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  1. Thanks for the info, it sure is appreciated.
  2. Thank you. That means I can go ahead and have a mooch in my mates garage for s3 clocks I know he had some.
  3. Yes here's the pic. Its about 5 years old
  4. Thanks Bowie. This is Interesting as I never seen that arrangement before. Mine has a S3 heater blower by N/S wing.
  5. Hi to all. First post after many years away from the forum. I have just bought a series 3 SWB believed to be x military or at least many things point to it . [I have yet to see in the flesh] It has what it looks to me a s3 bulkhead with s2 clocks grafted in the middle, please see attached pictures. Unfortunately I haven't picked it up yet so this is all I have to go on. Is it a S3 bulkhead ? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for that will give them a try. Greg
  7. Pls tell more - I'm round the corner in oldbury.
  8. I did not think rewritable will play on all dvd players, plus I had a slightly scratched disc so I give it a go and luckly it recorded and played back no probs. Greg
  9. Hi. You can use Nero Vision Express to burn those clips on to Dvd Disk. Tried it and it works on standard PS2 and couple of multi region dvd players. I see you in kiddie? Greg.
  10. I have pireli scorpion a/t 235/70/16 or 235/75/16[cant remember which] and standard suspension on 200tdi and they fitt no probs. The only prob I've noticed on them that they rub on full full lock, this can be corrected by adjusting steering stops. Will check on correct size tommorow. :Greg
  11. Just for future reference broken wire on the switch is a common problem on s3 aslo applies to main beam wire. Bad connection between fuse and fuse box is another common problem. Hazard light switch can play up, but usally will make connection after you press it in and out few times if this happens clean it and it be ok. Greg
  12. Couple of years ago I had a accident with linishing disc [on the grinder] It court sharp edge of some rust and ripped the grinder out of my hand, it went thru jeans and imbedded it self in top of my leg resulting in 9 stitches. [i was lazy and was sitting on the milk crate] Never sat on anything since then, and always try to keep body parts away from the grinder. Greg
  13. Pull the wire from temp sender and earth it, [for short amount of time] if temp gauge goes up I'll look at the sender unit as rest should be Ok. Remember that 200tdi engines take a while to worm-up especially if driving slowly mine can take up to 15-20 min before the gauge starts moving but at higher speed it's quicker. Greg
  14. No probs. What I used to do is to lightly flat/scratch plastic with fine emery cloth [or even with plumbing wool] before applying plastic primer . And never had a prob with flaking paint
  15. GregK


    I'm not having a dig at anybody but surely all the man has to know is fully compressed and fully extended messurments of the shock. As if you give him messurments with them fitted to vehicle he could supply wrong shocks as they can ether bottom out on slight bump or hit their limit whilst extended. Which isn't good for a shock. If I was you I would order specific shocks for your series or if you can afford it, fit once that would go with paras ie slightly extended [somthing like pro comp] to give you a bit more articulation. Plus you might find the shocks from fast fit place be more expensi
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