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  1. Hey guys, who knows what this little hole is and why is it leaking? its on a 4 bolt pas box.
  2. Sorry it's sold on lol, never want to see an arb again! Let's see I can break an Ashcroft haha.
  3. Thank you mr Ashcroft I've removed the ARB and ordered a brand new Ashcroft locker off yourselves.
  4. Hi guys, I've just had my rd128 locker has been rebuilt and it won't properly lock in? It makes a notchy noise when you spin the wheels? It had new springs which I thought might be too strong so I changed them to 4 new springs and 4 old to see if that works but no joy? I've tried 2 different compressors on it to eliminate air pressure? Any help would be appreciated folks.
  5. Hi guys, I wondered if a set of defender seat runners were the same as a Range Rover classics?
  6. Haha I do quite like that, that's a fair bit shorter than my old girl!
  7. Hi guys, I wondered if toms farm was still open? I know Tom died back in 2011 but I didn't know if anyone had bought the farm and carried on with the offroading?
  8. Hi folks, I've got to do my friends defender 300tdi clutch. I'm used to doing 200tdi lt77 clutches and I use a cut off lt77 gear box shaft as my centring tool, will it fit the 300tdi r380 clutch?
  9. I've stripped the rear seats out and locked the rear doors, I've removed the central locking as it's just something else to go wrong and it also keeps the rear doors locked because you just know all my mates will try opening them lol. I will keep the external doors as they are due to it being difficult to ally weld them. I did look for some 3 door rear wings but couldn't find any at the time.
  10. A quick up date. The rangy is Bobtailed and cage is finished so we're all ready for paint this week. The a bar and wing bars are bolt on in case the engine needs to come out or lights need replacing. I'm going for aircraft grey body and roof and satin black cage.
  11. I'm living in the alfreton area just off the m1. The plan is to have the caged finished this weekend and then lift it all off again so the rangy can be painted. Paint finished and properly fit the cage and wing bars ready for play time. My first outing will be the May Day bank holiday at Kirton off road centre so long as we get 3 more trucks built up and ready! Has anyone got any good suggestions on what colour to paint the classic?
  12. It's a case of having to now because every work top I own smells of it haha
  13. If it stinks it's ep90 lol
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