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  1. Well ordered one of these a yuasa 640hd cargo 100ah and 900cca so we’ll see how it goes £93 , was supposed to be £109 but until Friday you can get 15% off at Tayna but only through eBay though .
  2. Cheers Peaklander, I’ve just had a quick look and they seem very expensive even with the discount code , but I think I’ve heard before that they’re cheaper in the stores .
  3. Cheers Dave , i thought it would but wanted to check before a fire occurred . I never thought to check the 300tdi loom I’ve got lying on the floor from the 90 rebuild , I presumed they would both have the rubber connector. I did wonder about the connectors the one in the heater is original, well it was there when I brought the truck , the other attached to the loom is a new Autosparks loom .
  4. Hi all , the connector in the pic is a bit knackered when I noticed it yesterday it was loose , it connects the main loom to the heater on a 200tdi , so am I safe to replace it with a econoseal connector or is it too high draw ? If so can someone recommend a suitable one please , as I believe you can’t but those connectors and I wouldn’t be able to fit one anyway. Cheers for any advice Ian
  5. I probably am over thinking it , the battery fitted is starting to struggle on cold mornings which I’ve took as a sign it needs to be replaced as I live in a rural location and work in one as well so I can’t just jump on a bus , there is 2 identical batteries fitted which were billed as dual purpose so the idea was fit a new starter battery and then fit the 2 old ones as a battery bank and replace at a latter date .
  6. Cheers TSD ,I was contemplating buying a c-tek charger then I acquired this free when I bought an Eberspächer from eBay, so was going to use this , so if I read it correctly you wouldn’t advise fitting a smaller starter battery then 1 or 2 larger leisure batteries keep them all the same size .
  7. Cheers all very interesting , so as I’ve never seen this asked in any thread I’ve read and out of curiosity I have a 200tdi , when people ask about batteries the usual reply is fit the biggest you can fit in the battery box which is sound advice and the factory fit ones are a bit low on CCA , so what is the minimum CCA you would require for a 200tdi and what’s the lowest AH you should have on a for a starter battery if say you had a 100amp alternator and a split charge system with a leisure battery or 2 to run all the none factory fit extras . So the starter battery was starting the truck and only running the stuff originally fitted ? cheers Ian
  8. Have seen there batteries Snagger but didn’t know if they were any good. There’s also Exide Maxxima Anderzander . .
  9. I’ve read a few reviews of the red tops not being as good as they used to be , and the lower capacity was putting me off but then you read of people travelling the world with them fitted and the specs being okay , Odessy do a smaller one but they’re £300 and you only get a 2yr warranty .
  10. That’s the only one I could find Anderzander, I was looking to relocate the starter battery to the engine bay .
  11. Cheers all , I’ve come to the conclusion after looking at the specs of many makes of batteries that most are made in the same factory and the only difference is the name and casing as they are all the same physical size with the same capacity and same cranking amps from multiple brands . Whats peoples thoughts on Exide premium batteries as I can get one 1000ah 900 cca for £70 of Ebay?
  12. If you mean the upper one’s? Then no they’re not I think the 110 ones are slightly shorter than the 90 as people fit ones from an 88” to make a station wagon into a utility wagon as genuine ones go for silly money .
  13. I brought the same one’s as TSD , the whole kit was good quality.
  14. As above check the earth’s 1st .
  15. No there’s not much room there on a 200tdi less than I thought there would be .
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