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  1. Well I’ve done 30,000 miles in the car since I’ve had it Bowie ,I’m not disappointed with it really I only paid just over a grand for it 4 years ago and Jackie loves the thing which makes spending on it much less of a problem.
  2. Hi Bowie every thing seems fine the head bolts seemed ok the head looks flat all the valves look good ,the only thing I could find not a 100% is the valve stem seal were hard ,so Iv replaced them it’s a bit of a mystery to be honest .
  3. Spent the day grinding valves and changing valve stem oil seals the head is back on I’ll strip the other one tomorrow ,I don’t mind telling you it’s a bit hairy to say the least torquing the head down I said to Jackie make sure there is a clean pair of pants on standby I’ve got to go around another 90 degrees .
  4. Thanks Bowie I thought it was ,I was like a dog with two tails when I saw those liners but I was not a hundred percent you have confirmed it for me .The heads look newish as well so I’ll take my time putting it back together, I have a Kent cam to go in it .
  5. I managed to get time to strip the offending head off of the car yesterday I thought you might like to see what I found ,does it look like it’s had a top hat liner block fitted ?.
  6. That’s what I am hoping,I will make a start on Saturday and let you know what I find .
  7. Well I got back early today so I carried out a compression test on the P38 I think I may have found the cause of the problem the results are as follows cylinder 1. 10.5 bar, cylinder 2. 10 bar, cylinder 3. 3.75 bar ,cylinder 4. 10.25 bar ,5. 4 bar, cylinder 6. 10.5 bar ,cylinder 7. 10.5 bar ,cylinder 8. 11bar , I think I may have a problem with the head gasket what do you think ?.
  8. Thanks Simon ,all your cylinders were that low what caused that ?.
  9. Four messages have I buggered it up .That makes sense I will check the compressions tomorrow and see if 3 and 5 are low .
  10. Hi Folks my 4.6 Thor engined p38 has started to tick over lumpy and is down on power ,if you pull the plug leads on cylinders 3 and 5 it makes very little difference to the way the engine runs ,I’ve changed the plug leads and the coilpacks with some secondhand ones I had in the garage I’ve changed the plugs around but it’s still missing on cylinders 3 and 5 .I have ordered some new coilpacks,leads and plugs but in the meantime I want to carry out a compression test ,does anyone know what pressure I should expect to see from a healthy cylinder ?.
  11. Thanks for the reply elbekko that's what I was hoping.
  12. Hi Folks my first post so please be gentle .Does anyone know the height of the P38 boot floor from the ground on it,s lowest setting and is it possible to make go any lower or is it on the bump stop's at that setting ?.
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