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  1. Cheers both, already got an EGT and boost gauge in , mans a added an extra couple of holes so need to fill them . Thinking about it I only have room for 2 so a voltmeter and gearbox temperature gauge and it’s all good.
  2. Already been there, that’s what paid for the tyres last week .
  3. Better get the pennies out from under the mattress .
  4. Cheers all , already got a clock and a voltmeter to fit , so will proberbly fit the pressure for the engine and a temp gauge for the box because it's in a Defender there isn't actually a warning light for the gearbox temp .
  5. There’s a factory sender fitted in the oil cooler pipe work , which I don’t know. I was thinking of getting stack gauges anyway which come with there own sender .
  6. Morning all hope everyone’s well , so might be a bit of a daft question but I’ll ask anyway . I haven’t got space for too many gauges so which gauge is more beneficial an oil pressure or oil temperature gauge? In relation to the engine and the gearbox? I’m thinking pressure for the engine which is a 300tdi but not sure on the 4HP22 auto box. cheers Ian
  7. Cheers both , sadly not as the green/slate wire is for the heater on the defender and the wiper motor on the disco td5 . I’m pretty sure that green ignition switched live on older models changed to white/green on later ones so I’ve wired those together and the green/slate to the brown/light green as the others match once I’ve wired in to a fuse I’ll run some wires to the battery and check I’m correct before bolting it all up .
  8. Been looking at what to cover the panels in the dash in , and I bought some thin black rubber sheet , but I wanted it grey . So I came up with the idea gluing on the rubber , sanding it with a scotch pad , spraying it with etch primer , because I liked that shade of grey , then clearcoating it and it came out like this , not bad shame you can't really see the colour . So next up was to finish the heater box tunnel , so here's a picture run through , looks a bit rough but a good clean up and voila , and in the box ,
  9. Hi all , I’m fitting a discovery 2 wiper motor into my project 300tdi 90 as I’ve modded the wiper system, 3 out of the 5 wires from the main loom match but 2 don’t , I think I no what wires correspond to each other but thought I’d ask here first as I don’t want a 🔥 fire after I’ve just spent years rebuilding it. So on the defender loom I’ve got ; black , green , red/light green , blue/light green and brown/light green. and on the disco td5 motor the plug that comes from the main loom I’ve got ; Black, red/light green, blue/light green, white/green and green/slate .
  10. Got Teflon ones on the 110 5/6 years now been fine , I brought an OEM kit when I did mine . I think you’d be lucky to find any descent 2nd hand ones , but there’s always a chance.
  11. We have a pit and I’d definitely prefer a ramp , might invest in one in the future. Pit is only useful for getting under a motor , where as a ramp can be moved up and down to a comfortable height for any job , you still have to crawl around on the floor to do wheel bearings and swivel balls with a pit and my knees aren’t up to it anymore .
  12. Managed to knock this up today , needs a good sand up , was a bugger to weld gaps every where as had to bend and move it so you can get it in . Next part is to weld a piece on the back so it fits snug in the heater box opening with some thin closed cell foam round the edge to seal it , so no more silly foam seals and should make it easier to fit hopefully .
  13. Well didn't get round to the wiring today but did some bits on the dash , just couldn't resist . Managed to get these plastic washers of eBay , thought they'd protect the vinyl , then I decided that I wanted to cover the bulkhead behind the dash with the lining carpet , which took a while as I first had to remove the door stay brackets which are a stretch when the doors are on , and sound proofed the lower dash bit , whoops some surface rust there hadn't spotted that . Then fitted the speakers , and fitted the dash properly , it was at this point t
  14. I just read 2021 on the gov page, so thought it was a new law introduced last year.
  15. Here you go Ross , that’s off the 90 110 would be the same as bought the panels from the same place.
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