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  1. Yes they’re the ones cheers , to make life easier I did pop over to the disco forum and ask if there where part numbers for the parts but it appears it’s sold as a unit and the bits aren’t sold separately. I have found some now I’ll post the size up when I’m certain what it is, I think they’re m8 but might be 5/16., but it’s certain that the E clips aren’t any good as one popped off when it was working
  2. Well not a lot to report other than , made a test rig up and motor works fine , only had an old battery which was flat so charged that up and ended up with this , sadly I haven't got any pics or video of the next bit but secured the angle to the dash and drilled a couple of temp holes for some bolts in it fastened the mounting plate on connected up to the battery and BINGO it worked like a dream , wipers went back and forth bloody marvelously . So called it a day as thought way forward was design a proper bracket , smaller and work out how to fix it properly , then rods might need adjusting slightly but can do that latter . I like it when things go to plan .
  3. Looks great , just doing a custom dash on my 90 .
  4. So after sorting out a few bits from yesterday afternoon I thought it was time to sort the wiper motor bracket out , so as said above instead of the black plate fitted to the bulkhead I drilled a piece of thin angle and fitted it in with screws , you can just see it in some of the photo's below . Then tacked up a bracket , it's not pretty but it doesn't need to be , motor should fit like this . So reasonably happy with the set up I welded it up and drilled the mounting holes for the motor plate , then fitted the rubber anti vibration strip and bolted it all up together and it came out like this , then placed in the dash where it should fit , only problem I can see is with the heater vents to the windscreen but I think I should be able to work round it . Other option is to fit the black plate and see what clearance I've got then , one other possibility is to make the operating arm that fits on to the wiper motor longer and move the motor to the end of the dash . Tomorrow I think I need to test the motor and try and see if the linkages as they are work , the motor is off a td5 and I think I've worked the wiring out so hopefully all will be well .
  5. Well bit more done today and sorry all but I did tack the ends to the bent frame . So roughly bent the end plates up , then did a test fit , then bent them round properly and tacked them to the angled frame both sides , then made the plates that go to the top and tacked them on , now before anyone says it the plates need trimming down and bending round at the front a small way as they're over size . Done deliberately as you can trim a bit more off easily but it's harder to add a bit on , so my thoughts are to make the dash top bolt to the sides and through the original fixings but I'm thinking of welding studs to the dash top plate and securing it with nuts from beneath , which should make it a lot easier to fit and remove than the awkward to get to screws . Then the plan is to replace the inner plate , this one with a piece of angle that will locate on the original fixing holes and also bolt to the side plates , additional fixing points will be added to the top and then a frame made out of light weight angle made which will bolt together then the front plates will be screwed in place , hopefully .
  6. So bit more progress today welded the center console back up and its now square again , have contacted a trimmer I use to see if it's possible to trim it in vinyl and for a price to re-trim the front seats . Then had a play with the wiper's and I'm 90% sure they'll work just need to work out how to mount the motor can't make up my mind wether to make a new bracket or mount it to the original dash rear plate which I'm not sure I'm going to re-fit with the new dash . Then started forming some bits for the dash , decided to go with the frame then fix the panels to them , so bent up a curved piece for the passenger side and screwed the to the bulkhead , then formed a plate up to see how it looks and feels , came out like this , it's not a vastly different shape to the original just a little wider but there should be room for a small glove box passenger side . This is the top plate on the dash had this bent at my old place of work before left just need to trim it down and form it round the top . And lastly cut the pieces for the outer frame part of the center part where the radio and switch's will go , it might be made smaller yet as the next stage will be to fit the center console then work from that up on the center dash part . Looking at the angle bits screwed to the dash in the above pic I'm now thinking weld the end plates to the frame and just make the center panels removable . cheers Ian
  7. Just to update this for everyone , the shims were steel found a kit of different sizes on ebay but it was £30 after closer inspection mine were serviceable so will use them . The only reference to the clips is clevis pin clips and they are very few and far between on ebay and aren't cheap for what they are , how ever I did manage to get one of these to fit from a kit from Halfords , whether these will work and keep the linkages attached when the wipers are going is another matter , this is the original clip if anyone knows an alternative name for it please let me know and I can have a better search . cheers Ian
  8. Well things didn't quite go to plan , but they never do in landy world and I've finished up a lot of the little fiddly jobs I've been putting off so it's back to the dash and center console . So first up I cleaned up the center console , but it had bowed slightly in the middle when I welded it so had to cut the welds on the center opening clamp a straight edge to it then tack it up , sadly will have to put a pic up tomorrow as forgot to take one before I weld it but apart from that all looks good . Next up was seeing if the vent flap idea would work , had to sand the edges slightly as they were a bit long then fitted a bit of edging rubber , vent flaps fitted , then the brackets , and all looks well they seem to have pulled them in nicely , Then on to the heater if anyone wondered what a defender heater box looks like dis-assembled then here you go , I'm thinking of keeping the box upgrading the fan and the resistor so it will operate on 3 or 4 speeds and uprating the heater matrix , also fitting a bypass valve so you can turn off the coolant running round the heater matrix so in the summer you can still use the blower but it will be cool air coming through , I think this and reworked pipe work will make it perform a lot better , hopefully . If anyone has any suggestions on suitable blower's and resistors it would be much appreciated . Then did a bit on the dash , this has got me a bit puzzled on the best way to go . The center part is pretty straight forward as you don't need to take into account people and doors and other things , so rather than the " dash all in one piece and bolt it in approach " I've been thinking along the lines of making the center part then each end as separate units then making a frame that bolts/screws to the bulkhead on existing points , then fix the panels to the frame which should in theory make it easier to take panels off . Made this part to give you a bit of an idea , any thought's on this idea again much appreciated . Haven't forgot about the wiper mod I'm trying to find some clips and shims that secure the linkages , I've asked on the disco forum but it appears you can't buy them from Land Rover . So does anyone know what these type of clips are called ? I've found clevis pin clips which look like them but don't throw up a lot of results , so I'm wondering if they are called by something else . Also do people think there is any benefit to fitting disco 1 steering column stalks to replace the defender ones ? It's just a thought I wanted to run by everyone , that's it for today apart from the pic of the center console adjustment , nipped out and took one as I needed one of then clip above , cheers Ian
  9. If you look on the inside of the door the inner frame is normally drilled on all of them even though the door skin isn’t drilled giving you the location for the wiper motor .
  10. Well had a look and the alarm plugs aren’t present on my loom , and the internal door plates have now gone so think it’s back to the hawk central locking and a alarm fitted at a local place . Cheers everyone for the help. Ian
  11. Well I’ve looked at the new Defender and I’ve read some of the info out there and I quite like it . It sounds like a lot of thought has gone into it, probably too much but there’s still a lot of other questions I have about it and unless I win the lottery I wouldn’t be able to buy one until it’s a good few years old and even then would I be able to afford to repair it if I had a mishap when off-roading , but I feel that JLR have made a mistake in that they’ve made another new model to compete with the same target audience they already have surely it would have made more sense to cut down on the amount of electrical gimmicks that are not necessary and produce a car at the price point the same as the old freelander so you make your target audience larger rather than the small niche market that uses cars more of a fashion statement rather than practicality. I may be wrong but I just can’t see the point if you’re a company of targeting 5% of the population when you can target 50% just doesn’t make sense to me, but perhaps that’s why I’m a welder and not a high flying boss .
  12. Cheers Simon I’ll have a read. .
  13. Cheers Eightpot, I’ll have a look tomorrow. Can’t see why it wouldn’t work in an older truck as long as it doesn’t need an ECU to function properly.
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