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  1. TD5 Cooling

    I'm just thinking aloud here... is the cooling circuit supposed to have a breather? If so, then it is blocked and it isn't admitting air as things cool but if it is then presumably the hose can't handle the change in pressure (reduction) as things cool down (Pressure X Volume / Temperature) has to be equal. Sorry I don't know the answer to my own question but on a 300TDi is presume it is sealed as there's no conventional radiator cap (that would allow air).
  2. What tool for setting the Swivels

    You'll need a selection of shims to be able to get to the correct combo.
  3. What tool for setting the Swivels

    I bought a little spring scale on eBay. They are just a few £. If you do buy one just make sure that you pick one with a small range. Don't get a 50Kg span as then you definitely can't pull and hold whilst trying to tighten. Went I first did mine, I had no idea how sensitive the steering would be to this setting but I think as Bowie says, it's probably not that much!
  4. Alternator issues

    Well it might be a faulty alternator but you can check around a few other things first. Check that you don't have a slipping drive belt to the alternator (tension etc). Then electrically you can check the security of the connections on the back of the alternator and following the cables back to starter and/or battery. You are looking for good electrical contact so clean, bright and tight.
  5. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Ok yes that makes sense. It was worth a mention IMHO ☺️ If I were you and I'd had that offer from Dave Ashcroft I would simply pickup the phone. You can describe exactly what you've got, what you can see and I'm sure he will know what's happened and have a solution.
  6. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I think that the shaft might have worn away, not the casing. Have a look at these two pics. One is a new shaft I've snipped off a website and the other is yours.
  7. Chassis purchase

    The supply at Devon4x4 is also from Britpart. However they are manufactured by Richards although that is a recent change. i asked them to confirm their advertised price for Marsland and they changed the price and the supplier but confirmed they buy through Britpart.
  8. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I'd call Ashcroft now. It's a great offer of help. Don't despair. It'll become clear, whatever's going on.
  9. Faulty Stat?

    Glad it has resolved itself. Check the coolant level now the air is out. It may need a bit more in. I'm sorry to have talked 300 TDi. I have a one track mind.
  10. Faulty Stat?

    You might have an air lock. Refill first through the two filler plugs. One is on the radiator, start with this and then through the other on the thermostat housing. Only then top up in expansion bottle.
  11. Chassis purchase

    You're obviously happy with what you saw at Shielder's stand at the show. Are there any differences in construction between theirs and the Richards or Marsland chassis?
  12. Chassis purchase

    It turns out that they aren't supplying Marsland's. They source from Britpart and that supply originate from Richards. Also the price has changed. 😱
  13. Puma lack of power

    Tanuki that's a great help, thanks. He'd said that he had seen the local garage remove a clip and check movement of something - and he had done the same later too. I thought it would be some mechanical actuator hence the wastegate reference. So we are talking about a vnt - I can at least read-up on that for interest. I'll go and see him and explain your advice.
  14. Puma lack of power

    Hi all A mate has a 61 plate 2.4 Puma swb and tootles about in it pulling a small trailer. Recently though he needed to tow a heavy load. This was a double axle trailer with very long steel and ali poles. Now he says it was heavy but I don't think it was a heavy as more typical loads such as @reb78 towing his Disco or @Arjan towing massive roof parts! On a very long drive he was unable to reach any sort of cruising speed on the motorway. I think 30mph was the maximum. When he told me I was only able to say that it must be some sort of turbo boost issue that might have been there for the twelve months he's has the vehicle, only becoming apparent with a proper load to pull. I called in at a local garage and the disconnected the waste-gate and checked it operates. It was stiff but I can't find out if it was stuck open or not. For some reason he is hesitating taking it to a dealer but I don't know anything about these engines. Can I ask a few questions? 1. Do diagnostics reveal the cause of issues like this? 2. Is turbo boost pressure controlled by an ecu and therefore is the waste-gate also control-led by electronics? 3. Is the FIP also ecu controlled rather than receiving a boost signal from air pressure as on my 300TDi. 4. Would a boost gauge show really what's happening and if so what sort of input would one use? Presumably there's still a boost pressure that can be tapped into? Thanks guys for any help and yes, I think he should probably take it to a LR specialist.
  15. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    ^^^^ Brilliant!