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  1. Fuel problem I think

    Hi all , just an update changed the lift pump the other week and the 110 went ok then the problem started again so as I'm off work till weds as its my birthday I had her in the shed today and fitted the new sender which I've had for a week or so , bled the system started her up and she sounded sweet again, as she hasn't sounded quite rite even when warm so looks like problem solved hopefully ,also noticed fuel gauge read 1/2 a tank before then a 1/4 of a tank when I'd finished the work . Haven't taken her for a run yet as I've got a weeping front caliper to fix and rear door handle to replace as that's nadged so will probably take her out tomorrow . So cheers all for the help just having a few Hobgoblins as a warm up for Monday . cheers Ian
  2. Bonnet catches

    1st one rivet in the arm came out and arm broke and this one you push it down it locks put your fingers under the bonnet and you can’t lift it start engine driving along and it pops up, have tried adjusting the striker which there is still travel on when locked and you push the bonnet down , all parts are new . When it’s locked and you use the bonnet release it works as should don’t know what else to try?
  3. Bonnet catches

    Hi all , looking for any recommendations on upgrade bonnet catches i’m on my second genuine one in 8 months so looking for a better solution. Have seen aero catches but read good and bad about them , has anybody any other solution. It’s a daily driver and will be used for greenlaning. cheers Ian
  4. Parts rant!!!

    I use brit-car a lot now haven't found anything they haven't got and if they haven't got what you're after, like new fuel lines for my 110 200tdi when I rebuilt here , they contacted me and then sorced them for me from another supplier. Have never had to send anything back and when you order a part from said company that's what you get , they may be a little more expensive than others sometimes but think its worth it.
  5. brake calipers

    That's good to know if I have to reuse them which is looking likely .
  6. brake calipers

    Or not bother to reply at all , I don't know why companies put up pages with contact us, you do and they ignore you . It's got to the stage if I contact a company and they don't answer I go else where no matter how good there product is , so one up for biggred .
  7. Parts rant!!!

    Had that with a steering box when I rebuilt my 110 listed as new other it came and looked brand new even the Adwest plate was mint not a mark on it , brought it because it was a good price for when I needed it on the rebuild. When I actually fitted it it was knackered wouldn't work at all had to swap it for a recon one , lesson learned . But has not the quality of some OEM parts dropped I brought a set of Lucas steering column switches , all came in a Lucas boxes and they're all #### the head light switch takes 3 attempts to get it to stay on , indicators right works left won't work then after 3 attempts it starts to work , I had to change the fog light one because it failed the MOT . I've recently gone through 2 Dayco steering belts they kept stretching put a Bearmach one on from China and its been perfect , I'm starting to think that some companies just making any old rubbish as they know the defender market is huge , and Land Rover isn't helping I recently was looking for some bits for my 200tdi fuel tank sender £100 ,fuel lift pump stc1190 which is the superseded part to ETC7869 £200 is taking the mick. Rant over , I think,
  8. brake calipers

    Sent them a message last night got a reply this morning , they don't sell them they told me to try mm4x4.com . It's nice to actually get a reply from a company . There's a industrial fasteners company down in Stone might try them they sell everything and anything fasteners wise so I believe . Will try mm as well .
  9. brake calipers

    cheers western , will do checked my parts manual and only found that .
  10. brake calipers

    Hi all , its a 300tdi 90 with solid discs , does anybody know if there is a Land Rover part number for the bolts that hold the 2 halves of the calipers together , front and rear ? The heads are a bit worn on the ones on my project and could do with changing , or is it a case of going in to the local fastener's shop . cheers Ian
  11. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Top job western Taz said a job well done too
  12. 200tdi battery recommendations

    I’ve got Enduroline on mine from Tanya service was good and battery’s have been fine , been on 6 months . Just a thought could you not apply for an Halfords trade card ? I’m a fabricator/welder and I got one you don’t have to be a mechanic to get one , think you can do it online .
  13. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Looks great and going back together quickly , will have this to do on my 90 soon when I get that far .
  14. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Looks great , always nice when you get a box of shiny new parts .
  15. Rust Converter and Seam Sealer

    I used this rust converter http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RUSTBUSTER-fe-123-MOLECULAR-RUST-CONVERTER-500ml/182588223462?hash=item2a831b2fe6:g:BjEAAOSwJH1ZJA8N they have got there own web site RustBuster , they do chassis paint as well used it on my 110 chassis and I used this brush on seam sealer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Indasa-Brushable-Car-Body-Sealant-1kg-Carbody-Sealer-x3-/130539578098?epid=1942445662&hash=item1e64c3e2f2:g:ZAUAAOSwB-1Y3pMD think its similar to the stuff Land Rover use its like a putty and you can paint over it .