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  1. Pillar drill old or new?

    I’ve got a Clarke floor standing one had it about 5 years and it’s a good piece of kit for home workshop use it’s all you need can find the model number for you if you want but won’t be till tomorrow as I’m at work now .
  2. what residue is this

    It was the stepsons truck before I acquired it and it never leaked coolant and he had it for 3 years , never checked it neither by the look of it as there didn’t look like there was much coolant in it when I drained it . I would have thought that egg would go hard when the water got hot , this was a paste and even though the engine hasn’t been run for a year it was still a soft paste looked like icing before you put it on your cake . cheers Ian
  3. what residue is this

    Cheers Mike , suppose I’ll find out when it goes for testing .
  4. what residue is this

    Hi all , started stripping the engine down in my 300tdi rebuild and when I removed the head I found this residue in the water galleries and next to the valves what is it ? It has stood for 12 months , but it was quite worrying how blocked the openings were . I will say it wasn't my truck I acquired it to rebuild it was also very black in the block looks like the oil wasn't changed to often Also any one know the best way to clean all the galleries out ? Or would it be better taking it to a rebuilders and getting them to flush it out ? The head will go and be pressure tested and skimmed but I'll rebuild the engine myself ? cheers Ian
  5. propshaft

    Yes James thank you , been on a run to my mom & dads today 1hr each way and it was all good . Cheers Ian
  6. propshaft

    Cheers both , have fitted James one , there was slight play in one of the yokes the hole was worn so it's scrap on the one I removed but was just curious what it was off .
  7. propshaft

    Hi all , finally changed my prop today ( should have done it earlier really ) for the one that James very kindly gave me on my 110 200tdi but they aren't the same . This is the one I took off and this is the one that James gave me off his project which was a 200tdi I believe and side by side the one I removed is a larger diameter tube , but both fit . I am presuming that the one James gave me is the correct one for a 200tdi 110 , so what vehicle is the one I've removed from my 110 for ? Or is that the correct one and the other is wrong . any Help but be appreciated . cheers Ian
  8. Helicoils

    Didn't know if they did aluminium ones , it was how it came out that made me think it was a helicoil as it was theaded on the outside as well . Sorry forgot to say it's a 200tdi 110 the problem is its a long bolt and it goes up into the ladder frame , I think it goes up into the block .
  9. Helicoils

    Hi all , I was resealing the sump this morning when the bolt in the middle at the front wouldn’t tighten up so I took it out , once out there was thread on the end of the bolt which I am assuming was a helicoil as it appeared to be threaded on the out side . It was badly corroded, is it normal for these to corrode like that ? And can you just fit a new one ? I’m hoping you can or it means stripping the engine apart to fit one if it starts leaking , which with my look it’s bound to . cheers Ian
  10. Roof Rack fabrication project

    I've tacked all the roof bars up today and did a test fit of one on the roof and it seemed very stable so they should be ok , can't make up my mind whether I need to put rubber "U" strip along the bottom of the feet , what does everyone think ?
  11. insurance

    Mine's over £300 with Adrian Flux , I've got a 200tdi 110 . I think you got a bargain I wouldn't complain they might put it up .
  12. Roof Rack fabrication project

    That looks neat Ed , never thought of doing it that way , can see what you mean about the brownchurch ones. So do you think the way I am planning to do it will work or do I need a re think?
  13. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Will explain how they're clamping on in a bit so , cut the blocks off for the end of the roof bars drilled and tapped them all , then clamped them to the roof rack and drilled the holes in there then bolted them to the roof rack and tacked the rails to them and welded them up So the plan is to weld the feet , below to the rails above making them into roof bars , rubber channel will be glued to the feet with a small plate for the rack to rest on then bolted to the rails . You will see this later , it's so I can fit and remove the roof rack by myself . Then the feet will bolt to the gutter like this same as a conventional roof rack really , will be welding them up tomorrow . cheers Ian
  14. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Well have put off finishing this due to needing to weld and how hot it's been and other bits I've needed to do , when I've been welding all week the last thing I want to do is weld at the weekend when it's nice , but today I bit the bullet as I want it finished and fitted so I can carry on with the project . So today I marked all the clamp plates out drilled the holes then made them into slots with the plasma cutter I cleaned all the holes up with a rotary file in the drill then drilled the holes in the feet , then test fitted the bolts and plates on the truck and all was fine . then cut some bolts down to size and welded them in Tomorrow I will get the cross bars done that will be welded to the feet , hopefully it won't be to hot .
  15. Does bolt RYG101010L need washers?

    Mines a 1993 200tdi and I’ve got the split washers fitted with them bolts , and I’ve just looked in my Land Rover parts book and they’re listed in there with them bolts and the split washers . Cheers Ian

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