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  1. 200tdi brake servo pipe

    Hi all , after the day from hell yesterday got the rod out the bell housing put the old slave cylinder back in and it seems great ,didn't have time to take it for a proper run in and out the shed and round the yard due to having other plans but it changes gear a lot better and found the gears easily , will take her for a proper run round the block tomorrow morning as I'm on afternoons this week , and I put it on the rite way up this time . cheers all Ian And I will be adding Ralph's clutch bleeding mod at a later date as I'm getting to old to run up and down the pit steps , I like the easy life me knees ached like bugger yesterday and today .
  2. Please some give me some good news

    I refitted the old slave cylinder Nick and all's well , the new one which was a TRW appeared to not have the spring behind piston so when the rod was pushed in it stayed there and the seal around the end was very , very tight going into the opening for it , had to wind it in using the bolts . Will take it apart next week and see what's up with it .
  3. Breakdown cover

    Lots of input there seems to be good and bad stories about everyone, perhaps it’s a case of who you get and which area your in . Might give Flux a call as there selling it to you knowing you have an old Land Rover so shouldn’t be any surprises. cheers Ian
  4. Please some give me some good news

    Well lucked changed today borrowed one of these magnet on the end got it out 1st go will definitely be purchasing one, but the got attacked by a huge bumblebee so come in for a cuppa .
  5. Please some give me some good news

    I'm on my second Have already took the props off and undone all the floor plates the new slave cylinder didn't feel rite when I put the actuator rod in and pushed it in , it stayed in were as the old one sprung back out . cheers Ian
  6. Hi all , I’ve had the day from hell, went to work before I even started at 6 I turned rough and walked straight into the wire feed unit and cut my head I thought the stars were out for a while then various other things went tits up and finally the last straw . I was sorting a clutch problem ( see another thread ) stripped it down old slave cylinder felt ok but thought no I’ll fit the new trw one , that’s when the problems started fitted the clip with the rod then the slave was very tight going in had to wind it in using the bolts and wiggle it about to get it in , tried bleeding the clutch the fluid started coming out of the drain hole in the bell housing took it apart and the rod has gone into the bell housing and I want to cry . So would I be able to get the gearbox back enough to let it drop out without taking the seat box out ? Please someone tell me I can not it’s a shower and some Guinness. cheers Ian
  7. 200 tdi 110 prop

    There’s a couple of genuine ftc3245 ones on eBay for reasonable money so will look at one of them . It’s a bit of a pain when you get conflicting info . cheers Ian
  8. 200 tdi 110 prop

    Saw the last one but everyone’s listing it as a 200tdi part as well, cheers western.
  9. 200 tdi 110 prop

    Hi all , what's the correct part number for the above prop because I've found 3 looking around with various statements saying this is the right one , it is a genuine 200tdi with Salisbury axle it had drums but I converted it to discs so do I need frc8391 ftc3245 or frc8389 and on to the next question are the Britpart one's listed as Hardy Spicer made any good as they're half the price as other's ? Or can someone got a link for a decent strong one ? Suspension is standard and it will be used for green laning so I need a decent one . Have replaced the UJ but there is a very small amount of play in one of the yokes so want to be safe rather than sorry . cheers Ian
  10. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Nice work Mike , it's amazing that everything you sell you need or find a use for after it's gone , keep something saying " I'll need that for some project or other " and it's still there years later .
  11. Where to buy chassis sections

    YRM do this channel section https://yrmit.co.uk/product/chassis-repair-section-land-rover-defender/ but if your on about the curved section I think you mean then you will have to put the bend in it yourself .
  12. Hi all , so as the title says I'm building my own roof rack, why ? Well I've looked round for a roof rack and the cost was loads or I just didn't like them so decided to make my own . So the steel cost me £90 from work and to be honest I brought to much , if any of you have seen my thread "fixing straps " were I ended up doing a build thread for a jerry can holder , I made that out of the steel as well and I think I'll have some left . So this is what it's going to look like , and how the legs will fit , except the actual rack will sit level with the leg . So as it was warm and I'd been welding all morning at work I had a leisurely afternoon making the template for the legs , I bent a bit of thin steel as a guide for the angles for later use then set about with paper, scissors and cellotape making the working bit , and it came out like this . Photo's aren't very good but give you an idea , I used 2 pieces to give more strength i'll then weld them together . Also worked out how I was going to do the corners on the main frame they ended up like this . Will cut a section and weld it in the back to make it look good , so the start of another project . cheers Ian
  13. Fixings straps

    Another type I hadn’t thought of cheers Lewis.
  14. Fixings straps

    Good idea Ross hadn’t thought of them , just looked at what I’d got lying around and some bolts and nuts were all I’d got that was suitable. Will look into it , what size do you recon ?
  15. Breakdown cover

    I must admit I was with Greenflag on the wife's policy when I had the disc 3 the alternator went I got it home phoned them and they said find a garage and we'll fetch it and deliver it to them for you , and they arrived bang on time and delivered it was impressed with them . Have just looked on there site and prices are reasonable so might go with them .