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  1. Got to give it to the marketing team though, cracking theme tune! 😉
  2. My comment is simply Landrover products have both developed a poor general reputation for reliability and become less suitable for maintenance on your drive or on the field. They are not pandering to what the vast majority on here are after and I sincerely doubt that the private venture mentioned earlier will have a price tag anywhere near what many of us would consider for a toy. Off road capable kits and kit conversions will always be far more interesting to me and increasingly so the more RRCs/P38s, D1/D2, and Defenders become expensive Classic Vehicle territory.
  3. The characters pictured are the target market, not us. A manufacturer who thinks design for ease of maintenance means lifting the body off for relatively simple tasks is clearly not targeting people who like to run their own vehicles. The general "We" being discussed here need more decent quality kits and a few builders for those with no time. Landrover seem to be specialising in upselling products whose reliability and general quality don't quite match the price tag. That said their target audience are also on 3 year lease hires, so rust, and 100k+ reliability aren't really their concern. If environmental issues get studied properly and reported accurately by the media the lease hires will be killed off in favour of running cars into the ground, but that would destroy a lot of business that just bait people into thinking life will be better with this years new model.
  4. Engineers ability to optimise roll centre also hampered by the favoured live axle suspension?
  5. I'd like to be interested by the new defender but I'd have to say I find the Jimny far more interesting although in balance Suzukis historic efforts on achieving well in European crash and saftey tests appear to be lacking. Anyhow, at the risk of diverting the subject a little the discussion on roll centres teases my interest. Any recomended reads? Detailed suspension setup seems a black art from brief reads and looks around the the pirate 4x4 site. My understanding is height of the roll centre (RC) is half the story as it is acted on by the centre of gravity (CG) causing the body roll. CG above RC results in more body roll away from corner. Other way around and the body will roll in toward the corner. I thought road cars didn't necessarily aim for low RC, but a low seperation between the RC and CG to avoid lots of body movement through rapid chicanes or changes in direction - at least until aero concerns start to come into play. Is this the same for off roaders? Isn't the high RC more about matching the high CG due to ground clearance and tall body etc? If anything independent suspension could be better at keeping the RC closer to the CG with variable height?
  6. Thanks for confirming that Geoff. I'll keep an eye out for salvage air spring units.
  7. I'm in need of units for the Classic. Arnott have stopped making them for the Classic, but OEM still appear to be available. I think from searches the mounting at the axle end of the air spring differs, but not sure how significantly.
  8. I'd also double check that the springs are properly on the advance bob weights. Simply pulling up on the rotor arm to remove it was enough to move the shaft causing the springs to ping off making an already ropey engine (not the truck I've just bought from a forum member!) run rougher than 80 grit toilet paper.
  9. I'd guess te dizzy has been off and replaced with the rotor pointing out of position. The main pulley is marked for TDC. Get the engine to TDC with number ome cylinder on the compression stroke and the rotor will be poimting to the start of the firing order. Either take that as is or lift out the dizzy amd re insert it with the rotor pointing in the right direction, being aware of the rotor rotating a bit as you push it home due to the helical drive gear.
  10. What are the main differences? Are they interchangable? Presuming the P38 is a heavier vehicle, are the P38 springs likely to result in a harsh ride on a lighter vehicle? ...or will lower air pressure in the bag result in a higher height with a lower spring rate?
  11. Thanks for both of your input. Plenty to think about and no doubt I'll be active on the forums again shortly after getting the donor if things go ahead as planned!
  12. I've got a custom loom drafted up and got about 50% of the components already so as long as the EAS and ABS are as modular as I think they are this is definately worth a good go. I was interested in a 2" lift but would be inclined to do it fully with adjustable panhard rod and caster correction to get the full self centring of the steering. Not cheap and may well leave it less settled on motorway runs - which are likely living in Merseyside with friends in Glasgow, family in Oxfordshire, and like to holiday in the Lakes! All that said being a thirsty V8 this won't be a daily driver.
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