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  1. If I buy the associated door bits, will this just work or is there some trickery involved? I can find quite a bit of info about the green 10AS box but not the later black ALM unit. My defender has immobiliser/alarm but no CDL although the wiring is to the kick panel. any thoughts? cheers rolo
  2. Well 13 years later the answer is yes and no- a £100 special track does the job of a £300 Simex for most people! Me? I still spend time on eBay looking for SATs! mods- hope you don’t mind me resurrecting this piece of nostalgia.
  3. A thought for today- does anyone know what Land rovers were originally painted with? It’s brilliant stuff, no primer, straight to Ali. And it’s a very thin coat too. And paint stripper won’t touch it!
  4. That’s more or less as wide as you can go using two 90 rims to make one of these. I want to experiment with other rims tos we what we can end up with. Trouble is the inner nave plate on a disco steel or wolf rim etc is a bigger diameter than the series which makes them hard to mate up.
  5. I could do that if I drill all the rivets out and push the nave plate back a bit although I don’t think it’d go 20mm
  6. Bit of a play with some lwb rims... basically using two to make one. Better in my opinion that banding because we have one join not two. End up being 6.5” wide with 20mm offset. Whatcha think? IMG_7188.MOV
  7. Well the whole lot I guess. At the moment I have a bare front panel because some idiot in the 90s put a defender front end on.
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of the correct fitting kit for 2a headlights? Mine is a lights in the middle. I’m struggling to find anything for sale that isn’t a) for series 2 chrome bezel type or b) 2a/3 lights in the wings models Pics added From google because I think it’s what I need. cheers folks
  9. Morning all It is our plan once again to hook the tin tent to the Discovery and spend a week in the west country. This year the camp site we have chosen is at Dawlish, which is quite a bit further down to what we are used to. We like to get off the roads where we can, and explore the green lanes, so I wondered if anyone would be able to help us by suggesting a few green lanes to try, perhaps up on to Dartmoor. Please bear in mind our truck is standard bar a set of BFG ATs (and reasonably scratch free!) Many thanks Roland
  10. Does anyone know the part number for the pipe that comes out of the top of the fuel pressure regulator (15p) and runs above the inlet manifold with a rubber hose section, before connecting to the side of the head above the alternator? Many thanks
  11. Nobody? Guess I'll have to buy an ecu and try it. Anyone know why a v8 one has a different part number?
  12. This makes no sense. If you stop the inner piston, and the outer then moves, then it HAS to work. Physics says so. I suspect some sort of black magic.
  13. One piston will always move before the other. It's normal.
  14. Evening all This afternoon ive been fitting CC to my Discovery. It wont work. I followed the advice http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=83241 (post 9) I get good results on all tests. Is there anyone who knows how to test the ECU? I have noticed that when i turn the ignition on and push the main cruise button, there is no audible click, nor is there when i press the ACC or DEC buttons... Any thoughts? Roland
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