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  1. Hi, I think the problem is that the clutch isn't released far enough. Is there any other way than changing the excentric on the clutch pédal? Marc
  2. Hi, I converted the vm engine in a range rover to a 200tdi. I used the vm gearbox with the tdi bellhousing, a homemade spigot bushing, and original 200tdi clutch. Problem is that I can't shift my gears, not even when pumping. When I put a gear and start the engine,I can stand still, so clutch is disengaged but not fully... Does anyone has an idea why it isn't working? Kind regards, Marc
  3. Hi, Oil and filter have been changed since i fitted the engine and gearbox.
  4. Hi, I just fitted a 300tdi and auto gearbox from a discovery in my 110. I have some problems with the governor, but this weekend I drove several kms and when I came home I noticed my reverse gear didn't work any more. Day After, my reverse worked again. This morning i took my 110 and again when I arrived at destination (+-50km) reverse didn't work any more. Does somebody had this problem yet? Could it be the governor ? Kind regards, Marc
  5. Hi, Thanks for the replies ! I'll start with a new switch. Marc
  6. Hello, I just started my 200tdi range rover after a little bit more than a year. My oil pressure light stays on, I never had an oil pressure problem before with this engine. Is it possible i have to bleed the oil pump on a 200tdi? Kind regards, Marc
  7. Hi all, I've hot a standard 3,5 V8 supercars carbs in my 110 with autobox. It's a 8.13 cr. What are the easiest ways to have more power? I already am planning on changing the camshaft to a 3,9 one. Would it be better to rise the compression rate ? I'm also running on lpg. Kind regards, Marc
  8. Hi SteytlerL, It would bé great if you could give me the distance from the bulkhead outrigger to the center off the engine mount. Kind regards, Marc
  9. Hi, I could do that,but I want it in the same position as the stage one. I'm also changing the gearbox and front crossmember will be moved forward to fit power steering from à range rover classic.
  10. Hello, does anybody has the measurements of a stage one chassis? I need to know where I have to weld the engine mounts because i'm modifying a diesel series to v8. Kind regards, Marc
  11. Hi, I would like to fit a lower diff ratio in my axles. for the moment I have RRC diffs with 3.54 ratio. I have a Series diff with 4.77 ratio. I've often heard that series diffs are weaker than RRC diffs. Is it really weaker than a RRC diff? Cheers, Marc
  12. Hi, I have to repaint a friends series III but I don't know the colorcode of his land rover. it's this color that I need thanks, Marc
  13. this was my V8 range rover unfortunately after an accident on the road i did used its chassis and running gear to make this still a lot off work to do on it like truckcab, rollcage,... and this is finally my new 200tdi range rover for everyday use
  14. hi, I don't know if there will be an other goodwill this year. last year had a lot of problems because the organiser didn't had the permissions to organize it. there is also the LROC event that is near to Wavre. nice one-day event in the sand. and the Cherimont castle, near to Namur, will propably re-open. this i a really nice terrain, but it's best to have a winch there
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