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  1. That’s pretty cool Ed - what is the drive arrangements? Is it 6wd with a through diff or a drive from the PTO or something else !?
  2. I’ve gone into slow motion this year - 3 weeks and counting sorting a seized wheel bearing ... 🤔
  3. Maybe it came back with you ? .....and it’s perhaps taking its chances - recognising it’s been corn fed and bred for poor flight.
  4. They aren’t messing about with their marketing these Ineos folks - they’ve just announced they are sponsoring the Mercedes F1 team.
  5. These guys do a Kubota Diesel swap: http://www.overlanddiesel.com
  6. That’s what I was thinking - I had a 90 that flipped over and at first I thought it was just panel damage, then realised the engine had bounced off its mounts and the chassis was bent. It seems that the problem is that they are almost worth as much in parts as they are running - which I guess is why they are stolen and broken .... so I fear that even if the chassis was straight, you could end up putting a lot of effort and money in to get it right.
  7. It is the perspective then isn’t it. I followed the build and didn’t remember thinking it looked narrow - but couldn’t work it out 😊 Looking great.
  8. Is it perspective or is that back door really narrow ?
  9. I was just coming back to say my series guru told me it was a low fuel level light.
  10. Could it be the trailer warning light - I saw one on a lightweight dash I think ?
  11. Surely Suzuki can just put a different engine in it? It’s a brand new mode that’s got high demand and great reviews ... it would seems bonkers if they have to pull it for sale of a different motor ?
  12. Do you know which colour they are? If I remember correctly the different ratios have different colours.
  13. To be fair the analogy would be more accurate if Porsche had made the next 911 water cooled and a family estate too.
  14. It does look neat ! Super long studs look to justify a power tool to take it off though 😀
  15. I find it hard to compare that to the new picture -the back left wheel on yours looks to be carrying less weight than in the other pic - and not be fully compressed. Is that with ARB’s on? (I can’t make it out) my Td5’s articulated like that with them on - disconnecting them made an improvement.
  16. But true to your name - you brought it to the surface? I’ll get my coat 🧥.....
  17. I saw that 😊 Quoted to agree with your appraisal 👍🏻
  18. That is a good idea - and very low cost I would think too.....
  19. If that back wheel is fully compressed and the front is fully extended ..... it must have about 4” of travel? 😳
  20. I put a hardwood threshold across the front - the door closes against it and it stopped rain getting blown in under the door.
  21. I hadn’t thought of either the hood or tailgate 😀 Seems an obvious consideration now I’ve heard it - but it never occurred to me. A custom used tailgate would work particularly well in that is just slides off to go back to standard - the hinges and latches on it are pretty solid too .... Oooo 😊
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