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  1. I’m going to change the engine in my 52 plate disco, my question is do I need to get another engine which is the same P (ie 10P ,15P) or does it not matter and I can code the injectors using Hawkeye thanks in advance Gary
  2. @Tanuki, I wouldn’t say the fuel pump was excessively noisy, I couldn’t hear it from the drivers seat (I went to the back when it was purging and could hear It ) i’ll change the fuel filter and see if that helps thanks Gary
  3. Have just been out and tried that Tanuki and alas it won’t start, but I can hear the pump running. i was thing of putting a pressure tester in the fuel regulator to see if I’ve got the right pressure ??? cheers Gary
  4. Have joined the D2 boys forum this afternoon and getting some help which is good , no the injector loom connected up fine and did run although with misfire until it stopped yesterday afternoon. will have a look for the emergency cut off switch. just noticed you’re from Shropshire as well , what part of the county are you in ? cheers Gary
  5. Hi Griff, thank you that, will download rave and have a look at that. im guessing if nanocom is showing the rpm when turning engine over then the crank position sensor is working ? thanks Gary
  6. Hello, started my td5 the other day and it had got a misfire, so had a look at the red plug and there was a little bit of oil, so I changed the injector loom and cleaned the red plug out with contact cleaner. had the top of the emu and it all appeared dry and oil free, put it all back together and misfire still present 😰😰😰 so have bought a Hawkeye (off a friend who has sold his td5) and plugged in, whilst looking at the live data and looking at the rpm I decided to give a few revs on the third rev it emitted a large puff of smoke (engine not Hawkeye) and now will turnover but won’t start 😫😫😩. so the question is where to start and has anybody got a link to the numbers or parameters I should be seeing with the Hawkeye ? Thank you & apologies for the question but this is my first foray in to electrical type engines
  7. Ok thanks for the replies , there really isn’t much choice , will do a bit more searching
  8. Thanks , I was wondering about the pro comps , after doing a google search there doesn’t appear to be much choice
  9. Evening all , i’m Just about to fit GB parabolic springs to a series 3 88” that i’m rebuilding , which are the best shocks to use ? thanks
  10. Thank you all for your replies 👍 looks like it’s Turner Engineering 😉
  11. I'm currently rebuilding a 200 tdi to install in a series and need to source head gasket , oil seals etc , can anybody recommend an online quality parts supplier . I can't remember who I used to order parts off but there was a choice of britpart 🤢 ,bearmach and OEM Thanks in advance
  12. they feel cheap and nasty Ross , they friction lock too , the whole toolbox feels poor imho , like you I was hoping to buy a couple of bottom boxes I was rather hoping somebody might know who they were manufactured by
  13. yes I think so with the 'advanced' ones which are also black but from what I saw yesterday , the advanced ones are no where near as good as quality of the industrial ones , sad times
  14. I know a few people on here like the halfords Industrial range of toolboxes/chests , it looks like they're being replaced by the 'advanced' range , I looked at one of these(advanced) in store yesterday and imho they look carp and have friction draw locking The industrial range is still on there website but I can't find a branch to click & collect and they're not available for delivery , does anybody know if these are manufactured for anybody as well as halfords and badged up different ?
  15. Thanks for your replies , i’ve got a 14 plate 110 utility wagon & a transit custom dciv, love the tranny for how comfortable it is , how nice to drive and it’s fuel economy but then love the defender for its ability to tow and it’s character , so thought the ranger might be a happy medium (without the character obviously)
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