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  1. thats a pretty looking 100 Arjan, even if it is on a trailer.....
  2. any oil that lubricates works, obviously you dont want to be using engine oil or gear oil and spreading this all over the forest. I have even used cooking oil for brief periods. proper chainsaw oil is stickier than most, beware of storing it outside in the shed though it separates below certain temperatures.
  3. I have made the snorkels out of steam pipe bends, in the old days before I could afford stainless I used the cast ones and they are a little heavy but work fine. can get them on eBay easily in any diameter, just careful whether the seller is referring to inside diameter or outside diameter. search for "3'' Inches 76mm Stainless Steel Car Exhaust Weld 90° Bend Elbow Pipe Fitting Pro" on eBay. AFAIK the cheap safari snorkel heads fit onto a 88-90mm pipe search "SAFARI STYLE SNORKEL HEAD LAND ROVER" I have built one with the bent over top like dangerous doug but found it to suck some water when driving in heavy rain, the safari snorkel seems to do better.
  4. Hey Wheely, I find that gauges are great and important but there some habits that are just as important..... check your oil and water levels each morning, this quickly gives you an indication of any potential problems. check under your vehicle every morning, look for new leaks, loose things, bolts with shiny spots around the head (shows you bolt is loose and vibrating), don't be shy to put a hand onto things and give them a wiggle any time you stop check your wheel bearing temps by hand, if you driving hard on the open road at 100+kmh you should still be able to touch your wheel hub without it burning you, and if you find left side hotter than right side you have an early warning. have spare oils, brake fluid etc with you, but don't let some drips under the gearbox or transfer case make you try and fill your gearbox each day, it takes a lot of "drips" to make it worth it to open the box and top up..... only to find that less than 50ml goes in... and above all, enjoy, if you break down you won't be the first, or the last, so enjoy the african hospitality, smiling faces and helpful people and when you get back on the road you will have a story to tell....
  5. bodumatau

    Deep water

    Sam a question, since you didn't find water in the intake side. did you stall in the deep water? we do lots of very deep water crossings in Botswana and one "rule" is to be very careful not to stall as the "exhaust will cool down and suck water into the piston with the exhaust valve open, I must admit I have never experienced this or seen it happen on a vehicle but it might be what happened.?
  6. to piggy back on the post....... I need to replace my drop arm ball joint, in my old parts manual I see a "kit" part number of RTC 4198, is this correct? I see a circlip on the back of the ball joint, are these easy to change or do I need to take out the whole drop arm? mine is a LHD 1983 110, I suspect the power steering might have been fitted at a later stage.
  7. just remember you have 4 reasonably heavy aluminium hammers being explosively activated 2,91 times every second at an idle of 700rpm which cause a lot of vibration and stress to everything connected to the hammers (pistons), link that with a longer than needed leverage (no support on your fuel line) and the result is material fatigue and failure.
  8. Thanks Red. I was think more along the line of perhaps someone had had to replace the mounting brackets on the axle and had some drawings of those that they could share with me.
  9. Dana is almost impossible to contact, been at it for a couple of weeks now, closest I have come is an axle assembly company called Dynatrac in the USA who use DANA axles and who specialise rather in jeeps than LR, the Salsbury axle is not quite a Dana 60, perhaps the differential casing and the ring gear are the same but the axle tubes and wall thickness of the axle tubes are not, unless Dana have changed their specs significantly in the last years. so now I am trying to get Dynatrac to build me up some new axles for my Land Rover fleet which is why I need some info and help from the forum
  10. Hello all does anyone have accurate measurements of the track width of the Salsbury axle, I have measured and get about 1555mm (61,02 inches) or generally for the defender, what is the track width (without wheels on, just axle track width) does anyone have drawings of the front and rear axles for the defender, I need to bend up some new axle mountings any info would be appreciated. kind regards to all Heiko
  11. my business partner got tired of the gaps in his doors and he fixed it the quickest and easiest way there is. he bought himself a mercedes ML, now the doors close, doesn't leak in, can't hear the people chatting in the car next door when your engine is off. downside if he needs to get out the car to tell which direction the wind is coming from.
  12. fridge is there a build thread for adding a Pi Zero to a MS1 system? do i understand correctly that you can then get rid of your serial connection and connect via wifi to your MS?
  13. almost sounds more like a bad earth to me.....
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