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  1. Total guess here but i seem to remember reading somewhere that there’s a resistor of some sort in the circuit , might be total rubbish and I might be mixing it up with something else but who knows .
  2. Did you actually get to change anything @V8 Freak or was it a waste of time? I will definitely inform the insurance company and always planned to but from the bit I’ve read it seems that the DVLA haven’t got a clue and more than likely don’t care.
  3. Found this post from another forum, not Land Rover, https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/automatic-transmission-changed-to-manual-do-i-notify-the-dvla-and-how.170016/ If you read half way down chap phoned the dvla and they weren’t bothered as not listed on the V5 but said tell insurance .
  4. You’ll struggle to find a VDO one , only ones I could find in the vision range were from Australia. I’ve got a stack one fitted in the 110 200tdi that’s a nice gauge , but gone for one of those oblong digital ones in the 300tdi .
  5. I shall be doing this over christmas on the project chassis and engine looms already done ,but the main will be modded slightly . I'm using a disco 1 engine bay fuse box to distribute the power from the battery and after seeing Fridgefreezer's post I've got a maypole trailer wiring box at the rear to cut down on connectors , all wires connect with spade connectors inside . I also used bus bars at the front on each wing to connect the earth's too then a main earth back to the battery .
  6. No worries mate , will post them up Friday or Saturday for you.
  7. If you can wait till the weekend I can take some better pictures and get some measurements for you from my project which is a 300tdi , yes you’ll need to fit rivnuts original has captive nuts in the bonnet panel.
  8. Not mine but found this on the net , have you not got one fitted already ?
  9. No not yet Mo will be fitting them to the project next week and I'll put some pics up in the build thread and on here , but I want more poems . I've been trying to make one up but it's just not happening at the minute .So come on everybody after the #### year we've all had I think a poetry competition would be a great way to bring some fun back to this mad silly world . If a grown up wants to change the title to Spafax mirrors and poetry competition I don't mind .
  10. Glad I'm not going totally mad , I wasn't sure about the serial number but I thought it stated whether it had a manual or automatic transmission on the V5 but not complaining one less thing to do just need to sort the td5 speedo now .
  11. Cheers both, that was my thinking but I could have sworn it used to be on there, but old age is creeping up on me so.............
  12. Hi all , this is about a Defender but I've put it here because others might know . So the project I'm doing a 300tdi 90 has been changed from manual to automatic and as it's nearly finished I thought time to change the log book , but upon looking the transmission isn't listed on it neither is there a place for you to fill in to change it , I then looked on the V5 for my 110 200tdi and that's the same . Does this mean I don't need to inform the DVLA as it is not listed on the V5 or do you need to do it another way ? I know there's plenty on here done this conversion . cheers Ian
  13. Hahahahahaha sorry Mo , should have said " and as Mo said " . Bloody predictive texting on phones or my big fingers pressing the wrong thing .
  14. Hi all , just to finish this off ordered 2 pairs of wing mirrors and fitting kits for £200 that included delivery and vat a week Friday they arrived Wednesday this week, mad Mo said chap on the phone Andy was great another job for over Christmas 🎄,I’m going to be busy 😁.
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