊 What is supporting that plate the airbox sits on? I can see the folds following the line of bulkhead - but is there anything bracing the horizontal platform back to the bulkhead?
  9. That curved front edge of the wing is a bit like the series 1 - he likes those, so I bet it’s a conscious choice?
  10. Let’s get one up and move all the topics we have on it in there 😀
  11. There’s a lot of work in those wine racks ! Are they for restaurant tables ?
  12. I think it’s an enormous difference - especially if you fit the TLS fronts. There are people in the Series 1 club who have done that (servo and TLS) and taken it off again saying it was too much for such a short light thing.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53190209
  14. The bottom line is that car accidents don’t appear to be contagious.
  15. What’s different here is the potential - Spanish flu killed 50 million people in the 20’s when next to no measures were taken. So I think 0.006% is due to the measures taken to reduce that impact. We’ll possibly never know what it may have been. Somehow I can’t believe the car accident stats are comparable - if 1 in 240 people died in a car accident every year, that would be 1 in 240 people from 75 per cent of all adults aged 17 and over in England (an estimated 33.6 million people) who held a full car driving licence in 2018. So do we really have (is it?) 140,000 people dying in RTA’s a year ? (If it is that period).
  16. (That was great 👍🏻) quite cathartic this ...
  17. Helped you out there Bowie.
  18. Hmm I made a joke about his manner on it - he took it as an attack - I apologised on here - and the mods must have deleted it all. So I pinged a message over to make sure he saw that I apologised - it’s been read but no reply. Perhaps there is no interest in engaging with people 🤷🏻‍♂️
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