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  1. Peaklander

    Hard at work as you can see.....

    You really are an international man of mystery.
  2. Peaklander

    Intercoolers and other bits

    The fact that at all three speeds and inlet temps the outlet temp is pretty much the same, suggests, I think, that the intercooler you have can extract all that heat and more besides.
  3. Peaklander

    110 front axle springs - which one where?

    My final decision was based on advice from @Retroanaconda who said, it's negligible but if it tilts, then swap them. It seems to be negligible - I can't see the difference. Edit: 78Kg in case anyone's wondering 😀
  4. Peaklander

    110 front axle springs - which one where?

    I have a rhd vehicle and the white spring is on the right (driver) and yellow on the left. The reason for my decision is in my thread - page 5 However Red’s comment has me thinking, as the engine position doesn’t move rhd to lhd.
  5. Peaklander

    2.5 TD5 or 2.4 Tdi?

    Well that's cleared things up! It was getting very confusing.
  6. Peaklander

    mpg for 300tdi 110csw

    We did ~2,500 miles this Spring around Spain, motorway down to Portsmouth but once there, mainly local roads, a bit of gravel and a lot of hills. With ten re-fuel records (top-ups rather than whole tanks) I got 32mpg. I don't have the number to hand but we have had similar mpg over longer trips too. We have a standard 300 TDi 110 SW but with no seats in the back, just storage boxes, sleeping frame, and general camping stuff - plus a small box on top with bits and bobs. So less weight than a lot of people. Whilst weight etc. have a big effect, driving style can swamp anything else - at least that's what I've found.
  7. Peaklander

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    It’s a beautiful job. Fantastic work.
  8. Peaklander

    Where are you buying MTF94?

    ^^^^ Me too.
  9. Peaklander

    So what did you get

    Thanks to advice received on here, daughter #1 bought me a valve so I can play with my boost limit. It should be easier than using the wastegate rod (300TDi)
  10. Peaklander

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it’s a good one.
  11. Peaklander

    Random musings on the D4

    Ha! I’ve used “The Knack” video more times than I care to remember when running various training workshops. It’s a great icebreaker or indeed just a good laugh if things get a bit dry. I’m not a Discovery driver but I’m enjoying the thread.
  12. I know this is about resultant EGTs but how have you achieved 1.2Bar of boost? Have you put one of those valves in the pipe to the wastegate actuator?
  13. Peaklander

    Etch primer on galvanized?

    I’m pretty sure that the Mordant T is the etch. It certainly seems to prep the surface. I then used Buzzweld Chassis In One strainght on in two coats. I don’t think you need another etch.
  14. Peaklander

    High SWR reading on CB

    That’s the problem. There should be continuity between the centre of that plug and any / all of the metal of the whip.
  15. Peaklander

    Could this work?

    It may now be shut too tight and there’s too much pressure on the lock to be able to release it. Try pushing the door even more closed and at the same time (someone else) tries the lock.

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