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  1. Thank you for confirming it. It does have self park because I got it to work but I lost the diagram I had at the time. I filed it somewhere safe in the garage and then had a tidy up...
  2. If you wouldn't mind I'd be really grateful. Thank you
  3. It had been altered significantly for use in comp safari. Wiring had been chopped and routed through a toggle switch and a push button for washer. I’m trying to restore it to something which looks stock but I didn’t want the rotary duralite type. Hence I thought I’d try a “heritage” look by using a Lucas toggle switch where the choke cable used to sit.
  4. 1982 series 3 lightweight. I'm trying to reconnect my wiper switch so the wiper self parks. I did have it working fine and drew myself a diagram to keep handy but you know how it goes. And I am now on my 11th fuse having blown them using various combinations. I have a Lucas Off/On/On type toggle switch. I bought Off/On/On because I thought a series 3 Ltwt had two speed wipers. But it appears not. It has terminals on the back at the positions marked 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 There are no spade terminals at positions 2, 3 or 5. Coming from my motor I've got Green Red/
  5. garryc

    Flat heater

    Thank you. Apologies for the typo. It is 1/4 not 3/4 of course.
  6. I’m finishing off re-building my lightweight and I’ve come to the point of refitting the original flat heater. But it’s been many years since I took it out and I didn’t keep the two nuts which secured the threads on the top of the heater to the bracket which sits behind the instrumental panel. I thought that the threads would be 3/4 UNC and ordered some of those. But on trying them they’re not. Can I ask does anyone know what threads they are? They aren’t metric. Thank you.
  7. Ive searched on the web and the search function but can't find anything useful. Has anyone done the Longranger style cab conversion on a TD5 disco and fitted a defender rear tub?
  8. apologies for resurrecting a thread. But I found it via the search function. I know my vehicle is a Lightweight and this is the Defender forum but this question applies to r380 stumpy gearboxes. In short having reverse bled the clutch, I've got a solid pedal with no travel. My set-up is a 300tdi, stumpy bellhousing on an r380. It's in a Lightweight. When I built it up before installing it back in the vehicle I fitted an HD clutch fork, standard release bearing and standard push-rod. I've read various views on shorter push-rods and different release bearings versus standard and I'd be
  9. I've always quietly ignored the wiring and relay for the hazards and flashers on my Ltwt; and left well alone. But as part of the rewiring project, I'd like to upgrade to LED sides, tails and indicators. The kits I've looked at all specify an LED flasher relay being used to replace the standard. However I think that assumes it's a civilian spec rather than mil spec relay being in place. Has anyone come across this or got any ideas before I jump in? Thank you.
  10. Like you I’ve been building this for a while. I started in 2009 🙄. 300tdi and an R380; it’s been an interesting project to say the least. The loom is just a horrible mix of army bodge and previous owner scotch-lock nightmare. So am slowly rewiring the whole system from ignition switch through the instrument panel and switches and then using existing good wiring to the various end items. It looks like two-speed and park yes. So I’ll work backwards through the loom to the original relays and go from there. Im going to rewire it with new relays and fuses back to the switch just
  11. Quick question to confirm something. I’m rebuilding a 1982 Series 3 Lwt. As standard should it be a two-speed wiper motor with self-park? thank you
  12. Building a hybrid using a 300tdi. When I got the engine the incoming fuel line has been unbolted at the banjo and the banjo loosely refitted. So the piece I'm missing is the "other" bit of the banjo; the circular piece that the banjo fits into which then extends out and which the incoming fuel line from the filter attaches to. I've searched everywhere on the internet for the part number but can't find it. I have found that the part number for the banjo bolt is ERR1125. But even searching around that I can't find a number for the pipe. Can anyone assist please? Many thanks an
  13. That would be really helpful. Thank you.
  14. I'm looking for some ideas please. Got a 300tdi (manual gearbox) pre-EDC and believed to be pre-immobiliser (no additional wires on fuel pump) which I'm fitting in my Lightweight. Its not run for nearly ten years - I know; usual rebuild timescale.. Am using electric inline pump so lift pump shouldn't be an issue. I've got fuel all the way to the banjo coming in to the top of the pump and I've taken the boost pin cover plate off and there's fuel going in as the diaphragm is wet. I've cracked off an injector pump (no 1) but there is no fuel coming out. I've fitted a brand new shut off solen
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