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  1. ianmayco68

    After spraying your project

    Thank you , hope I can do it justice . Cheers Eightpot, I’d read about getting shadows and not looking the same in a diy guide I found , so the plan was I’ve got a good sized table and room to hang doors and the like from a beam if need be , so I was going to lay the parts out and stand at the bottom of each panel (as it is on the truck) and spray right to left . Cheers Scott, I’m hoping to get a good finish that hopefully only needs polishing, the epoxy primer I’ve used seems good stuff never heard of it before , you can get a real smooth finish with a bit of wet and dry .
  2. ianmayco68

    After spraying your project

    Cheers both , I think where I’ve got confused in looking for a compound specifically for buffing. Polyester Eightpot , it’s a 3 stage paint basecoat, pearl then lacquer, trucks totally stripped will spray each part then buff the seen surface . Would you advise a wet sanding with 2000 grit paper 1st ? Cheers Ian
  3. Hi all , as some will know I have just started spraying my project , I’m spraying it Rioja red pearl which is a polyester paint . So what’s best to use to buff the paint out after putting the clear coat on ? I’ve watched a few videos but most are American and probably years old but they don’t actually name the compounds they use and I haven’t got a clue were to start , I’ve found a sealey variable speed buffer on eBay and I know I need the waffle pads for polishing, so what compounds have people used to buff and then polish the new paint out ? Any links to products or companies that sell what I need would be much appreciated , as I want her to look good when it’s done . cheers Ian
  4. ianmayco68

    Steering column to bulkhead brace - needed?

    Looks fine Pete .
  5. ianmayco68

    Thin spongy foam on many body panels

    It’s MRC8626 sealing strip , think most places sell it .
  6. ianmayco68

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    Have used the Buzzweld galv chassis kit on mine , goes on nice and looks good Have just put some photo's up in my build thread .
  7. ianmayco68

    R380 oil

    I’ve got a stumpy r380 fitted and from new I’ve always used MTF94, but what I did find was I put Granville MTF in to start with and the gear changes were rough , changed to genuine Land Rover MTF and the gear changes are a lot smoother and she’s a lot nicer to drive .
  8. ianmayco68

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    That’s a very good idea .
  9. ianmayco68

    Very clever Defender camper....really special!

    That’s well smart, there’s a lot of thought gone into that .
  10. ianmayco68

    Td5 fuel tank

    Cheers Scott , that’s good to know , just saved me £50 .
  11. ianmayco68

    Td5 fuel tank

    Cheers cackshifter , I brought an oem one so have modified it . Copied someone on here that welded some angle onto the guard then I’ll weld some nuts onto the inside of the rear cross member so you can bolt it from underneath . The side brackets I got off gdi products on eBay they’re like the originals but going to weld nuts on the inside then drill the guard out so again you can bolt it from underneath. Will upload the photos later on of what I’ve done into my build thread .
  12. ianmayco68

    Td5 fuel tank

    Cheers Scott , that’s were I must have read it , got the measurements now . The problem I’ve got is mine’s a 300tdi cross member so it hasn’t got the access holes in it so you can tighten the nuts up on the guard that go through it . Have found a thread off here were someone has done this and he welded to bits of angle iron onto the guard so it bolts on through the bottom of the rear cross member, which should make life easier. Does anyone know were you can buy the fuel line fittings that go on to the tank sender unit from ? Or is it a case of buying some fuel lines and cutting them off , which is what I’ve read someone on here did.
  13. ianmayco68

    Sunroof removal for paining

    Good idea , found some on eBay Hodgesons non-setting sealant will get some ordered .
  14. ianmayco68

    Td5 fuel tank

    Hi all , I’ve modded my 300tdi 90 project and fitted a td5 fuel tank but having read a few threads I’ve noticed that the tank guard causes a lot of problems at later dates when removing, so have any of you modded the guard so it’s easier to remove and refit ? And also I’ve read somewhere about cutting an inspection hatch in the tub floor so you can remove and refit the fuel tank sender with out removing the tank but for the life of me I can’t find were I’ve read it , so would any one have some measurements of where the hole should be cut in the tub floor ? Any help much appreciated Ian
  15. ianmayco68

    Sunroof removal for paining

    Think mines been there since it was first built but mines got the lift up handle , will remove it for paining hope fully it will reseal okay when refitted .

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