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  1. water containers for camping

    Cheers all , yes Mike the square ones , saw them on eBay and thought they looked a good idea for when I go night fishing . But as all of you have said they split which ain’t good , yes Mo you’ve got to have your tea when your out camping will have a look for a couple of those . cheers Ian
  2. Hi all , has anyone tried those collapsible water containers ? I'm going to start carp fishing again and they would be ideal fill them and take them to your swim and then when they're empty fold them flat and pack them away in the bivvy after a few days out fishing . cheers Ian
  3. Defender 200Tdi Turbo Rebuild

    They do a standard one with uprated bearing and oil seal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Uprated-Hybrid-ST1-Turbo-CHRA-465171-465175-Land-Rover-Defender-Discovery-200tdi/321875737193?hash=item4af149fa69:g:eKIAAOSw9r1WBTKZ went for the one with the lighter compressor wheel as it was only a bit dearer .
  4. Indicators

    Did read that western but it didn't quite compute thought that as the hazards were working fine all the time the switch was okay , being up at 4.30 to go to work haddles the brain more as you get older , but reading it again if I'm correct the main supply for the indicators goes through the hazard switch to the indicator stalk to work the indicators , so if this part of the hazard switch isn't working correctly all the time this could cause my intermitant fault with the stalk not turning the indicators on . Phew .
  5. Indicators

    Will check the multiplug tomorrow the main looms new as well but that seemed fine when I last had the dash apart , they were brought about 2 years ago but have only had 12 months use so can't return them unfortunately .
  6. Defender 200Tdi Turbo Rebuild

    You could use some pointed nose pliers to remove the circlip , think that's what I used , and although still testing and I've not put my findings up yet as I've had a few problems and been tweeking the FIP I'd recommend the chra I used I definitely think it give's the engine a bit more pep about it . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Billet-Hybrid-Turbo-CHRA-465171-465175-Land-Rover-Defender-Discovery-200TDi/391547266881?hash=item5b2a092741:g:7LsAAOSw-kdXxruN
  7. Indicators

    I've done the TD5 clock and warning panel upgrade when the stalk works they flash okay , do you know if you can open the casing on the stalks up to see inside ?
  8. Indicators

    Hi all , this is on a 110 200tdi , right I know there's loads out there as they cause loads of grief have had a look and read some threads but none that I can find is specific to my problem . I think I know what the problem is but would like everyone's input to see if I'm heading in the rite direction before spending the cash. So , indicators work intermittently but hazards work fine all the time , if I'm driving along and indicate to turn left sometimes they work other times they won't work and sometimes there's a delay then they work and the same turning right , but it seems to happen more when turning left . Then they'll work fine for a while then they start playing up again , and still the hazards will work fine . I have got LED lights fitted with a RDX relay from bolt on bits the loom is new , hazard switch is new and so is the steering column stalks which were Lucas . I think the problem is the steering column stalks I replaced them all for new Lucas parts when I rebuilt here and I think the quality is #### , the fog light stalk went when at the MOT station , the head light one takes 3 pushes to get it to stay on and I think the indicator stalk is the cause of the problem with my flashers , what does everyone else think ? Is there a way to open the casing up on these switches to repair the insides ? And if this can't be done is there a better alternative out there to purchase if it is the stalk ? Any help gratefully received cheers Ian .
  9. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    Yep got 4 ready to go on Easter.
  10. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    It’s quite staggering the difference in the softness of the rubber, I don’t think you realise till you actually see it for yourself . It’s a shame the PU bush people don’t want to know but if Glencoynes sorted this supplier then we should be okay for a good while .
  11. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    The engine doesn’t vibrate to bad but the vibrations in the panels gets on my nerves sometimes which I think is caused by the mounts being too hard , the ones on at the moment are like bricks . And as they’ve now got a new supplier thought I’d ask the question as it seems to be a common problem. Ian
  12. defender 200tdi engine mounts

    Well my 4 new Glencoyne engine mounts arrived yesterday nd I have to say they are a hell of a lot softer than the bearmach ones I’ve got fitted don’t know whether you can see in the photo but you can actually bend the ribs . So I shall be fitting them Easter when I fit the rebuilt transfer box will post up what I think if anyone’s interested? cheers Ian
  13. Replaced entire braking system - 3 amigos remain!

    Thought you had to put wires from 2 of the terminals to 2 other terminals on the black connector that goes into the warning light panel to stop the abs light being illuminated all the time , or am I getting mixed up with something else ? You have to link terminals 6 & 10 and 9 & 13 on the small black connector (16 terminal plug) that goes into the warning panel says this is a work around for older vehicles without abs , wondered if you needed to do something similar as the abs as been removed , didn’t think I was going mad . Not that mad anyway.
  14. There’s a Koehler argocat engine on eBay for sale , it’s a non runner though in daventry it that’s any good . I know you live in France but didn’t know if you had any friends near there .
  15. Replaced entire braking system - 3 amigos remain!

    Just a thought but wouldn’t you need to do a work around with the warning lights for the ABS so they went out , like when you install the td5 instrument pack into an older defender . cheers Ian