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  1. I'm probably due to change mine soon as well, Was thinking of smearing the underside, twixt tank and cradle , with thick grease, that should prevent rust, would it not?
  2. does it have to be 12 seater, IIRC there are certain ISSUES with 12 seaters,ie insurance, towing (tacho?), foreign travel, and entry into London (classed as a minibus) , But I may be wrong.
  3. £12,000 for a 1996 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. looks nice, rear end sits lower than the front and what is that big ball on the roof for ?
  5. have a good look at your air induction hoses, could have disintegrated inside, and a piece is flapping about blocking air intake. ( turbo to inlet manifold). It's fairly common.
  6. previous owner may have swapped turbo in a bid to stop smoke, maybe thinking the seals had gone. Failed to cure it, so sold it! any water loss, if it smoked that bad, I doubt there would be any water left in it. Therefore as others have said, timing.
  7. what engine type? Mine went very noisy on the 300tdi, so needed replacing. I too red horror stories of the Wabco units, so shock horror.... I went for a BRITPART... Guess what......no really........ that was 5 years ago, and still going strong. Still can't quite believe it.
  8. Actually, thro' the power of t'web, I have answered my own question. I googled the registration, and low and behold, there it is, on airport duty........on the 'isle of Bara' parked right next to the sea ,on a peninsular of the tiny island, for presumable 8-10 years. and it was red. so i guess the salt air over the years had taken its toll on the underneath. Its in Midlands somewhere now. Power of t'web is a wonderful thing you know.
  9. I've seen a 'nice' 110 sw td5 on t'web, 02 my in keswick green + white with new white wolfs. ONLY 75k and was on 'airport fire service duty' . now this prob means it was red, hence the now keswick green. thing is, at only 75k,it states it has the following......... Genuine 75,750 miles just one previous owner (Inverness Airport Fire Service) Complete brake and suspension over hall including new discs, pads, calipers, hand brake drum, shoes cables, brake lines and flexis, new genuine LR H/D springs and shock absorbers. New swivels, seals and bearings. Fuel tank pump, alternator, battery. Perfect chassis ,outriggers and bulkheads, totally rust free. Full service just carried out, excellent condition Defender 100% structurally and mechanically, door bottoms all perfect, Fresh 12 month MOT with zero advisories , old cliché but first to see will buy. this seems rather excessive, do you think it has had a hard life, been in the sea, been flooded etc. does look v. nice tho, but a bit steep at £10,995
  10. you say checked the vacum pump, but have you swapped it for a known good one.maybe you could remove and try it, if thats possible without spraying oil everwhere. mine was loud. cambelt not slipped a tooth has it?
  11. whats wrong with your old one, do you still have it? I might be interested in a small bit if its scrap? some b'std caught my n/s corner, not too bad, but need the vertical capping and a small section near the top curve, so I can cut out the dent, and pop rivet a piece back in.
  12. what about 'spirit of salts' our plumber uses it to descale / clean out heat exchanger on the boiler. (not caustic soda)
  13. Ah how big is the hole? possibly dill it out with a hole saw, do the same the other side, put your finger in each one with a load of grease on it and wipe it all round inside, and then fit 2 suitable sized rubber blanking gromitts. Then you have permanent access for future maintenance .
  14. would you mind saying what it cost you / mileage thanks.
  15. thanks Ralph, many thanks