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  1. In afraid I’ll miss it as we are driving in the opposite direction to western Scotland. Have a listen to Gerry Mulligan on Saturday at 3:15. He’s speaking in the Roof of the World Tour. He’s driven his 110 300TDi to Mongolia and back and around South America.
  2. The expansion tank must work in the same way as the pressure vessel in a domestic central heating boiler. They use a charge of air pressure on one side of a diaphragm to push against the water on the other side. As the water volume expands with temperature, the air gets squeezed and the pressure rises. At ambient temperature though, the boiler water remains pressurised, due to that initial higher charge pressure, whereas the engine coolant returns to atmospheric pressure.
  3. Thought I’d check my 1996 vehicle with an M in the VIN and this is the result on their look-up LAND ROVER 110 DEFENDER COUNTY SWTDI It would be subject to two charges, congestion and ULEZ
  4. I have a roller powered door. It’s insulated and compresses when closed to make it tight and quiet. The brackets are mounted on the inside gable wall but the weight is carried down the door guides at the sides. So there’s not as much weight as you’d imagine on the brackets. As for costs, be careful and get comparisons and don’t believe the first numbers you are given! I have photos if needed.
  5. Yes that’s what I have seen used and I’m just about to buy a tube for my new back door glass (Defender). I’m getting it from an eBay seller at £10.95 delivered which is almost the same delivered cost as your link.
  6. Rover Group was owned by British Aerospace and built vehicles under the Rover and Land Rover brands in a joint venture with Honda Motor Corp until 1994. Honda Motor owned 10% of Rover Group who in turn owned 10% of Honda of the UK Manufacturing (the Swindon operation). When the 'golden share' expired in 1994 , which had prevented the sale of Rover Group by British Aerospace, BMW bought the Group and that's when it began to be split. It was disappointing as Honda had been ready to increase their holding but didn't want to take a majority share.
  7. I used mordant wash and then Buzzweld’s Chassis in One (CIO). The rest of the underside such as wheel arches and tub, is covered with Waxoyl.
  8. Try using interparcel link here. I have just entered the following guesstimates - 2Kg and dimensions in cm 50 x 30 x 10 and the following quotations are offered: The drop-off points are at this end and the deliveries are to the recipient's address.
  9. How are you achieving the newer driving style when your maximum boost was only 0.6 Bar? I imagine that when on a hill, you are holding a lower gear for longer, as you will be using less throttle?
  10. Just read the top of the thread and saw this post from @Retroanaconda. So they have supplied this brand for some years.
  11. That’s what I was thinking too when I replied originally but didn’t look for them. I’m sure that they are available as one piece.
  12. Sorry, maybe my memory is fading because I think that they are these push-in wedge type - RTC3635. Perhaps I've never had to replace one and only unscrewed the complete holder. They should just pull out. Look at LR Workshop link for this diagram... (hope it's OK to post this) and from there a direct link to... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164187837954?hash=item263a5b9602:g:7esAAOSwku9esolI Photo is from the Trek Overland item on eBay...
  13. The ones that mount into the board, like the brake warning lamp, are moulded and don’t separate. Have a look on eBay and you will see them. I can’t remember the reference number. There will be some missing as the specific warning isn’t used, such as transmission oil high temperature.
  14. I wonder if the fob isn’t being seen by the sensor at the ignition switch? C863-6 not getting power: is the relay clicking at crank? If not then the coil isn’t being energised and that’s probably because the 10AS unit is still in alarm set.
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