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  1. if They are both semi-derilict , why bother at all?
  2. On Wallace, I replaced the front downpipe with a non flexi one, (which will probably never rust thro), , replaced the center box with a cheap stainless straight thro pipe (which will never rust thro) and just replace the rear section every 3-4 years ,for about £25-£35 ish. owned Wallace for 14 years now.
  3. can you not rig up a gravity fed system, with a short pipe to the lift pump, to see if there is a blockage in tank / pipework. does it have a sedimenter.?
  4. try taking off the fuel filler cap, blocked vent may be causing a vacuum. Also try taking off the air intake pipe at the manifold, incase, an intake pipe has completely collapsed internally.
  5. I like it a lot, as well, slightly more Santana PS 10 , than Defender, but it still looks good. Was worried when I saw the pictures of the mule, but hey, it's cracking.
  6. Ironically this is page 110 !. saw one in the flesh, parked up at Wimbledon Common, on Sunday. I must say, I was not impressed, ugly, is how I would describe it, like a blown up FX4 taxi. But to be fair, it WAS parked up in its natural habitat.
  7. Have you tried on here.......https://www.defender2.net/forum/
  8. Next time it does it, remove fuel filler cap and see if it still does it, vented caps can get blocked, causing vacuum. Also check for broken wire on stop solonoid, lower speed of tickover might shake engine a bit more, causing connection to fail. Also if you have a Delphi lift pump, unscrew top and clean out the gauze filter.
  9. I'll answer my own question. the STC 3771 110 shocks, and the STC 3939 Disco 1 shocks do not correlate anywhere, as being the same shock, Seller told me they were the same, and they had an Allmakes 4x4 sticker on them, so I phoned them. They looked, and said no....definately different shocks, but when I quoted them the Armstrong part number M2YA530620, bingo , it all cross references, so despite different STC numbers, they are the same product.
  10. I ordered STC 3771 Armstrong oil filled , for my '98 110, but have been sent STC 3939, for Disco 1 and RRc. Please tell me these are wrong for my vehicle before I email the company. Cheers.
  11. I too had. 4JB1T 2.8 in my old 110. Beautifully smooth engine, and revs so freely, and quiet( had a rubberised jacket surrounding the block). When I got the 300 tai, I was shocked, it felt and sounded like an old Thwaites dumper. The Isuzu sounds like a sewing machine by comparison, and went like stink, didn't even have an inter cooler fitted. Heard there was trouble with the 3.1s tho.
  12. Could be a drive spline stripped, the bolt on covers on the end of the axle. Jack each corner with it in gear, and diff locked, and if you can spin the wheel with some associated noise, the it's prob just the cover that's stripped. also check the diff lock lever mech isn't seized , and it's not "between" locked / unlocked
  13. no wont be anything to do which speech delivery, when filming the driver / passenger in conversation mode, vehicles are on a 'very low' loader vehicle, so the view out of the side windows isn't 3 ft higher than normal, so not really driving. Its a pukker 90, I checked a couple of years ago, mot/ tax etc owner must hire it out. Just found this on the Adrian Flux web blog Brenda Blethyn stars as Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope in this slow-burning TV crime drama set in rugged Northumberland. What else would she choose but a battered old Landie, an off-roader built f
  14. If anyone is watching Vera , on tv has anyone else noticed that the 'lived in' 300 tdi 90 she drives, actually has an auto box. Noticed a glimpse of the shifter whilst they were talking in the cab. Looked a proper jobby.
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