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  1. 39 minutes ago, Retroanaconda said:

    Thanks guys. Yeah I could add a washer to lift it a bit, I’d need to wait until I’ve got the engine crane up here though to have any chance of getting it back on again. 

    Will have a go at fitting the windows tomorrow :i-m_so_happy:

    Could you jack the door up still on the hinges - then take the hinges off one at a time and refit with the washer on? 

    That way the hinges still hold the door whilst the jack creates the space for the washers.

  2. When I put a 3 link on the front of my old 90 it was really about testing the open diff / long travel capability for myself. Balancing the travel front to back made is super stable and I was astonished at how far it would go even without momentum - it would just balance evenly across the 4 wheels and find grip.

    But we all know these things anyway.

    If it was a tyre - we’d say it was 70/30 road bias.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Chicken Drumstick said:

    The traditional 90 is a pretty good example of what a modern ladder chassis live axle vehicle is capable of. Let's not forget 4 wheel traction control was offered in 1998. That is 22 years ago for those that didn't get the memo.

    The 90/110 has always had good wheel travel for a stock vehicle. So they are extremely capable with open diffs. TCS enhances them to be extremely capable in stock form. And lets not forget that for moderate money there are lots and lots of LSD or full locker options available too.

    As for modern comparisons. The Jeep JK and JL Wranglers. Comparable wheel travel stock for stock. Traction control standard, rear LSD optional MOPAR dealer fit on base models and Rubicon comes standard with front/rear lockers.

    We’re in agreement (especially Picard) - my point was only that (even aside from at what point we exceed wheel travel) with some standard traction aids it’s an irrelevant point of comparison. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, elbekko said:

    you wouldn't see a standard old Defender do this, is because it wouldn't get far enough to do it. It'd have been spinning wheels with both unloaded wheels a few mm off the ground.


    Though to state the obvious; that’s really just about traction control.

    Rather than comparing this to the old offering - more in line with the rest of this thread, would be a comparison against what an updated version of the chassis/beam axles platform might be doing. 

  5. How heath robinson would you like ?

    transfer the pics of the wheel onto wooden board with a centre hole, and bolt it to the hub.

    With a bolt or a piece of dowel, centre and fix a piece of 2x2 to the centred hole in the board.

    Clamp/fix your drill with the carbide bit onto the 2x2 and rotate it to take gradual cuts out of the ally calliper? 

  6. 1 hour ago, Retroanaconda said:

    Windows are bog standard UPVC and rather boring white I’m afraid -_-

    It’s ok 😊 I was as serious about the plunge pool as I was about aluminium windows.  It’s just it looks posh 😊

  7. 11 minutes ago, Cynic-al said:

    My wife is an oncology nurse, all her patients have to self isolate as they have low immunity so she's more likely to catch it from sending the kids to the key worker schools :blink:


    I have appointments in a Haematology and Oncology day unit and they’ve cancelled all appointments.... not sure how that’s going to work for all the patients.

  8. I’ve been told to work from home. It’s all a bit weird.

    I’ve been through the process of thinking about whether I visit my mum. She’s old and not in the best of health and will need shopping - but the guidance and the sensible option seems to be keep away, particularly as my little girl is still in school so we are effectively in contact with hundreds of people.

    Yet there’s loads of people out there still going to work and mixing quite freely. I guess even if the likelihood is very small the impact for her is potentially huge.

  9. 5 hours ago, FridgeFreezer said:

    ...some days I go out to the garage and it's just a wall of cr*p piled up, can't get to anything, can't find tools, not enough space to work, everything in the way of everything else and even small jobs become a massive ball-ache...

    God it was so cathartic to read that ... 😅 

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  10. A couple of thoughts:

    It took me 10 years to get the 80” done - and now I’m in a position where I couldn’t afford to buy it and I love driving it.

    I also have a garage full of motorcycle projects and something funny happening with my health. Some of those bikes aren’t finished after 20+ years.... eek ....  BUT; I have the space to store them, I wouldn’t be able to replace them once they were gone, I do still like them (even if only in cycles!), and in 12 years I’m going to be needing things to do in my retirement...

    Now I did sell off some projects - they were things I realised I wouldn’t enjoy doing, nor enjoy done... so they went. The rest I’m happy to stash and wait for the time/love/energy to return.


    My suggestion would be - don’t make the decision when you are sick of them ... wait until that passes, then if they mean nothing to you - nor would their fully sorted state mean anything to you ... then I’d consider getting rid of them.


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