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  1. Hi all , not posted a lot recently as the interest has gone to be honest got fed up with being stuck under a defender every weekend , whether it's rebuilding one or repairing the other so decided a change was needed as I love driving and owning my defender and I don't want to get rid of them totally . So meet the new daily driver , body works a bit tatty but nothing that can't be sorted but engine runs sweet as a nut and at £600 I thought it was a bargain and it has enough mod cons to keep getting to and from work quick and pleasurable , had 90 out of it the other day but don't tell the old bill . So i'll be finishing off the 90 then selling it , the stepson's buying it back at a bargain price and @monkie is collecting the 200tdi engine out of the 110 , which means the M57 conversion can begin on the 110 when the 90's finished but I'll get a well earned break from Land Rovers in the mean time and start the 110 when I feel like it and it can be done at a leisurely pace , meaning I can bog off fishing when I want to . cheers Ian
  2. Sorry for not answering sooner but I've been taking a break , I've got a bit fed up with being under the truck all the time so I've took a step back and took stock and made a few decisions . I will be finishing this soon and it will go up for sale , someone in the family wants it so hopefully I will be able to use it if not then someone else , I'll be keeping the 110 and doing the BMW M57 engine conversion but at a leisurely pace and I'm buying a small van to use for work , I can't be doing with working on to trucks all the time it's getting to the point where it's not enjoyable anymore . So bare with me it will be finished shortly as I've only the wiring left to do . cheers Ian
  3. I’ve never had a problem, or it happen on the 200tdi .
  4. I’ve got these of eBay , https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291110420183 he’s a pic fitted , I have found that you have to bend the tangs in our out sometimes and you have to fit them a certain way .
  5. Did you ever buy a puller Ross? I had a cheap no name one off eBay and when try to remove a steering box drop arm one of the legs snapped and shot across the workshop, good job the dog was over the other side otherwise it would have hurt him or me . The ones I looked at getting where these , https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352309793313 due to the feet on the legs being thin and easy to get behind things .
  6. FRC4499 I think is what you're after , I bought the ones I got from Britcar I think . As for changing them in situ I've never tried but may be fiddly .
  7. Think I can just cut it , so here’s what I’ve got , from light switch at the stalk , blue wire goes to relay , the blue wire the goes to the indicator stalk and there’s the blue/white for the main beam and flash , the blue/white has three off shoots two to the fuses 13 & 14 and one to the warning light . the blue has two off shoots one to the rear fog light , obviously so it only works when the lights are on and other goes to the dim dip relay then from the relay to the head light fuses sorted , I think the blue/red wire from the indicator stalk is just the trigger wire for the dim dip relay, I think 🤔.
  8. I’ll have to look in the morning, what exactly did the dim do ?
  9. My wiring colours are different to that Ralph , mine are as the 200tdi as in white instead of white/green . But it is an early 300tdi there wasn’t an under seat fuse box but there was a 4 fuse one in the engine bay , I’ll take some pics in the morning but the blue/white and the blue from the column switch and the relay both have two off shoots to the fuses for the lights I think .
  10. Well bit of a problem there as that’s the only bit of the dim dip circuit left all the other bits are totally gone .
  11. Hi all , I’ve upgraded the headlight wiring on the project as in the tech archive and totally removed the dim dip circuit, and I’m left with a blue/red wire out of the indicator stalk . Do I need to connect this to anything or cut it off?
  12. So this LITTLE project is coming to an end got a few pics from the last 2 days and i'll post some up when fully together and it's finished . I'll post up after a while on how I get along with it if anyone's interested , so here's the pics before the last , I took the parts out and put sound proofing on them so shouldn't get to many vibrations . cheers Ian
  13. It’s okay sorted it it’s m10 , oops.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣been a long couple of days .
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