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  1. ianmayco68

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    I agree with monkie and fridge , personally I wouldn’t risk it , after the cheap Chinese go pro incident we had . Where the stepson put it on charge and it melted the wall socket , would rather have a cold truck to get into than a black charred one .
  2. ianmayco68

    Wiring loom damage

    Hi Wontakelong, sorry can’t open your document but have identified some of the wires in your photos, orange/black trace alarm sounder relay to alarm sounder unit white/pink trace diagnostics socket to Ecu egr pink/black trace egr temp sensor to ecu egr and egr solenoid and throttle position sensor white/light green trace from diagnostics socket to egr ecu blacks earth thats according to the wiring diagram I’ve linked to above . a few of the others I can’t make out , the red and green wires with the bands round don’t look factory , have you got an after market alarm or central locking fitted ? As that wiring looks similar to what I’ve seen from those type of units .
  3. ianmayco68

    Wiring loom damage

    Try this wiring diagram http://duud.ee/LR-manualid/300Tdi_Wiring_Diagrams.pdf One of the wires looks like orange/black trace this according to the above goes from the alarm sounder relay to the sounder .
  4. ianmayco68

    Wiring loom damage

    I’ve got a 300tdi that I’m rebuilding at the moment, the wiring loom is out the truck and in a box so if you can take some photos of the engine bay we’re y think the wires have been pulled from and identify some of the wiring colours in that pile in your photo I might be able to help . I’m not 100% sure but some of that looks like it’s been added by someone . cheers Ian
  5. ianmayco68

    300tdi wiring question

    Cheers Bowie , did the V8’s have an in tank pump then ? Through me because I would have expected it to be near to the front of the harness with the tank being under the drivers seat , at lease I can make use of it .
  6. ianmayco68

    300tdi wiring question

    Hi all , started to make a new chassis harness for my project 300tdi today and came across a couple of plugs in between the left hand and right hand lights and I can’t understand why they’re there, one is a econoseal with a black wire and a green/ black trace wire and the other is a black round plug with a black wire and a white/purple trace wire . After looking at the wiring diagrams I found the green/ black wire is for the fuel gauge/sender and the white/purple is for the fuel pump , why a 300tdi doesn’t have one ? And I know a ROW rear harness may have the sender at the rear but mines an M reg so should have a standard harness, but why is the fuel pump wiring there ? One of the reasons for asking is I’m thinking of fitting an electric lift pump , like I have on my 200tdi and wondered if I could use the white/purple wire to power it . Any help much appreciated as always cheers Ian
  7. ianmayco68

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Nice one Ralph. .
  8. ianmayco68

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Re-used mine when I did the 110 not had any problems .
  9. ianmayco68

    Winters coming

    Looks good , a bit like thermals for a Land Rover .
  10. ianmayco68

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Looking good .
  11. ianmayco68

    Stainless Spire Bolts?

    Try eBay, just put stainless spire bolts in and quite a few sets and others came up .
  12. ianmayco68

    footwell repair to do after MOT pick up

    Looking good Ralph .
  13. ianmayco68

    Outer Wing Replacement?

    Haven't used them from the blue box company , I replaced both my wings when I did my 200tdi 110 and I brought mine from SP 4X4 http://www.sp-4x4.com/ https://www.sp-4x4.com/LAND_ROVER_DEFENDER_200TDI_FRONT_OUTER_WING_90_110_p/rtc6352.htm They were fine fitted well , with no problems and I'm happy with them also they're slightly thicker than the originals .
  14. ianmayco68


    Well done toenden , hadn’t cleaned the holes out one was clean and other had crud in the holes so fitted the crudy holes one on the rear . Never thought about the holes, cheers all for the help. Ian

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