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  1. Thanks Marc. Have had a look, everyone seems think D4 is the bee's knees with no issues what so ever. Seems very suspicious for a LR
  2. Hello, This weekend im going to see a Disco 4 2010 mileage 98654. Was just looking for some advice regarding key things to check to make sure its in good condition. Any well know problems etc. Up till now only played with Defenders. Thank Iain
  3. Hey, Thanks got it booked back in with the garage who did the welding beginning of the week. Thanks for the speedy replies
  4. Hello, Having a wee problem, not sure if related however recently had the Rear cross member replaced. Since I've got it back a few small problems with Electrics; Stereo not working, Full beams work if put on and off however not it pulled towards me (flash), rear right indicator not working. Was looking for advice, when I first noticed rear indicator thought perhaps related to rear cross member but cant see how that would effect the stereo. The full beam issue is baffling to me as clearly is partially working. The defender is a 1985 110 CSW Many thanks Iain
  5. Hello, I was just about to start a very similar thread. My Issue was all lights working fine however occasionally full beam spot lights cutting out, as you say very interesting at high speeds at the dead of night. Simply A loose switch between high beams and headlights. However I tried to replace the lights today. Put everything back together, and when testing lights. Side lights work fine, Head lights not working at all Full beams work when pulled toward driver, (flashing) but not when put on full beam. Not sure quite what I've done or what to do next, any help would be appreciated. Iain
  6. Thanks all for the quick replies and helpful information. I'll have a look for those bearmach ones.
  7. Hello I seem to have a faulty indicator/dip beam stalk. Been looking around online for a replacement. Seems that a genuine Land Rover part is over £130 while and aftermarket one is as little as £14. Is this price discrepancy accurate and if so. Is the genuine part worth it? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that link maverick, looks handy and have been meaning to join the slroc. Need4speed I've recently moved up to Oban And it's a 110 I've got as well.
  9. New to offroading, looking to head to Drumclog. Wondering if anyone who has been can tell me if it's appropriate for a beginner? Thanks Iain
  10. I have found this thread regarding the switch, thanks for your comment, helped "light" the way.http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=84503
  11. Hello I’m new to the forum and indeed a new defender owner. Last week I picked up my 1995 Land Rover 110 county Station wagon 300TDI. I must stress I am not mechanical minded, but I am keen to do as much of the work required to maintain this, as possible. On inspection there are patches of rust on the Door undersides, the Bull Bar the rear ladder and minimal patches on rear benches. The Brakes seem poor, even for an old heavy defender. Alarmingly when driving last night, the full beams randomly decided to turn themselves off and the low beams did not come on. As I said I am new to this, my ultimate goal is to turn this into a vehicle I can use for my active scouting hobby, towing kayaks, moving marquees and generally camping and exploring. I would also like to do some off roading in it. The first phase I would like to do is repair any damage and stabilise any rust. As I see it my priorities should be Lights Brakes Rust I am making this post as I would love to know if this is wrong or if there is any particular issue I should be checking before starting. Many thanks Iain (Oban, Scotland)
  12. Thanks for all the help been great response.
  13. It was my local office, they were really nice. Just sadly could not help. Finally got a reasonable quote from the coop of all places. Just under £400 fully comprehensive for me 26 and my girlfriend
  14. Thank you for the help and support. Nfu sadly quoted me over £1000. I was shocked at how many companies were not interested due to size. Cheapest so far is 400 which seems acceptable.
  15. This is probably a little below the level of this feed but here it goes. I've only just bought a 1995 defender and it seems to be on pretty good nick. The bottoms of the doors are very rusty and I want to try replacing them myself,for the experience and to gain a skill. I am completely new to this so looking for advice on welding tutorial and equipment. Many thanks. Iain
  16. Hello Possibly the wrong section for this but looking for a little guidance. I Just bought a 1995 Defender 110 County Station wagon. And really struggling to find decent insurance. I was surprised how many insurance companies wont insure it because of the number of seats or the bench style seats in the back. I have tried a few insurance companies I found in Land Rover monthly but even some of them are not interested. Can anyone recommend a reasonable insurance company for this car? Many thanks Iain
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