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  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F351769072265 I’ve got a glass mounted one and as fridge says they’re useless , so I’ve been looking at fitting one like in the link above.
  2. No problem will do, had a quick look on eBay and there is some shim kits on there , the e clip in the pic isn’t the right one. The correct one is one of those push on clips that then lock into the groove, but I can’t think what they’re called .
  3. Cheers teabag thought that was going to be the case , will have to see what eBay has to offer or a trip to my local fasteners shop but think the washers might be a problem as they are very thin and brass I think.
  4. Hi all , popped over from the Defender forum for a bit of help . I’m modding the windscreen wipers on my project 300tdi 90 using the motor and linkages off a discovery 1 300tdi , I’ve got it mocked up and it looks like it will work nicely but before I put it all together I wanted to replace the little thin washer that fit in between the linkages to aid smooth movement and the clips that hold the linkages on the posts , but I can’t find any part numbers for these bits can anybody help with some please ? I’ve looked on the net and even trawled britcars parts pages but can’t find any, only parts diagrams I could find pictured it as a complete unit and didn’t list the individual bits , or were in Russian which I sadly don’t speak , any help would be most appreciated. cheers Ian to fit on here .
  5. I Brought some of these last time I ordered some parts from them https://www.shop4autoparts.net/tools/workshop/37301-Grippaz-Gloves-Large-Box-of-50/ and I found them the best I’ve used they’re not tight , I’ve even taken them off and then put them back on again and they’re quite thick . They do larger and smaller sizes as well .
  6. No I haven’t, it’s one possibility I never thought of due to it not doing it all the time , I was expecting it to be mechanical my thoughts were leaning towards the injection pump sticking or valve stem oil seals .
  7. Fetched the hose off from turbo to air box no play in the turbo and just the usual smeering of oil in the hose and no visible oil coming out of the turbo. Also no grey/white smoke visible on the way home but there was some this morning again visible when 1st accelerating but clearing when up to speed .
  8. No I haven’t monkie, but it doesn’t do it all the time , it might be me but it seems more noticeable when it’s cooler like in the morning at 6 o’clock. I haven’t tried anything yet but I replaced the seal on the turbo last year when I fitted a new chra, but I’ll try removing the hose and going for a drive .
  9. Hi all , trucks a defender 200tdi engine and I’ve got a problem with white/grey smoke . I have searched but can’t find anything specific to my problem as it doesn’t do it all the time, I’m not loosing coolant but using a bit of oil and I don’t hear it at start up but after a run I can here a ticking but otherwise trucks running fine , I haven’t tried anything yet as I think I could end up chasing a problem and spending money I don’t need to but a have ordered a set of Beru glow plugs and will change them regardless . So I get the usual puff of smoke on startup then she idles fine , but as soon as I accelerate away I get grey/white smoke which then stops after the initial acceleration and it does this in all gears , also if I’ve gone somewhere then stop turn off the engine at a garage for instance she will smoke on start up then stop after I accelerate away , then tonight on the way home from work I come down a narrow lane and had to reverse for a lorry and the grey/white smoke was really coming out then as soon as I went forward it stopped. I think it’s the injection pump but what do everyone else think I’m at a bit of a loss any help or ideas would be very helpful. cheers Ian
  10. Have a look on a web site called T7 Design they do blower units similar to the one red90 fitted , and all the ducting and vents . I’ve been looking into using one in my project, but I think sorting the pipe work out would help a lot . https://www.t7design.co.uk/ here’s a link they make lots of good stuff.
  11. Windscreen in so work should continue shortly on the wiper mod and dash .
  12. Cheers western, that’s all I could find out. Second link have got them but minimum order is 50 . Did find these might be worth a punt, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F333273236460
  13. Hi all , does anyone know the part numbers please for the cable and blanking grommets for the seat box battery box ? I’ve looked in my parts book and I can’t find them listed separately, only on the battery cables themselves , any help would be much appreciated. cheers Ian
  14. I’d definitely go with fabric , I recovered the head lining on my 110 and it’s quite easy to do and been up for 3 years and I’m planning on recovering the one on the project 90 but need to repair that first with fibreglass . I have had experience with flocking, when I made safes we used to flock the inside of the under floor safes . We painted on the glue then blew the flock on with air and did it in a extraction cupboard , I definitely wouldn’t want it dropping off and floating round with me breathing it in
  15. Would Paddocks or Craddocks be worth a try , or any other of the large 4x4 parts suppliers .
  16. I don’t know how the oil cooler fits to the R380 box but I would imagine that it’s similar to fitting an auto to a defender which I’ve just done to my 300tdi project , so couldn’t you adapt a set of discovery 300tdi auto gearbox oil cooler pipes which has the thermostat fitting on the pipe cost me £60 at Pirtek to get the altered so they’d fit, just a thought.
  17. Haha haha , I haven’t had chance to fit them yet as I’ve been making line props this afternoon and it’s the mother-in-laws 80th Birthday all day bash tomorrow but it’s on the list for Sunday so I’ll post some pics up in my build thread .
  18. Here you go . https://furoreproducts.co.uk/
  19. Must be coming up to a full moon, the weirdy strange people are coming out . Here you go brought these from Furore of the net , I priced the do it yourself ones from car builders and there wasn’t a massive difference in the price so went for these . Yes they are more expensive than copper lines but I see it as never having to worry about them again. There’s 7 lines there as I’ve got a bias valve on the project and 2 are over 2metres long for £190 which I don’t think is that bad , if any one wants a link to the site I’ll put one up .
  20. I fitted SS braided lines on the 110 , had them on over 2 years now and they’ve been fine no problems braking at all , and I’ve just today took delivery of a full set for the project 90 . I did start to fit cunfer pipes but them thought no fit SS and I shouldn’t need to worry about them in my life time will put a pic up tomorrow if anyone wants me too ?
  21. I’m doing this on my 90 project at the minute, I’m just about to the point of refitting the air filter. I was planning on bending the dipstick tube I’ve already done it a bit .
  22. As soon as you weld something it always seems to go somewhere Ross , no matter how careful you are . You could also try , if you got access to a table wide enough , put some blocks under the middle then clamp each end down would be trial and error on how big a block you’d need and how much to stress it , but should work I used it on steel work before . It looks great though Ross will you be selling them along with the swivel retainers?
  23. The rear silencer quietens it a bit it’s more of a deep pop pop it’s not noticeable at idle or that loud at high revs, he does sell a standard one as well .
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