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  1. I realise a quick search could give me the answer, but are adjustable shocks getting more affordable? ...or even available for our application? Edit: Electrically adjustable.
  2. Thanks. Got a few 350W 12V PSUs kicking around that should be fine then. The high peaks may be to account for starting up while there is compressed air in the cylinder, and are probably very short lived.
  3. I'm thinking if not a plate it should be achievable with something less than 25mm to 50mm tall. Ok, you loose some from the lower range of travel but not the end of the world.
  4. What are the rough figures for the usual draw for the compressor and solenoids? Curious to see if I could get it running from the bench on a 350W or 500W PSU. I would check, but the two spare 12V batteries I've got are goosed.
  5. ...regards the LSE, excuse my ignorance but is that the long wheel base RRC? Would that have a heavier spring to cover for potential extra payload, or lower because the weight distribution may be alittle lighter over the rear axle?
  6. I couldn't see them listed on their site. The RRC turret is bolted to the chassis just forward of the spring... I think I'll be getting those turrets off, blasted and zinc plated when I can!
  7. Yeah, I've heard not compatible a few times but that's from the bolt on, bolt off perspective. I've access to desktop 3D printers and have decent contacts in the commercial prototyping environment along side people with CNC equipment. That said I'm hoping it's solvable with salvaged brackets and plate metal work. I'm not planning to go Arnotts straight off, but want an available upgrade path. I'll get the gear off the RRC soon. Once 'on the bench' its something I can stop and start around looking after my toddler son at the moment. Only vulnerability to that plan at the moment is he's cutting down on his daytime naps!
  8. Thanks. I plan to strip off the RRC control gear to see what I have soon. I'll drop you another email soon regarding parts! My fine electrickery design skills are slim to non existent but if the level sensors are simple pots, then the noise you'd get along the long lines goes some way to limit the speed of these systems? Some over voltage spike suppression needes on the lines too?
  9. I was more concerned about RRC to P38 differences as I have the RRC that used to have air. That said if that's the biggest issue it is reassuring! Edit: Arnott have responded saying they have no immediate plans to cease P38 airbag production.
  10. How do you get the P38 bags onto a RRC / Disco 1 (/ defender - don't think they are that different) style chassis? My RRC donor came with its airbags replaced with springs and I've not got close to a P38 chassis yet! The Arnott Gen 3 bags offer longer travel in the off road mode and give a lower spring rate in off road heights. The latter I think will be quite important for me as the rebody on my kit will be lighter than the original, so the stock spring rate maybe on the firm side. I think that will be fine for road, but potentially jarring on a trail?
  11. That said Ed has mentioned thw STM32 Nucleo boards to me and It's on my list to check out along aide the super cheap tiny ESP boards. Edit: The STM equivalent to the board I listed is the STMF7* range although that is slightly slower. But as originally said I don't think it needs anything like that sort of punch.
  12. RTOS has been running on the earlier version of the Atmel Sam Cortex M4 chips that I think were around 120MHz.
  13. Is the STM32 more or less equivalent to Arduino Due? I was trying to get one of the Cortex M7 dev boards running to allow me to run a specific 3D Printer firmware with step-sticks to allow different drivers to be evaluated. Someone ended up donating a prototype board for the latest controller which has now diverted me off that for a while! Not cheap mind but powerful for commonly available stuff: https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Microchip-Technology/ATSAME70-XPLD?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv0WPLDnYsI73p1MuPOC8NtOVo4zscPU3UbR7%2FbF%2BfUTw%3D%3 But try with what you've got and fix whem it breaks or becomes limiting! I'm watching this with interest as I was planning on resurrecting the RRC air system I have on the drive (sans bags). I was interested in changing to bags that can be upgraded I think the manufacturer was Arnotts. But that said since they canned RRC bags I guess they may do the same to P38 bags if they haven't already done so.
  14. Thanks again. Had a 24mm 12 point socket handy and only needed a rubber mallet! Likely not that tight but even so those are (thankfully 😄 ) useless locking wheel nuts...
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll crack on next time I'm working on it.
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