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  1. Well i have rung a couple of firms and would you believe i was talking to my neighbour who told me who he has used before so i called them up and i got quoted £150 all fitted...... (with a 10 year guarantee) booked in for monday.Not getting the front windows done, just the middle and back(7 seater td5 discovery). a chuffed shaun
  2. Thats just for the front windows though isnt it? Shaun
  3. i'm also after getting this done.just found a guy on fleabay who sells laser cut ones.Just sent him an email to ask how much for mine to get cut.(got a td5 7 seater discovery).I have heard that DIY kits are a bag of shi*e so i am sort of put off by it, but the price is a hell of a lot cheaper then getting it done by a "pro". Shaun
  4. So all you need is a nanocom, and to follow the above instructions? Shaun
  5. Hi, cheers for this info.I too only had a leak at the front (drivers side) so i attempted this job today and looks like i had the same problem as you, the small plastic lug had snapped clean off into the pipe, i only had to remove the front driverside to gain access to the problem.didnt take that long to complete and hopefully i have cured the problem. Just thought i would say thanks for all the info and photos, these helped a lot. Cheers PS..... The damp stains that i had have now been completly removed by the mrs just using pound shop upholstery cleaner and it has come up like brand spank
  6. Hi just like to say 1st off, excellent forum , i have gained a lot of tips from here for my newly purchased disco 2 td5, i have had a few niggles of which i have sorted, just this last one for now I have also got a leak in my Disco 2 (just above driver side sunshade), i dont suppose anyone has a number of a mobile sunroof repairer around the lincoln area do they? I have looked everywhere for one with no success. Cheers if any one can help, also cheers for a excellent forum Shaun
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