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  1. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Hi all , this is a sub post of my other thread Ian's 90 300tdi Rebuild and is about my custom dash , the idea is to turn this pile of 1.2mm steel which cost the massive amount of £12.14p from work , and this which I had bent up for the top of the dash into something like this This is a rough sketch and as you can see there is a glove box .I'm fitting an auto box to the project so I'll need to make a custom center bit which will be made once everything's fitted and I can see better where everything goes , I know Ashcroft do one but I like a challenge and would rather save £250 . I'm also going to try and upgrade the wiper system using a disco 1/2 one . 1st test fit for the camera Steve200tdi I think has done this to his racer ( and project binky inspired ) so should be possible with a bit of tweaking , as the disco fitting is wider than the Defender hole spacing and need to incorporate the longer spindles from the wheel boxes . Also I'm going to try to modify the heater system , either with a new unit but as the standard Defender unit is okay was thinking maybe upgrade the blower to a 3 speed jobbie , but either way it will be altered so that the hot air comes into the cabin through 1 pipe which will then split and go to the windscreen and side window vents . And finally I'm thinking of upgrading the electrics and using a disco TD5 fuse box if possible , don't know whether it's possible with the difference of an ecu but I only want the fuse box so I would imagine it could be made to work . Why a disco TD5 one ? because it cost me £10 off ebay ,so nothing lost and all the fuses and relays are wired together in the fuse box by a printed circuit board so cutting down on the amount of wires . Why do all this some may ask ? I like a challenge and I'm a bit mad some times but what ever you think of what I'll be trying to do pop back for a read every now and then , even if it's to see me make a complete a##e of myself and fall flat on my face trying I promise it will be fun . cheers Ian
  2. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Opinions please , do I go with the original gearbox tunnel then build the center console on top as in the pics above or , do I build new sides off the console ? The dash will come down and connect to the center console but they will be removable as separate pieces , your thoughts please .
  3. ianmayco68

    Sealing Rear Door Glass

    Sp4x4 sell some stuff Mo, I’ve got some for mine , I’ve used it before on the 110 and it works well.
  4. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Sorry it's taken so long Steve but I kept forgetting , definitely a no go with the vent flaps as you can see from the pics below - so i'll be locking the in some how got the idea and I've made the brackets just got to try it out .
  5. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Hi SHY7G , that's like one of the one's I've brought (2nd picture) brought mine off eBay though , was planning to use it for the lights and other stuff in the engine bay if I go down the 2 box route , should be able to bolt it to the wing .
  6. ianmayco68

    Rear wiper rubber seals

    According to the parts book Mo if you have wiper motor AMR3676 part numbers for the bits are as follows - AMR3932 GROMMET X 2 AMR3933 PLASTIC WASHER X1 AMR3934 MOTOR SECURING NUT NH108041L WIPER ARM SECURING NUT The motor of the earlier trucks have no parts listed separately , everything comes with the motor . Hope this helps .
  7. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    So the end is in site , did some this weekend but not as much as I would have liked . Start my new job tomorrow so had a leisurely weekend but it's all days from now on no more bloody shifts . So got some long bolts from B&Q and drilled the original plate , but then thought I think it needs to be out of thicker sheet so new plate was made , bolts welded in and it goes together like this , the gear selector off the gearbox fits in like this , it all bolts together and should be secure enough as it will be bolted to the console somehow , also made the mount for the handbrake . This isn't finished , the seatbox plate will have to be bolted to the seatbox more securely than it is normally and a hole cut in it for the hand brake cable and a slot for the gear shifter cable , but that won't be done till the console is fully functioning so I only have to cut once . Here's a couple of pics of it mocked up in the cab the console was tweaked slightly to move the shifter back and the curves were smartened up . Then made the plate to fit over the hi/lo lever and after making it a bit more curvey it came out like this . Need to finish the front up might fit a couple of cup holders in and a change dish then need to make something up to attach it to the center of the dash , it's all good fun .
  8. ianmayco68

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    They should have called it the Discovery commercial , can’t believe it’s taken this long to come up with something that looks just like everything else they sell . Assuming that is the finished one.
  9. ianmayco68

    VDO boost gauge

    Hi all , does anyone know the size of the thread on the back of the above gauge ? I brought the gauge off ebay and its in very good nick and then I brought a VDO boost gauge fitting kit but all the fittings in the kit are too small can anyone help ? cheers Ian
  10. ianmayco68

    Steering cowl shroud twisted

    You could try undoing the anti twist bar and putting it the other side of the tab on the bulkhead , it looks like that would twist it enough to straighten it .
  11. It hasn’t got a demo mode has it Fridge? I’ve got a pioneer and that has one when first turn it on it goes through a set routine showing different things took me a couple of days to work out what the hell was going on . And turn the bloody thing off .
  12. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    Thanks all for the input it’s much appreciated and very helpful . Hadn’t heard of them Ross , someone on here put a link up think it was Mo to a site that do a box of tricks for the binnacle got the link on my puta but can’t remember the name. Yes Fridge I see what you mean, I have had a look at the wiring diagrams and been through working out what wire goes to where as there’s also an internal fuse box , I think all the wires to the ecu and such come from the internal box but I’m going to rig it up and see if it’ll work. Yes SHY7G I’ve no doubt mine will be altered a few times before it’s finished, I’m making mine out of steel I only tack it together so it’s easy enough to take apart to alter .
  13. ianmayco68

