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  1. As you have the bulkhead and doors and also have the money for the chassis I'd say do the lot in one go , that's what I'd do , as you will only have to strip it again at a latter date to do the chassis . I would go over it very thoroughly and get everything together that you will need in the way of nuts , bolts and seals as waiting for parts can make the job a hell of a lot longer than it should have taken .
  2. @steve200TDi I cut all the shell off apart from a small circular bit as it wasn't needed , should be back on the project latter in the week and back on the wiper's . I had them running before I lost interest had to alter the bar size's as they were out but all was well when I finished just needed to work out how to mount the motor , if you want any pics of how far I've got on anything specific pm me and i'll post them up for you , but most are in my dash thread .
  3. TD5's are bigger western the one on the left complete is from a TDi , sorry Steve I butchered them for the wiper upgrade with disco rods . What do you mean by the shells ? The silver bits that clamp the tube together ?
  4. Well here you go left early, right td5 td5 is bigger, td5 wiper motor would sort it I’d imagine.
  5. I’ve got both types of wheel boxes in the workshop I’ll check for you if the gears are the same, but I’ve been doing a mod using disco wiper rods and used td5 wheel boxes on my 300tdi as they’re more secure in the bulkhead and I’m sure there’s no difference , at least you’ll know then they’re not the problem.
  6. Bosch cobalt ones are good but there not the best for accuracy , a MAG Drill would be better I have used one in a pillar drill before at a structural steel place I worked at , don't know whether your supposed to , someone else set it up I just finished them off one day when they weren't there .
  7. Cheers western , all ready plan to do the headlight wiring upgrade I've started making my looms up the other day , as for the switches fog one I'm on my 3rd all new lucas all have had very poor internals , have to hold the stalk back on current one to get light to stop on and the head light one takes 3 attemps to get the dipped beams to stop on . So thought it was time to upgrade them to something less troublesome , if no ones used anything else I'll use good old carling switches .
  8. 👍😂 good suggestion , reliable cheap and better than the carp sold these days .
  9. Hi all , has anyone fitted an alternative headlight switch and fog light switch to there defender apart from carling switches which I already know about ? As I’ve had enough of the steering wheel stalk ones , I fitted new Lucas ones a few years back and the quality is s### , I’ve gone through 3 fog light switches and I’ve had enough. Any suggestions welcome , not worried about modding the dash and from other cars are also fine found this which looks interesting if I could fathom out the pins on the rear https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222038709726 cheers Ian
  10. I’m a bit lost , are you fitting this to a td5 engine ?
  11. Depending how thick the pegs are on the male part of the hinge you could just drill a small hole through then fit a small bolt , which is how we doo it at work with the gates .
  12. Cheers both , didn't think it would be a problem but thought better to ask .
  13. Hi all trucks a 110 200tdi , glow plug harness is a bit scabby so thought I’d spruce it up a bit, so are these connectors okay for the amps that go through it ? Thought I’d read somewhere that not a lot of amps travel through it , any help much appreciated as always. cheers Ian
  14. Cheers Neil , stripped it down today and it had the one with the flat on it FRC8540 so ordered one of them . There was a couple of genuine LR ones on ebay FRC3132 and got offered them for £25 so thought I'd ask .
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