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  1. Ok cool , I’m guessing when you need pads you have to get them off Zeus then ? I’ll take a shufty 👍
  2. What pads & discs are the Zeus conversion ?
  3. Yes humble assistant is very useful and it’s a nice father & son bonding exercise 😁 sadly dogs are not much help lol
  4. Removing the gearbox with velly velly good kwality engine crane 😁 Crusty outrigger 😳😳😳 More tinworm 🥴 Humble assistant enjoying his lunch 😃
  5. Thanks Snagger, I’ll have a perusal and see if I can sort it 👍
  6. Very smart Arjan, i’d Imagine they’re quite hard to find now
  7. Thank you , i’ll get on eBay and see what I can find.
  8. Thanks for your kind words Steve , it’s great doing it with Oscar , he wants to be a mechanic when he leaves school , sadly schools these days are sanitized by health & safety , in DT Oscar has been working in a team using a glue gun making a lantern 🙄 I mean ffs , he comes with me and I have him using grinders and having a go arc & mig welding , my son will never be academic. He tells me that he learns more with me than he does at school , lol with regards to the series , I’m not touching the body apart from cleaning the cab inside and pressure washing all the muck off underneath
  9. Thank you ☺️, my son (he’s 13) was driving the manitou for me while I checked that nothing was catching 🤓
  10. Which then left this, so I fired up the pressure washer and gave the fuel tank & gearbox a good clean 😁
  11. So on Saturday me & my humble assistant got stuck in and then this happened, well it did happen after we removed a couple of bolts we’d missed 🙄 and was lifting the chassis as well as the body 🥴
  12. Yeah I had a (quick) look at the weekend and it’s straight and free standing as you say , I’m thinking maybe swap the retaining nut somehow and the alter the the cap to make it the right length, I’m guessing the cap is tacked/brazed/clamped or squashed on to the actual dipstick
  13. Very tidy and neat work there Arjan, looks spot on 👍 I hadn’t thought about relocating the alternator but it would make it easier to route the intercooler pipes, I’ll have a word with Gwyn , I know him quite well as he’s local to me. i think with keeping the ‘series front’ I’ll have to modify the rad/intercooler frame to some type of stepped arrangement or maybe go for an aftermarket intercooler . are you running standard series axles ? I’ve decided to fit coil sprung axles (on to the leafs) so i’ve got disk brakes 😁
  14. Yeah I faffed about for a good while trying to get it to work , will have another go at it. it looks like the original 2.25 dipstick might work , it quite a bit too long and the nut on it is a different thread , I’ll report my findings
  15. Great suggestion 👍 I hadn’t even considered that , I’m hoping to mate the engine & gearbox in the next couple of weeks , so will modify the gearbox then
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