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  1. No to the pressure kit . System is stripped now. I’ve tried flushing through each part but it’s in a shed an no access to a hose . The heater runs hot and cold intermittently, but warm sometimes hot. Will check that as it’s out of the truck now .
  2. That’s the annoying thing Ralph if this is the problem , I’ve still got the old one as I replaced mine with an allisport one will have to fetch it off and have a close inspection .
  3. Found this post on piston heads https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=91&t=887324 exactly the same symptoms as me turns out it was a crack in the expansion tank , worth a check!
  4. I’ve taken it off and flushed it through with the hose pipe and it ran fine and no leaks , I’ve finished for the night now as it’s gone bloody cold 🥶 but keep any suggestions coming cheers Ian
  5. Thought that meant mount to rad hahahaha 😂 , was supposed to be a waxstad one . this way Looks like the heater matrix next then would pushing compressed air through it work ?
  6. Would a blocked heater matrix cause problems like this? Also noticed the thermostat has “ mo to rad “ on one leg so which way does it go ?
  7. All I can tell you is it was an Erling ERR5263g , have drained her and coolant is clear of anything else, water pump looks good and hoses look okay ( they’re all silicone jobbies) and no water in oil and filler cap clear . I’m at a total loss now . Oh and just ran a water through rad from a bottle and it’s clear and ran through fine .
  8. Head gasket is 6 months old and only oil in sump , been for a run this morning and only place it looks like coolant is escaping is from the coolant expansion cap . Think it’s a strip down job , it’s as though the coolant is being forced up into the expansion tank and only going back to the engine when the pressure gets high enough.
  9. Right no different, came back let it cool opened up rad half full so topped that up and after a read tried what I’d read in a post so rad full , expansion tank half way up run engine with expansion tank cap off to get rid of the air and the coolant got higher and higher in the expansion tank and ran over , so turned it off . I’m starting to think the new proflow water pump I fitted 6 months ago is knackered ! Thoughts everyone please ?
  10. Well it’s came this afternoon, drained coolant fitted new thermostat and the new bypass hose , the old one had lots of little splits in it where the jubilee clip had dug in to it so presume that’s what was causing the hissing , other thing I noticed is the expansion tank cap the disc in the top inside was solid and wouldn’t move where as the one on the project did so presumed the newer one on the project was good so swamped them over . Test run in the morning when I go to Halfords so I’ll report back then hopefully all’s good now .
  11. Cheers both , it’s a 200tdi Nick , a blockage is doubtful but possible as the silicone hoses were all new at rebuild and the head and block were cleaned at that time as well , I also ran it on waterless coolant up to 8 months ago . So I’ve ordered a new water pump bypass hose , as that was where I could hear a hissing from originally just in case it’s split and sucking air in under pressure , so will drain her fit that and a new thermostat as they’re cheap and see how she goes but I will check the hoses just in case . cheers Ian
  12. Update, just gone back to her , topped coolant up at Xmas was at finger level when finger put in through top then yesterday when I looked it was rite to the top , so when I looked just it was at normal and there’s not loads of coolant escaped there’s just little droplets here and there so could it have been air in system? Forgot to say I did have to tighten one hose by water pump as there was a hissing sound from it but no leaks so could air have been being sucked in .
  13. Hi all , trucks a 200tdi 110 and I’ve having problems with the heater blowing hot then suddenly cold then hot again randomly , I’m thinking it is the thermostat , but what do others think ? Things I’ve checked so far , no oil in coolant or vice versa water pump new 4 to 6 months ago , no coolant leaks engine gets up to temp pretty quickly the temperature gauge has started to drop suddenly which it didn’t do before I removed the sender wire Xmas so I’ve put that down to a bad connection as I might have upset the connection and the heater was doing the dropping cold thing before Xmas but temp gauge was fine . I’ve just done a 40 mins round trip to the tip , lifted the bonnet when I got back top hose hard and hot all other hoses hard and hot only thing I could see was coolant had come out of the top of the expansion tank and air was escaping and it looked like some had come out while driving no other hisses coming from the other hoses or could I have over filled the system slightly ? Any help , thoughts welcome cheers Ian
  14. sounds interesting 🤔 😁😁😁😁😁😁
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