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  1. My recomendation would be,don't go July or August,it will be mad busy,the ferrys double their prices & temperatures reguarly are in the 40's. Both times I've been i've sailed from Toulon, to Bastia,then back from Ajaccio to Toulon.Ferr sails overnight so you get a good kip,resteraunts on board are very expensive,so if you want take food on board with you. crossin cost me 330€ return for extra high Defender 90,cabin for 2 adults.Not bad,me thinks.😎 Marc
  2. Hi peeps. Just back from a week in Corsica. I went last May with a mate,purely to drive the off road tracks.But whilst there,thought I need to come again with my gal. The whole island is totaly stunning.Even if you don't venture off road. One track I didn't find in May last year was the piste des Seigneurs......Well......I found it this time.What a brilliant track. Look it up on Youtube,lots of footage of it. The highligts for me would be. Piste des Seigneurs....Obviously. Cap Corse....For the stunning empty sandy beach/bays where you can camp 10m from the sea. Bonifacio.Stunning harbour & walled old town. Here are a few pics. Hope you enjoy. Marc.
  3. Hi I did a week on Corsica last May,all off roading.It was absolutly fantastic. Ther Desert d' Aggrigats in the North of the island is good,though,not very challenging. Lots of good off roading around Zonza,which is inland from Ajaccio. Found an amasing washed out track,that was a real challenge. Excuse my Brummy mates comentry. I loved it so much I'm going back in October this year. Marc
  4. For me,it has to be a roof tent. My current set up is a James Baroud,with Foxwing awning. Horses for corses,everyone has their own preferences. Marc
  5. Looks like you had a great trip,thanks for the photo's. Marc
  6. I'm not quite sure what you mean there Passing phase. Ferry....It's a big boat,that takes passengers & vehicles. Seriously though.We got the ferry from Toulon to Bastia in the North of Corsica,did a very full tour of the island,then returned to Toulon from Ajaccio on the South West coast. We went at the begining of May,so the price was a lot cheaper than it is in the summer months. The off roading available is amongs the best I have found in more than 10 years all over Europe. Hope this answers your questions. Marc
  7. I've had one fitted to my 300tdi for around 6 years.Had no problems at all with it, I've just changed the pads for generic JCB 3cx pads off the bay of Eeeee,IIRC think they cost about a tenner,as oposed to the 40 odd quid Foundry 4x4 charge for them. Marc
  8. As some of you may know from my previous posts. I have been planning a trip to Corsica for a while now. So,we got back from a 6 day trip a couple of weeks ago. I did quite a lot of research to plot off road routes mainly from Wickiloc.I only planned to do tracks graded as difficult or expert only,as the lesser graded tracks,I find you could drive in most family cars. We cretainly wren't dissapointed,every day we had to drive sections of track that required low box & difflock.& ever the rear air locker was called into service on one occasion. The island of Corsica is stunning,with mountains upto 2000m & beaches to rival the Carribean. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. Enjoy, Marc
  9. Hi all.Does anyone know the current weather conditions in the Spanish Pyrenees,specificaly Catalonia.I have looked on the usual weather web sites & temperatures are up.But,I could do with knowing how much snow is left on the high mountain passes though.I'm looking to have a few days down there in the next 2 to 3 weeks.Thanks a lotMarc.
  10. Thanks western I'll check that out tomorrow. Marc
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