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  1. Why do you have to make so many posts before you can list somethigng for sale? 🤔

  2. Hi Jon w.. mine is still the base Sankey widetrack (unconverted) but it’s on black boost style alloys with 30mm spacers to match my defender. ive got the canvas cover + a removable steel frame and larger canvas that makes a great set up for camping. i can include the NATO tow-hitch and adjustable tow plate with slider plates for tow all and NATO hutch so you can easily swap between different towing systems. ive got the COrris grey vehicle paint that I had planned to get it painted to match the defender but never did. also got the rotating attachment so the jockey wheel
  3. Thanks guys. So, I’ve been using it inside out...who knew..not me clearly. 🤔🤣
  4. Would a sliding door work? - slide away from the fence, would remove issues with reducing head height and be cheaper?
  5. Well it was fun, but time has come for me to part company with my beloved defender "ZiPPy" She has found a new family way down in Dorset, so I hope the they have as much enjoyment as we did up here in bonnie Scotland!
  6. Hi, Added some chequerplate to the front frame of my Sankey to give a little more usable storage. Can strap boxes, spare wheels etc on top of this. Cheap and easy to do. Cheers
  7. just in case anyone is looking for cost-effective ideas to modify their trailer into a camping rig: I wanted to create something that could be used for camping or events, but also didn't prejudice the use of my trailer for "normal" trailer duties, such as lugging logs or runs to the tip. So, I bolted some of these galv railing base fixings to the trailer and then I can quickly and easily mount galvanised steel tubing (like the frame from polytunnel) as a frame. Then I throw the canvas hood over the top and hey-presto we have a fairly decent camping rig set up. The photo doesn't do it
  8. Hi - I was worried that the jockey wheel on my Sankey trailer might get in the way or hit by the spare wheel on the back of my Defender. So, I sourced and bought one of the fixings that lets the jockey rotate through 90 degrees, so it lies flat along the side of the Sankeys nose... Problem is that my sankey doesn't seem ready made for this so it'll need a bit of modification. I'm happy to do this if I was keeping the trailer, but I'm going to list it for sale. Do you think I should try to sell the fixing on its own or include it with the trailer listing? Cheers
  9. So, I've got a canvas hood which I believe came from a 101. It's got 2 windows per side, so it seems slightly unusual compared to most of the ones I see on a google search. I use it with my Sankey on a removable frame - as the extra size makes a great canopy for events or camping.. What can you tell me about this - have I dropped the ball? Cheers
  10. Having run out of time with my camping trailer project, I'm regretfully going to sell it. Just wondering whether there's likely to be good demand? How are Sankeys selling these days?
  11. Hi Guys, thanks for the advice. I've bought the switch and connector, but wonder whether you can advise me on whether I need a particular rating of wire or relay? My spots are 36 watt each LED and I'll be wiring 2 at the front off one switch linked to headlights. Thanks again Doug
  12. Thanks fellas. I'd been trawling the archives and thought that I'd seen something about it in the past. Sorry to go over it all again but just want to be sure. I'm really impressed with all the info and knowledge on here and the willingness to help. Think I'm gonna love being part of Planet Land Rover! Cheers Doug Ps - any of you guys up here near Crieff??
  13. Hi guys, Complete newbie here and expecting my first LR in couple of weeks. Have bought some LED roof lights but everywhere I look for a switch (YUG000540LNF?) it costs over £50. This seems like a lot to me...especially when some other LR switches are about a tenner? Can anyone direct me to a more affordable way (ideally using the same look and feel, rather than Carling style switches) Any help gratefully received. Cheers
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