    Lower door pillar (A pillar) foot removal

    If you look in my rebuild thread Peaklander I replaced one on my bulkhead and I think I showed where all the spot welds were .
  14. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    I have an idea but haven’t got round to trying it , I need to try the standard vent fittings first just to see if they foul the wiper mod . I’m fitting a puma gauges binnacle as there’s a company that does a box of tricks that reads the electrical signals and converts them , I’ve got a lot of ideas whizzing round my head and it’s easy to get side tracked from one part to another and end up getting nowhere so I’m starting with the central console then the center part of the dash , I’m planning on modding the heater but I think it will be more on the way hot air gets from the heater box to the vents with minor mods to the box .
  15. ianmayco68

    custom dash project

    So bit more done today , the console finished up last week like this , nothing at all done in the week as I had enough of were I've been working for quite a while and the shifts where doing my head in ,so another job popped up on indeed so I applied had the interview Wednesday morning was offered the job straight away handed my notice in on the afternoon and I start a week Monday , and I'm happier already . So back to business , fuse box , yes I've seen the stuff on there site SHY7G and I'm not overly keen on that board . This is what I'd had the idea of using , 1st up the Disco TD5 engine bay fuse box , most of the main things to be wired are in this and as you can see it's a printed circuit so no wires between fuses and relays only switch wires , and everything is fused but whether it will work with out the ECU I'm not sure , I have looked into it a bit and I can't see this not working this one cost me a tenna , I got another one for £15 with all the plugs in the rear . So onto my second idea , this consists of 2 fuse boxes a small one in the engine bay for the lights and such , this has a top and bottom cover and should do the lights and such and then for in the cabin this one , should be plenty of room for expansion there , I've not made my mind up which to use but I think the 2nd option is the favorite . So made the inner mounting plate for the auto shifter , which came out like this , and fits in the console like this , I then moved on to how I was going to fix the shifter , mounting plate and the top plate together , as the shifter trim has 2 pegs at the front and a strip at the back on the top surround I need something moveable so everything can be taken apart easily without to much hassle , so came up with this weld bolts to the base plate then use double nuts to set the height , as there's quite a bit of movement up and down when the shifter trim surround is fitted , I also opened the holes out to take m6 bolts , if your totally lost I'm sorry all will become clear when I get some bolts long enough . So with that sorted I decided that the console didn't look square so cut it apart and squared it all up again also took out all the edging as it looked pants , then cut the sloped front panel down so I could fit the handbrake in , it came out like this , also made some new bending edge pieces which when tacked on I'll sand the sides down so they look level , I might have to make the top plate longer but that won't matter as I'm thinking of spraying the main console then trimming the inserts with vinyl , next job is to make the mounting bracket for the handbrake which needs to be pretty sturdy .
  16. I might have put them on the wrong way round .
  17. ianmayco68

    Dashboard Repair

    These are the people I brought my stuff off , https://www.as-trim.co.uk/ I’m planning on getting the stuff from these for the projects dash and to redo the roof lining after I’ve repaired some rips in it .
  18. Here you go , bottom plate is 6mm I think using my eye , any measurements just ask as it will be like this till I save some pennies to buy the rad and hoses , hope this gives you an idea .
  19. I think you may be able to use the catches that are used to hold the seat box lids down, you can buy them separately and a piece of springy steel to go over .
  20. Part numbers are , and prices from Britcar 2 straps that hold the filter housing on ERR4688 £30 to £60 base plate that bolts to the head under 2 of the head bolts ERR2850 £30 to £70 supporting strap underneath ERR2851 £10 to £12 and the rubber mountings as above ERR2337. from 60p to £9 a bit expensive I’ll take you a photo or 2 tomorrow but definitely make your own or get one from a breakers I’d say .
  21. Only just refitted mine to the engine so still got easy access so if you want any measurements I’ll get them for you.
  22. You have to buy them as a complete fitting Arjan and if I remember correctly there £30 each breakers would be your best bet if you have them in France , I’m at work at the moment but can get you the number when at home if no one else does . Then there’s a plate at the bottom and 4 of these rubber mounts err2337 . Hope this helps a bit.
  23. ianmayco68

    Dashboard Repair

    Thank you , I’ve got the website saved in my browser on the computer , I brought everything from the one firm , will post it up later for you when I get back from work .
  24. ianmayco68

    Dashboard Repair

    Here you go I did the bottom of my dash as well . Ans as I don’t smoke I blanked the ashtray off and the speaker holes as they’re fitted the doors .
  25. ianmayco68

    VDO boost gauge

    Hi Peaklander, I didn’t have the fittings you have and ended up making something up myself , a fitting off eBay and a cable tie to secure it on , I looked for a Vdo fitting kit but no one sold them separately that I could find so sorry I can’t help, but if I’m reading your problem rite you might need just a bit more force , if each of the parts are quite snug fitting when you try and tighten it up the olive will dig in the rubber tube I would imagine and need a bit of effort to get it to squash down the tube .

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