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  1. 1996 300TDi CSW Managed to do my first timing belt. Replaced all original hoses with silicone (13 in all). Mounted a 100W solar panel to roof bars and connected to a pair of batteries with a Ctek all in one controller/charger. Finally took delivery of a CFX 35 compressor fridge, just in time for an extended trip to the west of Ireland. Sleeping in the back tonight. 😀
  2. If that vehicle is as good underneath as it appears to be on the outside and inside and if £12K sounds, to you, like a good starting point for negotiation, then can't you go and have a look? If 12K is out of budget then don't bother. I've seen a lot worse for not a lot less 🙂
  3. Ha yes I see. I should have tried and not been so shy Thanks!
  4. Thread revival I've finally looked at this again and bought a used VW 99 relay, plugged it in and it works! So I'm happy although I still wonder why the first two new relays didn't. Then I saw this thread in the Tech archive (how do you guys do those fancy links to other threads) and I moved my AMR2341 relay to the rear wiper. I followed the instructions in there from @nickwilliams and made the little loom to a suitable relay base. I replaced the resistor and got a 16s intermittent delay which is great. Thanks Nick for a great write-up. Finally, I replaced the wiper motor drive cable and the two wheel boxes and got a new pair of blades and all's good. I realised that the wheel boxes don't need to be replaced as long as you mark the spindle before pulling out the cable drive, as only a few teeth are in contact and they just need turning through 180. In fact I'm sure i've read about that too somewhere on here.
  5. I believe they are 'ice and fire' style. Here's one, it's had a couple of costs of paint on it but still looks good. Upload is direct from phone so I hope it's not too big.
  6. I have long ones on my 110CSW. Don't know the brand but they have rubber inserts all along and don't seem too sloppy. They make getting in / out very easy even for my 90 yr old Dad and 91 yr old Dad-in-Law 😄
  7. Glad someone asked, as all I did was wonder but didn't try to find out.
  8. I'm not a buyer of new cars but I believe that almost all colours are now extra cost selections.
  9. Are you sure? My MOT centre says that UJs are not part of the test.
  10. I cut a pipe long enough to just clear the ceiling and only just managed to not break the 1/2" bar. As i said, I think that the pipe acted in part, down near the joint and so prevented some of the twist. Still it was a fingers out of the way moment as I pulled it down towards the nearside wing.
  11. Dog inside tripping ultrasonic sensor (if you have one) Otherwise could be a dodgy door courtesy light switch perhaps or bonnet closed switch.
  12. I've just had both mine off to try to get the grease to flow. It's still been quite a job to get it into each bearing. I'd almost given up with one uj and took it off to swap for the spare but it disassembled easily so without the caps I pushed fresh grease though and than put it back together to finish off. I think the lesson for me is grease more often and thereby don't let it congeal.
  13. A live from lights shorting onto the fuel solenoid at the injection pump perhaps? How do you start it? Need the lights on then too?
  14. Don't know if it was the Shredded Wheat this morning but I thought I'd try to use this method even though I don't have a second pair of hands available. I pulled the engine round to a compression position and managed to hold a screwdriver into a tooth, wedging it on the compression by reaching up and pulling it round a tad with a rachet. Then marked the bolt head and pulled it by 45 deg on a 50cm 1/2" bar which started to bend near the knuckle. After that I put a piece of pipe over it and just managed to get to to 90 without the bar snapping. I think that as the pipe touched the bar at the joint it maybe took some of the turning force. Anyway it is now at 90. Thanks to everyone for helpful suggestions and guidance! Hi Monkie - thanks for your post too. Yes that's all I was thinking about! Hopefully anyone reading this in the future will get a prompt that they have to think about the task at the end!