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  1. Repairing Birmabright panels

    I tried those sticks and had reasonable success on a vertical panel. The trouble wasn’t getting a good pool of molten metal or adding the stick to it, it was coping with gravity pulling the liquid downhill and away from the repair point. I think a YouTube video demonstrates repair on a drinks can but it’s horizontal.
  2. Tablet Power

    The one I use like that describe did state in the instructions that you can’t draw off the 2.1A and 1A simultaneously. I’ve used it for either iPad or iPhones without issue and I don’t know the maker but it was ~£12 IIRC so on the cheap side I’d say.
  3. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    The book is a great read but it sounds as though he had a very hard time in the early days there. I'm sure you ride a rollercoaster too farming there and that's without transfer box problems on your Land Rover. Very glad to hear that it's almost ready to run again.
  4. Show me your Camping setups

    Ha! At least you've all nicely reversed up to the campsite pitch markers
  5. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Hmmm, intriguing
  6. Show me your Camping setups

    I can recommend the range of boxes from "Really Useful Boxes". They are available in many sizes and from several places. Why are they good? Well first they are fully sealed which helps a lot in dusty conditions. Secondly the lids clamp down hard onto the base; very secure. Third they stack (if you choice the correct footprints). Lastly the lid still fits with the box full to the brim. This doesn't happen with a lot of other boxes and it's so annoying to fill it and then not be able to secure the lid!
  7. Show me your Camping setups

    Last year we added a solar panel and mounted it for the Summer only on two of the roof bars you see. The box was also added to carry the chairs, table and wet weather gear and that makes stopping and sleeping in the vehicle a much easier job. We used the advice from @FridgeFreezer and opted for a Waeco compressor fridge to reduce the load on the electrics. The panel is 100W and is fed into our two batteries through a Ctek D250S which handles the panel and the two batteries. That setup is great. We ditched the 240VAC hookups and now go anywhere. We relied solely on the panel for several days at a time in Ireland where the weather was decidedly inclement.
  8. Show me your Camping setups

    We spent years camping out of the back of an estate car. By that I mean with a tent but all the stuff in boxes to make things simpler. We have done the same out of rental cars abroad by taking a minimum of stuff on a plane such as a small Khyam "umbrella" tent and stove and then buying a few essentials. I bought a 110 CSW so that we could explore without getting stuck or damaging the cars. We found ourselves turning off the tarmac and wandering on loose surfaces which isn't always a good idea especially in a rental car. Our set up is that we camp on the ground or we sleep in the vehicle. We have thought long and hard about roof tents and seen many many people with them, especially in Australia. For us they are not what we want as we usually pitch for at least two nights and often up to a week and driving away leaving a tent on the ground works for us. We also like to sit in the tent, especially if it's raining, although our trip to Ireland last year wasn't as warm or dry as in other climes! This is Greece: Anyway, we have the CSW and remove the seats for the trip or sometimes don't refit after. We made a sleeping platform that doesn't need any fixing to the vehicle and is fitted in about five minutes. We sleep on the platform with self inflating mattresses and the fridge and food / clothes boxes are all under the platform. We also throw in two proper chairs and a table which sit on the platform when we are travelling.
  9. Goblin Works Garage

    I had a beard in my twenties and honestly I would never make it through a security check with it nowadays. Looking back all those years I have no idea why I though I looked good with it.
  10. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Fancy starting a thread? It would make interesting reading I would have thought. Maybe like the book "Driving over lemons" by Chris Stewart
  11. Electrical problems 300 tdi 1995 vehicle

    Check that you have re-connected the fuel cut-off solenoid. This is located on the fuel injection pump and is a single wire connected to an ignition controlled supply (white wire I think) off the ignition switch. Edit: I should add that if your vehicle has an alarm / immobiliser then it's a little more complex and the solenoid isn't fed directly but from the immobiliser system. You could eliminate this to test by temporarily wiring direct to it.
  12. Digital level / inclinometer Recommendations

    Does that degree of accuracy (or is it precision?!) rule-out a phone app?
  13. Series III reverse gear problem

    I had this very problem on my S3. I knew it was jumping out of reverse so when I re-built the gearbox I changed the reverse idler gear. On re-fitting and once the vehicle was on the road it jumped out again. This was under just slight load like reversing up an incline. I eventually realised that it was the reverse selector that was warn. In my inexperience I hadn't noticed the shiny semi-circular wear on the selector. The wear thinned the metal by a couple of mm and that was enough to not push the idler gear back far enough into mesh. A new selector (and an easy job to do), fixed the problem although I don't know why the original had warn down.
  14. Hard Top Rear Load Mat

    I have the usual carpet in the back of my SW but like you I have boxes to slide in and out from under the sleeping platform when on a trip. I bought a roll end of lino for £5 and and it just sits there on top of the carpet. It's so handy that it is now a permanent feature.
  15. Some years ago when I had trouble bleeding my S3 the local garage told me that its very hard to remove the air in the cylinders and that some gets trapped behind the piston and it won't move up and out of the bleed nipple. So you can pump the pedal as much as you want and pass fluid through but the airlock remains. The solution was that with each drum off in turn, one person lets the pistons move right out of the ends of the cylinders, at least just a crack so that fluid and the air can be pushed past (and caught) and then the pistons pushed back in, forcing the "spare" fluid back and out of the nipple. I don't know if that is understandable but what I'm trying to explain did work for me. I think the point is that the airlock isn't directly in the fluid path that is opened up when the bleed nipple is opened.