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  1. Oneandtwo, Western, thank you for pointing that out. I haven't had the opportunity to properly investigate on the car (currently extremely busy at work) and hadn't realised there are two layers. They aren't visible in the LR part diagrams, and even replacement bulkheads don't seem to have the inner layer. Rovers North seem to have the proper parts, see screenshots below taken from their website: Likely costly thing due to US import... One could possibly fabricate a double layered part combining a Defender and series footwell. Edit: YRM does offe
  2. My front diff (Td5 MY06) went at 160k in the same way. The remaining bolts could be removed by hand too. I used it as an opportunity to install an ATB and used Allen bolts with Nordlock washers on the crown wheel. And loctite obviously! J
  3. Thanks both of you! Meanwhile I stumbled on a YT video which makes it look a bit less daunting.
  4. Hi all, I'm planning to replace the right hand footwell in our LHD Td5 Defender (MY06). A YRM footwell is at the ready. When I think of it, it seems to ask quite some preparation: remove the Safari snorkel, right wing, heater (and probably empty the cooling system). So a lot of things that involve hard-to-reach nuts and bolts and will undoubtedly cost a lot more time than expected. Any useful hints? Things that should be tackled while I'm at it? Greetings, Joris
  5. Well, three months later I discover that I have posted the wrong link. On this facebook page (Td5 Mafia) is a link to the Android APK hosted on Google Drive. Regards, Joris
  6. A local club member had been looking for a death wobble cause for months on a brand new defender. It turned out to be a faulty damper. J
  7. Nice one Filip! I always liked XJS's, never got further than a Dinky. Congratulations!
  8. I was told a while ago that Dana made the diff gears during the last few years. That was confirmed when I ordered a genuine crown wheel & pinion last year and received Dana stamped gears in a LR labeled box. First I made an attempt with a CW&P set that I ordered at Ashcroft, they turned out to be Antonio Maziero / AM Gears. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get backlash settings consistent enough: I kept getting different readings, although I measured at the same CW teeth, so eventually ordered genuine. The Dana gears delivered good measurements immediately. Here are the original,
  9. I guess you wrote it wrong but just in case you haven't: you have to turn the key, then press the accelerator pedal 5 times. The car will then start a purge cycle which lasts a couple of minutes, during which it won't do anything else.
  10. Here's an Android based project: https://github.com/hairyone/TD5Tester Joris
  11. Here's an opportunity to chuckle some more. Make sure to look at the whole thing, so you can fully enjoy the last two seconds. I couldn't help but laugh out loudly:
  12. Antares Treadwell, a Chawton White Hardtop 110 Td5, MY06 that feels most at home in the Iceland highlands.


  13. I ordered a new genuine crown wheel and pinion for the front diff of our Td5 earlier this year, and found Dana stamped gears in the box.
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