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  1. garymorris

    Can You recommend A Quality Parts Supplier

    Thank you all for your replies 👍 looks like it’s Turner Engineering 😉
  2. I'm currently rebuilding a 200 tdi to install in a series and need to source head gasket , oil seals etc , can anybody recommend an online quality parts supplier . I can't remember who I used to order parts off but there was a choice of britpart 🤢 ,bearmach and OEM Thanks in advance
  3. garymorris

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    they feel cheap and nasty Ross , they friction lock too , the whole toolbox feels poor imho , like you I was hoping to buy a couple of bottom boxes I was rather hoping somebody might know who they were manufactured by
  4. garymorris

    Halfords Industrial Tool Chests

    yes I think so with the 'advanced' ones which are also black but from what I saw yesterday , the advanced ones are no where near as good as quality of the industrial ones , sad times
  5. I know a few people on here like the halfords Industrial range of toolboxes/chests , it looks like they're being replaced by the 'advanced' range , I looked at one of these(advanced) in store yesterday and imho they look carp and have friction draw locking The industrial range is still on there website but I can't find a branch to click & collect and they're not available for delivery , does anybody know if these are manufactured for anybody as well as halfords and badged up different ?
  6. Thanks for your replies , i’ve got a 14 plate 110 utility wagon & a transit custom dciv, love the tranny for how comfortable it is , how nice to drive and it’s fuel economy but then love the defender for its ability to tow and it’s character , so thought the ranger might be a happy medium (without the character obviously)
  7. Excellent , what do you think you are getting mpg ?
  8. Hi Steve i’ve got a ranger 3.2 auto coming on demo next week and was just wondering have you still got yours and if so how has it performed over the time
  9. I don't , but just ring Gwyn up and he'll tell you , he's a very helpful chap
  10. garymorris

    OME tough to find

    Try Gwyn Lewis , he has a good stock of OME and he's exceedingly helpful
  11. I only looked at his profile because it seemed like too good a vehicle to break , and then hey presto say his P38 all sign written
  12. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153755960432088&set=pcb.537088193136538&type=3&theater I hope nobody gets ripped off , somebody was enquiring about £2,000 worth of parts
  13. I think he's back trading as 'everything Land Rover' , there's an Edward Barrington just advertised breaking a 130 puma 2008 on a Facebook group , when you look in his profile he's got pics of a p38 signwritten 'No Fear 4x4 Breakers' Seems to much like a coincidence to me , especially with the same first name .
  14. garymorris

    ID these shock mounts?

    They look like Gwyn Lewis mounts
  15. garymorris

    How do I fit my Dixson Bate adjustable hitch?

    I bought one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Dixon-Bate-100MM-Towbar-Towball-Adjustable-Slider-Plate-202092-/221598006662?hash=item3398453d86:g:iKMAAOSwLa9UXJn6 You have to adjust/modify the hole centres a little to bolt to the NAS step

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