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  1. ianmayco68

    Fitting a servo to assist Clutch - help please

    I’ve got a red booster kit , it’s expensive but I think it’s good . The pedal is very light but I had a return spring in with my kit ( I’ve got a 200tdi 110 ) which I will fit to see if it makes it any better , makes the clutch feel like a modern car . But that was my 1st project, so knowing what I know now and that the info is out there to do it diy , and it will work , I’d probably look into that before a red booster again .
  2. ianmayco68

    Vac pump cam wear 300Tdi

    Does everyone think that going to an electric vacuum pump is a good idea? The reason I’m asking is I’ll be rebuilding the 300tdi engine on my project soon so I will be refurbish or replacing the one that was on there anyway. cheers Ian
  3. ianmayco68

    Garage lighting

    Are those IAE horse stalls you’ve got there Richard?
  4. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Yes I saw it some time ago , someone was asking about it in another thread looks really neat .
  5. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Cheers lo-fi , your help would be much appreciated if I go that way , was looking at something along these lines https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-1-300-TDI-V8-1994-98-HEATER-FAN-BLOWER-BLEND-MOTOR-RELAYS/232918442861?hash=item363b05636d:g:LxAAAOSwDjFbkVjO cheers Ian
  6. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Cheers all , you’ll have to be gentle with me when it comes to electronics I don’t have a clue , but I’m always willing to learn . Found these two on eBay, one of each https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5V-4-Phase-Geared-Stepper-Motor-with-ULN2003A-Driver-Board-28BYJ-48-Arduino/121433812858?epid=1851855138&hash=item1c4604ef7a:g:HNUAAOSwf2pbmlUA and this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Servos-Digital-MG996-Servo-Metal-Gear-for-Futaba-JR-Car-RC-For-Arduino-UNO-diy/273467991565?hash=item3fabf6660d:m:ml1B9N1eON9tXcNh_y4EfgA Do you just buy a Arduino board like the one for the stepper motor wire it up and away you go ? I was thinking of using a motor off a modern cars heater box, like on the Range Rover , blend motors are they called ? Would like to update the heater matrix if possible.
  7. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Sorry Dave thought I'd replied to you , that looks good and thanks for the link . Well got the spraying done and were I wanted it to be with the exception of the bulkhead which I thought was best to leave till I'd done the dash and other mods . So took the disco wiper mechanism apart today and tried it on the bulkhead , the spacing between the wheel arms is 75mm more on the disco set up and after a bit of putting it in place and having a good look , it's not going to work how I wanted it to , so going to have to mount the motor near to where it is originally and use longer operating rods , can't really do any more until the Defender wheel boxes that Ross kindly donated to the project arrive , and thank you to all the other offers from everyone else for them . Here's a few pics of what I've got , Also stripped the heater box down , anyone that's not seen inside one took a few pics for you . If you notice the 2 flaps they should have foam on them to help seal them when open or closed which helps get the heat into the cabin and can be the cause of a poor heater , found quite a bit of debris in there old foam , sealing strip mud and other stuff . Do you think you could use a small motor to move the flaps ? just thought it might be easier than adjusting the fiddly cables , so project dash starts . I'm doing the heater and wiper mods 1st then the dash as the dash can fit around them , so any thoughts or ideas post them up and I will take measurements of all the dash pieces when I make them incase any one else fancies a go at it . cheers Ian
  8. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    Thanks all the help is much appreciated , cheers James it’s a 300 bulkhead so the older ones it is although I do know a man with a lathe so if I take one apart and can come up with something better I might get him to knock it up , which is another option .Cheers Ross have you got any swivel retaining plates for a 200 tdi in stock as I’d like a set , if so you could pop the wheel boxes in with them and I’ll paypal you the money ? Cheers Pete will let you know .
  9. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    I think they’re both the same only difference is on the later type the wiper arm has a nut to hold it on , could I have them please Pete , I want to cut them up to see how best to do it for welding them to the disco arms . Practice on them then buy some new ones . Cheers Ian
  10. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    Cheers Ed .
  11. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    Cheers Ed , Sounds a bit like everybody’s shed that owns a Land Rover . This bit if possible Ed I need to cut it apart as a test one , I need the spindle and the bit that goes through the bulkhead as I need to weld it to the disco operating rods . If you could find one it would be much appreciated as they’re minimum £15 each so would rather cut a knackered one up before letting myself loose on a good one. cheers Ian
  12. ianmayco68

    wiper wheel box

    Hi all , bit of a strange one , some of you might have seen my dash project post in the fabrication section in which for part of it I'm modding the wipers using a disco 1 set up . So has any of you kind gentlemen got an old knackered defender wheel box lying around they don't want that I can cut up to see how they go together before I shell out mega money on a new set to do the job , I'll pay the postage , also which would be better the newer td5 style with the nut or the older style ? cheers Ian
  13. ianmayco68


    Yes looking forward to the evening show , haven’t seen that before .
  14. ianmayco68

    300 TDi oil jet tubes

    Can’t help with this topic but on the block above the camshaft on each of the bearings there’s a hole which should have a rubber bung in it and I think there siliconed in but not sure on that one , make sure they’re there and not full of muck as mine were when I stripped my project , potentially water could get down there .
  15. ianmayco68

    Fastening an engine to an engine stand

    It should hold it but if it’s like my stand you’ll need to prop the front as I found out with my 200tdi , and there’s no way you’ll turn it unless you’ve got a big posh industrial job .

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