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  1. thanks 8pot, I would probably buy one of the german ones made out of Stainless as my vehicle is registered in germany and I need a special paper to get the vehicle through the TÜV (german MOT) I see most of them seem to have the outflow pipe about halfway down the tank, do they then have another smaller drain pipe that connects to the fuel tank sump? or how does one use the lower bit of fuel?
  2. Wow Western, this feels like finding a new continent!!! something Land Rover related that has NOT BEEN DISCUSSED on this forum, a TRULY rare thing 😉😎 does anyone out there have one of these tanks installed?
  3. Greetings all, maybe I am being a bit thick and not using the right search words..... but I can't seem to find any threads on the 45ltr fender tanks that fit into the 110 in the empty space in the right rear fender. any opinions or tips on these tanks? I am considering fitting one to my V8 110 part number seems to be DA4545 and for the later models DA4546
  4. nope I didn't, but... it seems eight pot has a solution, do you have a part number for me 8pot?
  5. Muts I would see the biggest challenge getting it back in carefully and gently and not damaging the new seal between ball and axle, set up some kind of overhead lift system that you can adjust without effort when the heavy lump is hanging on it. ** dont forget the big hammer, anvil and COLD beer
  6. smooth the sharp edges off with some 1000grit sandpaper and they good to go again, I say put them back in....they didn't seem to be making much noise anyway 🤷‍♂️
  7. Mutley, give your chassis spring mount a good cleaning with a wire brush and check very carefully for cracks, they tend to crack on the outside corners first.
  8. Soutie, you can also win probably 2,5-3cm steering wheel space, if you loosen all the bolts through the firewall and push the whole contraption towards the middle of the car it makes a huge difference to not bashing your elbow on the windscreen each time you turn a corner, I am slightly bigger than the average human and it made a big difference for me.
  9. Mutts, you need 3 things. 1. an old anvil 2. a big hammer 3. a cold beer when things arent going well, BEFORE you burst that blood vessel in your eye, take the big hammer and hit the old anvil HARD, then sit down and slowly enjoy your beer, you will find things work much better and often you will even manage to find the "certain special @#$&¥%€ tools"
  10. also a good time to check that your shock mounting hole is still round and not eating through your shock bolt.... if you drop your axle and the spring doesn't come out, before you start jumping on the axle or putting bottle jacks in just try and compress the spring by hand a little, often you can move it the half inch that is needed to get it out by hand.
  11. put a cummins in there with a heavy duty R380 from ashcroft and a 1,6 transfer case and you will have a seriously serious offroad load carrying machine, got any pics of your 6x6?
  12. any luck Soutie ? are you throwing hammers around the workshop and frothing at the mouth or loving the way your cab fits?
  13. yes, I am doing the repower through Cummins South Africa/Botswana, so they are fitting the engine themselves and testing it before I get it, this way it isn't a "backyard" conversion and they can give me guarantees and are satisfied that the engine is correctly installed. the cummins crate engine comes in many varieties, with or without aircon, with or without catalyser, with or without power steering etc etc etc, we have chosen a variant without aircon (makes life easier for the right mounted steering box), and slightly "de-rated" from the MAX which these engines can give which is 160hp and 410NM which is too much for a R380 and too much for my drivers skill set... I will let you guys know how it goes. here are some pics of the preliminary fitting:
  14. 🤣 Badger you are welcome to have the ones we take out, I have a row of them sitting in a room in Botswana...
  15. @ MODERATORS - can I add more tags to this thread? I would like to add "cummins 2,8" and have clicked around a bit but no luck.
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