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  1. New Series - RR Heavy

    Love it! What a good episode and that interview...he must know but he just can't say.
  2. ibex 300 build

    Next week ok. The other one not. Back on topic: good luck Mike!
  3. ibex 300 build

    If you are anywhere near the Hope Valley you’re welcome to call in for a coffee or a beer.
  4. Series radiator heater matrix replacement

    I used two piece of camping mat cut to size. It is closed cell so doesn’t soak up water (if there is any about in there which is unlikely). It’s also soft enough to compress and seal properly. Anything similar that is non-sticky will do.
  5. 20amp aux fuse keeps popping

    To see a circuit diagram just use Google. I’m on my phone but with just a few clicks I found one in “images” for a 1989 110 2.5TD.
  6. Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    I feel the same and maybe it's a case of thinking you're a member and actually being one. How to make that leap though... that's the question.
  7. Audio music via smartphone

    You can always use a little fm transmitter. These plug into the headphone jack on your phone and re-transmit the output on a selection of fm frequencies. It’s very low power so only your in car radio will receive. Tune the radio to the same frequency as the transmitter is displaying. Skip to another frequency if you get interference from a proper station. The one I used to use had five output frequencies and they were all preset in the car system. Like this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F261578442024
  8. Thread identification

    A cheeky non technical method, if you can find the LR part number from the book, is to type it into the search field at www.lrseries.com. Their site part references are very detailed and almost always give the thread and length. If you feel guilty you can always bob an order into them for something.
  9. You are sealing against water ingress and if it leaks it's direct onto your feet. So as Western says, I'd use a sealant.
  10. I had a pleasant surprise today when i discovered that a second Stratford-upon-Avon show is being run this year and it’s in just four weeks. See http://www.adventureoverlandshow.net/adventure-overland-spring-show/ I don’t have any connection, just found it great to wander and look at different setups.
  11. Transmission/4wd issues

    Yes you're right, it was that one but it is back up on another server now - that's how I've got my old thread back
  12. Transmission/4wd issues

    It was Lrseries. If I remember correctly I talked to Dominic there who apologised and said that it was very old gen stock that had been on a shelf for years. I suppose that I could have given it a good clean-up but instead I just asked for a replacement as I was a nervous newbie about the whole job. The earlier pics were of the replacement that they sent with no hassle at all.
  13. Transmission/4wd issues

    This is the first new, genuine 3rd/4th synchro that I received. It came in a LR box but I returned it because I thought that its condition wasn't what's expected of a new part. However you can see the shape of the unworn teeth and the chamfers are there too .
  14. Transmission/4wd issues

    This is the main-shaft rear bearing, with the reverse shaft location on the bottom left and the layshaft to the right. Also a pic of the cradle that I copied from Log Rover.... t
  15. Transmission/4wd issues

    Locking the main-shaft can be done by selection two gears simultaneously - one of 1 & 2 and one of 3 & 4 by sliding the selectors across by hand. (it's mentioned in the thread I linked to). As for removing the main-shaft, it must be a bit tight in the bearing that it passes though at the back. Can you tap the end with the locknut still in place on the end? It's been a while and I can't remember whether mine was tricky or not. You will need to make some sort of cradle on which to mount the main-shaft on the bench. Otherwise working on it will be hard. Have a look at that log-rover site as there's one shown. I'll post a pic if I can find one...