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  1. If something like a bike rack slotted in then what would the two bolts be for ?
  2. Any one know where these go please
  3. My 200tdi has not had a fan on for four years and I tow with it, it's never overheated and always stays in normal range on the gauge, warms up quicker in winter as well.
  4. If it helps I put disco 1 springs under my 90 and the ride height is slightly higher at the back but front the same as 90 springs. I would say that defender springs would be too soft..
  5. Richards wouldn't do me a custom chassis because of the fear that I might be ringing a vehicle, I only wanted a series type rear crossmember with the hole in it.
  6. Leak off pipes return unused fuel to the tank so yes they should have fuel in them. Starting probs may be not following cold start proceedure. I used to just lean in cab and preheat then she fired first turn, if I sat in seat I was tempted to touch throttle and then she took longer to start. Sound like you could have a leak or split in fuel return pipe
  7. Thanks for that Wiring seems straight forward enough, I read that fuel line and pump has to be just so as well, having mine on a raised piece of ally with old metal fuel can supplying the diesel, exhaust underneath facing one way and burner inlet facing the other, have to extend the exhaust depending on where I use it. Limited to 2 metres exhaust length I think. Probably end up fitting it in cubby box later on after I've finished using it in the caravan, need two really, if only I had the money
  8. Hows the project going ? Same heater as mine, I need some wiring advice when you connect it up if you don't mind
  9. Was going to mount mine on a board and have the thermostat/timer thing on a long lead so it could be put in the cab or the caravan Is the thermostat sensor thingy in the timer control or is it separate? Not taken mine out of the box yet
  10. I didn't have that fitting on my manifold so I put a take off in the core plug
  11. I'm interested in this as I want to do the same, I've got a heater and control unit etc and need it for the 90 and the caravan and the office as well when it gets really cold. thought it might take the chill off the workshop as well so need to move it around
  12. Painted all mine Bulkhead and inner wings will be black
  13. As Above, Disco is half a ton heavier than a 90 so it would be like driving with a heavy load in it all the time
  14. Like I said, just boil them and the fluid comes out
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