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  1. 5 minutes ago, miketomcat said:

    Or a spare tailgate and bolt it to that if you get it right the tyre could rest on the cross member when down at horizontal.


    I hadn’t thought of either the hood or tailgate 😀 Seems an obvious consideration now I’ve heard it - but it never occurred to me.

    A custom used tailgate would work particularly well in that is just slides off to go back to standard - the hinges and latches on it are pretty solid too .... Oooo 😊 

  2. 16 hours ago, Escape said:

    Something like https://www.landers-shop.fr/spare-wheel-carrier-def-half-door,us,4,DA2274.cfm would do the job. Not recommending that seller per se, just the first one I found with good pictures. Available at all the usual suspects, some claiming it fits both Series and Defender.


    Thing with these though Filip and Badger110 is that I don’t want to drill or move anything really - I’d like it so I could remove it when we aren’t camping and have the standard back end.

  3. 21 hours ago, sgo70 said:

    If you remove one of the little bumpers you can weld or bolt a hinge to the rear cross member clear of the tailgate so it swings away like a Jeep swing away tire carrier. You can get the heavy duty hinge and latch capable of a 37" tire or a smaller tire plus something else. A to Z Fabrications makes a nice hinge as well. Just google the Jeep swing away tire carriers for ideas.






    I think this is only my second post but I've built a few of these.




    Never seen those - thanks for sharing. I’d also never thought of using the handle mounts ... 

    I’ll have a think on that 👍🏻

    It would be a bit like making one of these, that doesn’t bolt to the door:



  4. Hi all

    Im trying to think of how I might mount my spare wheel on the back of my 80” - to give more room inside for when we head off camping - whilst still being able to open the tail gate.

    The obvious thing is to pick up the crossmember mounts and have the wheel up on the left side of the tailgate:


    With those crossmember mounts being central though - I can’t think how a folding one could be made to clear the tailgate? .... unless it folded down onto the ground, and then it seems like it’s be in the way for standing there? 🤔

    Any suggestions guys ? 


  5. 4 hours ago, Stellaghost said:

    I'm with supaimpy when I put my 200tdi into lightweight I used 300tdi manifold etc way easier to sort for rest of exhaust run regards Stephen 

    I used the 300 manifolds too. Perhaps a little more awkward for some of the other pipework - but loads better for the exhaust.

  6. It’s tough ... 

    I have two approaches: 

    First one is to take a break, like Badger says. I’m usually telling myself ‘I’m sick of this’ and/or ‘this is supposed to fun’  - and the plan is to wait either until the enthusiasm has returned or (as a minimum) the negative emotion has gone. 

    I think the downside to this approach is that I have 20 year old projects in the garage 😳


    The second approach is be disciplined but kee expectations very low. So spend a small of time on a regular frequency - and make sure I never skip.

    Even if it’s 15 minutes on two evenings - and no more. Eventually they add up and can reignite your enthusiasm too.


  7. 11 minutes ago, deep said:

    I'll bet they are flat out trying to re-design the D(isaster) 5 right now...

    Ive pondered that - and I cant help but feel, when you hear Gerry McGovern speak, that they are so insular and inward looking - so lost in their own narrative that they may well not see it as their failure - but rather something like an ignorance in the customer, or perhaps some nuance of the market dynamic.


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  8. Are you sure it’s the skin that’s causing the noise?  I’ve had clunking from my door and it was play in a swing-away wheel carrier first and then a worn door latching post the next time ...

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