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  1. I know this is about resultant EGTs but how have you achieved 1.2Bar of boost? Have you put one of those valves in the pipe to the wastegate actuator?
  2. Peaklander

    Etch primer on galvanized?

    I’m pretty sure that the Mordant T is the etch. It certainly seems to prep the surface. I then used Buzzweld Chassis In One strainght on in two coats. I don’t think you need another etch.
  3. Peaklander

    High SWR reading on CB

    That’s the problem. There should be continuity between the centre of that plug and any / all of the metal of the whip.
  4. Peaklander

    Could this work?

    It may now be shut too tight and there’s too much pressure on the lock to be able to release it. Try pushing the door even more closed and at the same time (someone else) tries the lock.
  5. Peaklander

    Corsica 2

    There are ferries from Nice, that's our plan. I think it's <4hrs. Yes @Arjan that's something we will have to watch but hopefully May won't be too busy.
  6. Peaklander

    Corsica 2

    Great pics and recommendation! We are on the way there next Spring. Thinking about hopping to Sardinia and maybe (although we may not have time) continue to Sicily and back through Italy. From what we’ve seen though, there’s no reason to rush and we could just stay there and then come back 😁
  7. Peaklander

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Whilst this thread is still discussing "why don't they build one like in the olden days", can anyone tell me, prior to the sale of RG to BMW (in 1994?), when did RG make money across their business?
  8. Peaklander

    Vent repair

    I put aftermarket seals on mine four years ago. I stuck them onto the bulkhead rather than the vents. They are totally watertight and I’m happy with them. I couldn’t manage without the vents. As soon as it gets hot they are very good at maintaining reasonable cabin conditions as long as you are moving, even with outside temps in the mid to high 30s. If course by then the windows are also open and the noise is deafening but other than that it’s great.
  9. Peaklander

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    At this stage they don’t drive prototypes, they drive test build or very early pre production vehicles. The next will be press cars.
  10. Peaklander

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    I was recently quoted over £200 for the rear section of a 110 and they already had the pattern/jigs.
  11. Peaklander

    Garage lighting

    Agree with painting everything white - the walls, trusses, roof panels and the floor. It makes a huge difference. We did this in a factory unit of about 8,000m2 and when it was done, with new lights too, nearly all the operators came to work wearing sunglasses. It was quite a laugh.
  12. Peaklander

    Engine Oil leak(s) - where to start (300tdi)

    Yes ok I see what you mean. That's what the one I've fitted looks like. 😀 Here's my leaky gasket and the new Elring one.
  13. Peaklander

    Engine Oil leak(s) - where to start (300tdi)

    Is there a new manifold gasket design? I have just replaced mine but it came as one piece not separate inlet and exhaust.
  14. Peaklander

    Quick question. CSW B-pillar wire routing.

    The wire goes in at the top, between pillar top and roof where there is a foam seal. It then drops down within the pillar itself and the door switch pokes into that space lower down. So to make the connection you have to hook the spade at the end of the wire and pull it out to be able to push it onto the switch contact which is then pushed back into the pillar and the switch is fixed with a self tapper which is the connection to ground (0 volts).
  15. Peaklander

    Quick question. CSW B-pillar wire routing.

    I don’t have central locking but I do have door switches and the harness is plugged into the front where it leaves the top of the A pillar at the rh side and is simply taped to the roof and the single core drops down the respective B pillar to the switches. The headlining hides the lack of finesse.

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