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  1. To be honest Ross motivation has been none existent of late , and I really need to get back on it , then I brought the m57 for the 110 and I already have someone who wants the 200tdi so I need to get my mojo back so plan is from this weekend I’ll be cracking on with both .
  2. That's surprised me Nick I was expecting it to work the other way , fitted in the sides and pushing them out . Sounds very simple to make .
  3. Have you got a pic or of it monkie ? As I'm planning on fitting an ATB to my salisbury , or anyone else thats made there own .
  4. Just to add some pics to this , this is the Range Rover L322 TD6 BMW engine that I'm fitting in my 110 , the EGR hadn't been removed but the build up was there . That's off the intake manifold , and I've seen photos of ones worse than this .
  5. Presses against here it’s beneath the check strap .
  6. Nice one @steve200TDi 2 screw drivers between the ally housing and the cv and 30 seconds later out it popped , all the threads I found where going on about the Land Rover recall on the diff . So back over too the 110 thread now . cheers Ian
  7. Good find Steve , I think I did try that but with not enough force will try again tomorrow and post up how I get on .
  8. Cheers Steve , build thread is Ian's 110 refresh been running a while only just started on this bit . Here's a couple of pics ,not brill ones and no drive shafts still in , I've removed the bolts from both sides diff moves freely in a circular motion , I was expecting to just be able to pry them apart when the bolts were removed, unless I'm not giving it enough umph . I'd already found the manual but couldn't find any reference to the BMW td6 engine only the tdv6 and the v8 .
  9. HI all , I've brought a td6 l322 engine for a defender conversion and I'm trying to get the front diff out of the sump does anyone know how it comes apart ? I have searched but no joy , I've undone the bolts either side but can't part it any help would be great as next plan is a 9'' grinder . cheers Ian
  10. Cheers Liam . Yes I’ve had to scroll through the listings looking for the code and I’ve emailed quite a few , some didn’t even know about the code . Thanks for the heads up on the breakers I’ll keep them in mind , but I’m starting to think that fitting a 4HP24 would be easier and probably a nicer drive . I’ve actually got a 300tdi cross member in the workshop sitting about , so might be an option .
  11. That’s interesting Toby never heard of anything like that before.
  12. I couldn’t tell you , but with modern anti freeze/ coolants and the addictives inthem you would think that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen . I might go back to waterless coolant.
  13. Yes I presume so , it’s off my project that I had off the stepson . I brought it then stripped it so I never had need to service it and I think that’s what he used .
  14. Thought I’d put these few pics up for people to see as I’ve not seen any before but there may well be , anyway this is the heater matrix off my project 300tdi it wasn’t damaged until I took the hammer to it and I could have reused it but if you’re wondering why you’re heater isn’t as good as it used to be then this might be the cause . hell of a lot of gunk on there and it didn’t look that old either. cheers Ian
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