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  1. ianmayco68

    Early defender 110 second row seats

    Try mrc4655 for the single one and mxc7264 for the double , Britcar have them about £30 they look like what your after .
  2. ianmayco68

    Intercoolers and other bits

    I don’t think they would western as you need to measure the temperature from inside the intercooler inlet and outlet pipes, you’d need a couple of 3m thermo couples and a machine to read them like I got there’s a photo on the previous page cost about £30 all in . I’m on the iPad so can’t post links off the eBay app but if you search K type thermocouple they’ll pop up .
  3. ianmayco68

    Intercoolers and other bits

    I can't help there as I have an oversized rad fitted , but we have got the figure's Daan got from his 300tdi in his Series , I believe that was a standard set up if my memory serves me right .
  4. ianmayco68

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Yes the viscous fan and shroud are fitted , also the 110 is a 200tdi Defender engine don’t know whether the turbo being high up close to the bonnet would make it run a little hotter as the air might not run as fast up there and cool the turbo as much . But I was quite impressed with how low and constant it kept the temperature, it will be interesting to see what it behaves like on the 20 minute run home down the A50 . Also could the better cooling be because it’s a front mounted intercooler?
  5. ianmayco68

    Intercoolers and other bits

    At the inlet and outlet pipes on the intercooler. It will be interesting to put them side by side with the results Daan got and see what the difference is . So I think I’ll do the same tests as he did just to see .
  6. ianmayco68

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Hi all , sorry it's took so long to put some figures to this but sadly my father-in-law past away and my mind hasn't quite been on it but got some enthusiasm back last week so gave the 110 a service today and fitted the thermo-couples . So took here for a short drive , but just to recap she's got an Allisport front mounted intercooler , an uprated chra in the turbo and a pump tweak , so once up to temp I took a few readings as such there not to accurate as I was on my own and trying to watch multiple things is quite hard when your on country lanes . at idle in 29c out 17c doing 40 in about 60c out 20c accelerating hard up to 60 in at peak 97c out 22c these figures are very rough . I'm on afternoons next week so I'll get some more accurate readings , but the one thing that I did notice is that the in temp rose as high as 100c at one point but once the engine was up to temp the air going into the engine was never above 22c , it seemed to stay from 16c to 22c . I'll also take her for a spin down the A50 on the way home one night see how that affects the temps .
  7. ianmayco68

    New heater in the 110

    What’s the timer like DC ? Does it do 7 days ? I’m looking for 2 , 1 for the 90 and 1 for the 110 but it worries me some of that Chinese stuff is lethal.
  8. ianmayco68

    Forum Get Together

    I’m up for it, depending on the dates.
  9. ianmayco68

    Thermostats that last??

    Shop4autoparts sell wax stat ones , brought a few myself .
  10. Hi all , converting a Defender 300tdi to an automatic and I’m after the part number for the bolts that attach the flywheel to the crank . cheers Ian
  11. ianmayco68

    Cylinder head

    Cheers all , looked quickly earlier but missed them found them know will check tomorrow. cheers Ian
  12. ianmayco68

    Cylinder head

    Hi all , just starting on the engine rebuild for the project , and was cleaning up the valves and noticed there’s a slight amount of play between the valves and guides , just enough to notice it . Is this normal or should they be a snug fit ? If they need replacing is it a job you can do yourself ? Cheers Ian
  13. ianmayco68

    300tdi radiator

    I’ve emailed the seller so we’ll see what response I get , but they also sell a standard one , radiator , intercooler in the frame only difference I can see is the rad in.the standard kit has an Ali core going off the photos. So perhaps that’s the difference standard Ali core , military spec brass/copper like the original ones .
  14. ianmayco68

    Dremel or similar

    Got both of them off eBay, did look up Ferm found their website made in Holland I think . Will let you know how the parkside performs soon as I’m fetching the engine bits back tomorrow so should be on that job pretty soon , it’s a 500w job .
  15. ianmayco68

    Dremel or similar

    Well after hearing all the advice I decided to buy both, neither very expensive I’d have loved to buy a blue Bosch die grinder but £300 is better spent elsewhere at the minute . So got this Ferm multi tool for £30 and a Parkside die grinder for £40 should get the job done .

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