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  1. ibex 300 build

    Yeah, I've been making life awkward for myself by wanting toggles, but not wanting to use much electronics that weren't open sourced. Little concerned my LED lights probably don't have much in the way of protective design, but that's another topic!
  2. ibex 300 build

    With regards to the fog lights I agree that the method you describe should get through the IVA. There are other ways too judging by the IVA forum on locost builders. As I understand it you can do a simple switch if only on with the mains or dipped, and I think there is a way to use a buzzer that allows you to have a latching switch that adds 'if the front fog lights are on' to the list of permitted on states without needing latching relays or an electronic modules. Not much point to locking out fogs if mains are on. Shouldn't have mains on if people are coming the other way anyway and you'd need to ensure they don't cut out when you flash your lights rather than simply select mains.
  3. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Anyone who has ridden a fixed gear bicycle with no brakes gets a real good appreciation for how much work the brakes do! For emergencies I guess you could short the coil to stop quicker than standard regenerative braking but essentially you are just trying to convert a huge amount of kinetic energy into something else. If you short the coils you are going to change it to heat in the motor requiring the motor to be designed to take that heat and so less efficient in normal usage. Using discs to convert the kinetic to heat is just an easy way to do it. With regenerative braking you are trying to convert that energy from kinetic, to electrical, and into chemical energy with unwanted heat being generated at each point. In a similar way to not being able to get the energy into the battery quick enough when charging (granted some of those problems are on the supply side) you have a similar problem when trying to use regenerative braking for hard stops. I like the idea of the brakes being a completely different system, but as super capacitors and battery technologies advance I have little doubt that eventually it may get to the point where the hydraulic braking systems we use now are shown to be statistically less reliable than just using the power train to brake. Like others have hinted at the finances have a hell of a weight in these kind of moves and the though of being able to get shot of a complete system would be beneficial for costs. Wouldn't want to pay the indemnity insurance for the people who make that call though. Essentially they will have a figure of an acceptable number of accidents due to system failure rather than saying it will only be used if it is impossible to fail! With regards to the four motor system I was looking at something very similar before my truck arrived for a radio controlled car. Have the bits still in the loft somewhere. Basically just a robot project but had four wheel steering and I was looking to replace the diffs with a double belt drive to achieve independent wheel control. No real reason why, just because!
  4. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Using compressed air is inefficient. Hub motors may be fine if you are crawling but increases unsprung weight and where gearing is needed exacerbates this further. They are also subjected to the highest levels of shock/impulse on the vehicle apart from the tyres.
  5. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    The combo of gearbox and clutch or gearbox and torque converter are to compensate a little for the 0 torque output of an IC engine from 0 rpm upto stall speed, and of course the peak torque being some where around 2k rpm. Straight onto the transfer box would probably be an option, but thanks to the brick like aerodynamics I'd forget about trying to get any decent range at motorway speeds. I think aiming to replace the transfer box with something a little more purpose built that allowed the complete disconnect of a small petrol engine so that it could run electric only would be ideal. That way you could do a long distance trip if needed but get the bonus of monster torque when needed while only running something diddy like a sub 1l toyota three pot. Do the same adaptive charging trick seen on modern alternators to get a little regenerative braking. The two speed on the tesla is probably to enable the electric motor to run a little more effectively at both the higher speeds and lower speeds. From my limited experience with RC electric models there is still an element of it can be wired for low torque or high speed. Perhaps the more recent electric vehicle motors are wired for both with multiple windings.
  6. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    I'm looking forward to tearing apart a few of these current electric cars and seeing what I can do in a home build in a decade or so once the get cheap second hand. Torque curve of the electric motors would appear to have IC engines beat for off roading. Trouble is our usual builds are just too heavy for decent range. Other slight issue is many companies are leasing the batteries rather than selling them with the car. With a hilly 70-90 mile round trip to work, family 180 miles south, and an annual mileage of 20-25k miles electric just isn't cost effective for me yet.
  7. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    Winches about 3kW? BMW i3 motor is 130kW.
  8. Cheers, that gives me a bit more of an idea on what is going on!
  9. LED side / Indicator / Brake Lights - How to / can I ?

    Bought all my LED lights from Bower Automotive. http://www.bowerspartsonline.co.uk/vehicle-components/land-rover-parts/land-rover-defender-traditional-coloured-11-led-lamplight-complete-upgrade-kit-rdxwipac All e-marked but not fitted yet. Prices on site are ex vat.
  10. Hi All, First things first, the field input to the alternator from the Alternator warning light. How much current does this sink? Can it be connected directly to an ignition switched live, or does the bulb act as a current limiter? Secondly I'm interested to know how you would go about completely shutting off an auxiliary alternator so that it doesn't add excess drag on the engine? I've heard people talk about cutting the supply to the field, but some also mention that some alternators self energise at over a certain rpm? It is suggested that just cutting the feed could cause a voltage spike that has the potential to damage internals of the alternator such as the rectifier section. Thanks for any input you can offer!
  11. MOT emissions advice

    ...it's also worth remembering that an MOT pass isn't a stamp to say the vehicle is thoroughly road legal. Many aspects of the Construction and Use regs aren't directly tested for by the MOT test as this is mainly intended to check for wear and tear and age related deterioration from a previously approved model or vehicle. Long and short of that is you may pass MOT but fail a more thorough road side check.
  12. MOT emissions advice

    It wouldn't change from M1 to N1 class wothout you knowing about it. N1 are limited to 60 on dual carriageways and might be 50 on national speed limit roads. After around '95 if fitted with a cat originally it should keep the cat. Many get through ok but I think the mot can be failed now if the tester spots it is missing.
  13. Working on an project that will need an IVA so I don't think there are any issues about using a second hand chassis. I would be looking for one with a V5 and either a Range Rover Classic or Discovery 1. Not bothered about a Q plate. I've a fair amount of rot on my chassis and it is bent. There are also mods I want to make to the rear of the chassis so think a solid second hand with V5 may be a reasonable plan? Anything to be careful of? I'd be looking to measure diagonals on the major mount holes, check for rot, and do a history check on the vehicle reg plate.
  14. Ibex 300 5 door

    I'm just getting what work I can in on the Truck before my wife finishes the kid! :-D
  15. Ibex 300 5 door

    Fair enough, perhaps it is just the tyres and lift then!