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  1. Black smoking now after ticking noise issue.

    It's not lack of air is it? Collapsed hose or some other restriction giving unbalanced mix?
  2. Bulkhead Cable Entry - Which Sealant?

    In the past I’ve used Dum Dum which is a non-setting sealing compound but it’s no longer available. Notwithstanding Mike’s comment above about not using silicones, I have used Granville RTV which I think is silicone but it seems to pull off / out without a problem if you need to remove it.
  3. Self lubricating underside

    Yes sorry, my reply wasn't helpful. I think you should try to determine what is leaking. Is the leak at the engine, gearbox or transfer box (or all three)? What sort of oil is it - engine or geartrain? Maybe a bit of a clean-up and wash underneath will help you. On my 88" the main leak was the rear crank seal which was a job with the gearbox split from the engine. So that might be the last one to do. As for which seals and gaskets, you will see from many post on this forum that Britpart are usually avoided and other brands preferred. Most suppliers will give you a choice of manufacturers and prices to go with them. Identify the items you need and then find a supplier and by all means ask for advice before you buy. The question will be more easily answered when you are more specific (IMHO).
  4. Self lubricating underside

    I used a stainless steel tray out of an old bit of food production equipment. It was heavy enough not to blow away and had the added benefit of indicating the size of the leak 😑
  5. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    That’s a great job and a good reference thread. You are no doubt very pleased.
  6. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Ralph, can you just explain that a little more? If the pistons and bores are wider, doesn't that increase the swept volume? I realise that the top of the chambers, above the pistons, don't change but the rest does. Not that it would make any difference with such a large compression ration in the first place. It's a great thread. Thank you for posting so many pics.
  7. 200tdi battery recommendations

    Tayna offer good prices usually. Eurocarparts must only be approached with a discount code, otherwise their prices are high! 😱You have to purchase online though. I’ve not been able to walk in and use a code over the counter.
  8. 110 CSW 300Tdi shock absorber advice needed.

    I don’t really understand what’s happening with that search result at Paddocks but if you search on their site starting Defender and going through to , say front shockers, there are sixteen listed at all sorts of prices from blue box, to top end versions.
  9. Battery Cable Cross Section

    Do you have a big crimper, as they are big connectors? I didn’t and so used push on ends with lots of solder and careful use of a naked flame to get enough heat in.
  10. Driver member upgrade to heavy-duty?

    With the flange unbolted but still engaged on the shaft, any wear can be easily seen by rocking it. Those teeth are loads better than mine were. I could have cut my skin on them they were so sharp.
  11. Defender heater matrix

    Have you got the black soundproofing that’s in the footwells? It is a sponge and only needs a little water from somewhere to really create a pong. Might be a red herring but it maybe worth eliminating.
  12. Valve stem seals

    If you do decide just to do the seals, this might help (300 TDi I know). https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/97825-changing-300-tdi-valve-stem-seals-with-head-on/
  13. Defender heater matrix

    Just a question to help my general education, you say it has the pink coolant. Isn’t a 300TDi supppsed to use the older blue stuff?
  14. I’m in my second year with NFU and it’s a 96 110 CSW. I did ask for a Golf price recently but that was way off the scale. Just saw Geoff that you asked if rural based and it’s true that I am in that ‘category’.