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  1. Peaklander

    110 Fuel Tank Cradle query

    You mean pics from me or pics from John as he does it "live'?!
  2. Peaklander

    110 Fuel Tank Cradle query

    I presume it's there as a first line of defence against stone damage. As you have a big guard anyway then I think you are fine to lose it.
  3. Peaklander

    110 Fuel Tank Cradle query

    Hi it’s optional and has the same holes as the tank. However I found it an absolute pig of a job to fit. Really really hard. The guard doesn’t seem to be the correct shape and to get it to closely fit the tank and therefore to get the holes to match, is where the swearing helps.
  4. Peaklander

    Spanish pyrenees

    The Picos are obviously to the west. If you do go east from the western end of the Pyrenees there's lots to see too. East of Jaca is Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. It depends what you like but if you want remote high mountain valleys then look no further than Bujaruelo which is at the north end of the A135, to the western side of Monte Perdido (3,355m). It's a magnificent spot, with an approach road of gravel that pushes up through a narrow gorge with a torrent alongside. At the top end is a huge flat campsite and views up to the peaks. After that, drive south then east on the N260 and north on the A139 to Benasque. The N260 road includes a knife-slash gorge and the road hugs the bottom of the cliffs, just above the river. Benasque is a great town and from there you can drive further north again and into another dead-end valley with several campsites near to Pico Aneto. I hope I've got the directions correct. That's just my two-penneth. There's so much to look at on the south side of the mountains...
  5. Peaklander

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    ^^^^^^ time for some wider shots of the vehicle coming together!
  6. Peaklander

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    I know that, it’s just me trying to be humorous.
  7. Peaklander

    Manuals - Naming conventions

    I think that's a brilliant idea. By the way, does RTFM 'translate' into Flemish?
  8. Peaklander

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    Yes I am referring to a Peltier coolbox too but mine has two "cycles". There's a "coldness" setting but usually we had it set to coldest. Only on cool days did we reduce this setting. It was / is a lot more costly than others but far more effective than the first ones we tried. It sits on a low fan setting and depending on heat load / temperature measured in the cold space, it then switches to a much faster fan speed periodically and then that draws the bigger current. This duty cycle gets more and more demanding on the battery with increasing ambient temperature The second fan only runs when the lid is closed and I assume that runs constantly. I'd still recommend an electric compressor type though (not the big gas ones unless you don't mind carrying gas too), if you can justify the spend. The difference is night and day. You don't need a big one. We have a 35l Waeco chest type and it's amazing what you can get in.
  9. Peaklander

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    We ran a Waeco coolbox for many years. Initially this was in a car off the engine battery and then from a dual battery system with a split charger, Without a doubt the current drain depends on the ambient temperature as the hotter it gets the more the unit has to work. In hot camping we could only keep running for 24hrs without risking flattening the car (which we did a couple of times). With the split charger we would run until the cut-off ( which was around 11volts I think). This can still be only two or three days in hot weather. When the unit is fully running you might be drawing 4A. Ours had two fans, one to cool the Peltier junction and one in the cold space. Eventually I played around changing fans to try to reduce current and sound (they are quite noisy and in a tent this can be disturbing as they cut in and out). It's obvious but you need to keep it in shade which isn't always easy. We carried a piece of silver bubble wrap to protect it from direct sunlight and that is really effective. I would definitely run a power cable to it if you are staying for any length of time and not intending to move it back into the vehicle for a top-up charge. There nothing wrong with using a waterproof power socket but the issue then is that if there is wet weather you will want to put the unit in the tent. If it's hot as well then you have the problem of high ambient temperature. These units can only reduce the inside cold space to 20deg C below ambient and that's the theoretical best. If you do pay for camp electrical hook-up then take a small kettle too and make that €4 / £4 daily payment more useful by saving on gas. Two batteries and spit charge is a better system but then you run the risk of damaging the second battery through under charging. A normal split system will connect the two batteries in parallel and they will never both fully charge. One of them will suffer and eventually will lose capacity due to this problem of never quite being charged-up. Lots of people will now say that they don't have this problem but I'm going on my own knowledge and reading around the subject as it has been an issue for me (compounded by a slightly low output from my alternator). A solar panel would solve the problem and I would have thought that a fold-up 100W connected to your second battery will give you longer service at the camp site and the split charger can help to replenish once you get back on the move. Without a doubt the single best thing I did was to buy a compressor fridge combined with a 100W solar panel and a little box of electronics that handles the panel and both batteries. On our recent trip around Spain we didn't even take a mains cable. That was the first time in many many years! By the way, fit an rccd trip inline with the mains cable up near the plug. The same style as you get with garden equipment. Don't use a plug-in one as there often isn't room in the connection box. Also get a yellow or orange cable so you can see it and make it a long one. It doesn't have to be a big current size.
  10. Peaklander

    Lost diesel tank filler cap td5

    That's not allowed under the trades descriptions act or something similar!
  11. Peaklander

    Lost diesel tank filler cap td5

    That's nothing short of a miracle! Never give up, as you say.
  12. Peaklander

    Help thread. Questions when my 110 is in bits.

    Yes that one. It's got two holes for bolts and some adhesive on a wider part. Orientate it so that the bolts pass through and the foam is compressed slightly when the roof sits on it. I don't have a pic and I can't quite remember but it is very obvious when you look at it I'm sure.
  13. Peaklander

    Tail light earth

    ^^^^Yes side of transferbox. @pantherslover found a loose connection at that point, mentioned in another thread.
  14. Peaklander

    No speedo, no fuel gauge, no temp gauge, no side lights

    Well done Ashley; it's not easy to do anything up there so glad you've found it. Now to that trailer lamp fault...
  15. Peaklander

    Wiper fault

    Great. When I did mine I replaced the drive cable too but I wondered whether I could have got away with trying to use a different part of the wheel box gear as I presume not all the teeth are used. I couldn't work out how to be sure I would get the drive onto the correct part, so I bailed out and replaced.

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