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  1. AFAIK anyway you have to make some sort of adapter plate and shaft to couple it with LT230 By the way — does anyone have SyncroGearboxes adapter for LT230 on the bench? Need couple params to check.
  2. Liam, thank you for photos! Engine sits just nicely! Right in place! Found this roll over video. On 1:05 clearly seen mounting points. Mb it helps. Btw how do you find gear shifting with SyncroGearboxes adapter and kit?
  3. Liam, first of all what to thank you for the thread and especially for transmission pictures! Now I do research about conversion with exactly the same setup — M57+GS6-53DZ+SyncroGearboxesAdapter+LT230 and your posts were very usefull! Can I ask you to measure clearance between bulkhead and engine with this combination? And mb couple of photos from engine bay (from top and front passenger side). Have 110 LHD. Thanx again! Hope you enjoy your Landy!)
  4. mb any link on successfull examples? can't find any one done with photos
  5. Hi guys! Restoring my Series 3 and looking for v8 conversion. Found that cutting bulkhead is necessary. Ok, but my Series is LHD and there is lack of space in driver side footwels. Is it ok to cut bulkhead this way in LHD models? Is it possible to save original steering? Thank you!
  6. guys! how long is combination of 300tdi with r380 and lt230?) from fan to handbrake drum or just lenght of gearbox and transferbox. from the beginning of bellhousing to handbrake drum asking because want to put this combination in Series 3, but have serious doubts about capacity of space under bonnet thank you!
  7. Thank you guys! And one more question! My chassis don't have original engine mounts. Thats why I wanna use gearbox mounts as referent point, but I don't have spacers betweet gearbox brackets and gearbox member. Are theese parts correct for series gearbox: http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/387/272498-MOUNTING-BRACKET-LH.html?search=gearbox%20mount&page=1 http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/11976/272501-MOUNTING-BRACKET-REAR-RH.html?search=272501&page=1 Is it the easiest way to place engine and gear box correctly? Thank you!
  8. Hi, guys! Now I'm rebuilding my series 3 109". I want to swap engine to 300(Di/TDi), my question is: If I couple 300tdi with series gearbox and will use gearbox mounting points as a referent points for placing engine mounts, can I in future replace gearbox to r380 without doing anything with engine mounts? And also shoud I make a custom mounts for gearbox? Sorry for my english guys, I'm from Russia) Thank you!
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