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  1. Laid the first part of the concrete area out front this morning. This piece will serve as a ramp from the building down to the linear drain, with the larger slab beyond. There is a 1:50 fall away from the building and a 1:100 fall to the left for the drain to follow, plus a small (c. 10-15mm) step to prevent rainwater being driven in by wind. I am hopeful that this will not prove a significant barrier to rolling things in or out.
  2. The Perei ones of the same style that are used as fog/reverse on later Defenders have M5 studs. I presume you’ve checked that?
  3. Thanks all, especially @ThreePointFive for that very generous offer. I have got myself sorted though I think. The cheap Bluetooth speaker arrived today and seems to work quite well, once paired I simply turn it on and the phone picks it up as the primary audio device. Thereafter any playback through Classic FM or BBC radio apps, Spotify, or even music on the phone is channelled via the speaker. Seems powerful enough for its size and while it will win no awards for outright sound quality its more than adequate for some background listening in a garage. Battery life is claimed to be quite a few hours but it will likely stay plugged in most of the time, though being mobile I could deploy it anywhere else that it was required as others have suggested.
  4. I admire your tenacity - by now I would have just drilled the hole out, covered it with paint, fitted the rivnut and been done with it.
  5. The OSB isn’t too bad weight-wise, and save for the bit in the middle I will be working off the loft platforms which will minimise the amount of lifting involved. Adds more strength to the roof too.
  6. It’ll be fitted between the rafters and then boarded in the same 9mm OSB as the walls. Really not looking forward to that job! The big shelf is done - gratuitous panoramic shot of terrible mess
  7. Should be doable with a sensible roof design. Speak to your local planning office and run your thoughts by them. Had to go and buy a new stepladder this morning (all hail Screwfix!) as my old one gave up the ghost so not much progress today, but I’ve painted the last wall and have been doing more in the roof. I’ve decided to put some extra supports in the loft space after all, there wasn’t much flex in it but now it’s rock solid. There will be another one two rafters further back, but there’s so much space up there that they aren’t going to get in the way.
  8. Thanks. The Sonos seems to be available via AirPlay from any app on the phone, it’s only a few months old so must be new enough for that not to be an issue. I’ve bought a cheap Bluetooth speaker to try so we’ll see how it goes. Wireless is a key feature for me as if I want to grab the phone to take a photo or look something up, it being plugged in would be a pain.
  9. Thanks all. The streaming would be through the house WiFi whether via the phone or not, so no issues on data limits. I’ll maybe get a cheap Bluetooth speaker and see how I get on. I’d prefer something that works over AirPlay/WiFi as I don’t really like the way Bluetooth kills the battery but it probably isn’t a major issue unless I’m out there all day in which case I could just put the phone on charge.
  10. I’m nearly done with building the workshop and thoughts have turned to the audio - I quite enjoy having the radio on while I work, partly to listen and also I find the hourly news broadcasts help keep track of time. I have a fairly old stereo/hi-fi type thing which I have used for years, but it’s quite bulky and as it’s FM it relies on a half-decent signal. I don’t have good FM coverage and what I do have is limited to the core BBC offering and one local station. No DAB so that’s not an option. In the house I use a Sonos thing which is great as it streams over the WiFi and is controllable from my phone, however they’re too expensive to have in a garage where it would get covered in dust/dirt. This got me wondering if some kind of streaming-based solution would be a better option, not reliant on FM and as a bonus I could get Classic FM and other stations that don’t broadcast near me. It seems that my options are either a standalone internet radio, or a wireless speaker that I can pair my phone with and stream via that. Any experiences or suggestions?
  11. I was wondering when someone would ask that question! I have kept a sheet with every penny I’ve spent, but suffice to say that I’m going to be looking at around £11k once the basic interior fit-out is done. There will be a bit more to spend to do the concrete works out the front, but not significant. An obscene amount of money and far more than I thought it would cost, but that’s par for the course when it comes to building projects. Not sure how it compares to the pre-fab kit garages, the specifications vary a fair bit on those.
  12. Thanks. I got planning permission - fairly simple process. Drew some plans by hand and then used an approved website for the location map etc. then submitted, wait a while and then all approved. But mine is not contentious in any way and the neighbours aren’t bothered. I could have built it under permitted development size and height wise but I would have had to put it further from the boundary (so that the bit within 1m was less than 2.5m tall) and I didn’t have space to do this. P.D. regs differ in England/Scotland so check yours for the specifics. Been doing more inside today, started to board the roof storage space out and working on my high-level shelf round two sides of the building.
  13. No major changes until the newer type door (which I suspect you are referring to as ‘Puma’ - although it came in for the 2002 model year) other than minor brackets etc. and holes for wiper and the like. Some doors had an extra bracket for the dovetail below the door lock, later models did away with these. There are also two types of door stay, the earlier one which is manually released and the later sprung type. The basic door geometry is the same from 2016 right back to the series days. Certainly Series III - maybe II and IIA as well. If I remember correctly the series versions only had two hinges.
  14. Put some in the wall to get it out of the way. Satisfying business - almost a shame to cover it up.
  15. Will be interested to see what you come up with - I want to put a car port down the side of my house in front of the workshop but the wind exposure concerns me so it would need to be FHD - so to speak! Does it need to be translucent? A timber deck may make it easier to reinforce.
  16. Well I did say I was going to insulate the doors... not great for access though Might have over-done it slightly but the roof will take quite a bit to fill so we shall see. Weather looks rubbish for this weekend but I hope to be able to get on with a fair bit inside.
  17. Built January 1992 Bear in mind the thickness and quality of steel used in chassis varied over the years along with the paint, with a general trend towards thinner lower quality steel and poorer paint as time went on. Offset by age of course, but later chassis certainly seem to suffer from rust at an earlier age than older vehicles did. Could also be related to increased road salt usage in the last decade or so.
  18. Later models Td5 onwards or thereabouts used a shorter bolt in the top hole - 4.75”, which is the one you have in error. They’re nothing special so any high tensile 1/2” UNF bolt of the correct length will do the job. As such a second 253948 would work but would be slightly over length - the correct one should be BH608461 as you note.
  19. I think you can add/remove washers to the shaft to position the rocker arms correctly?
  20. Looks okay, but they rust from the inside out so you need to have a good poke around and tap it with a screwdriver to find the rust. On a 2005 I’d be budgeting to change the chassis in around 5-10 years but that would be in the U.K. and it depends how much road salt and wet mud it will see. In a dry climate or very well looked after it would last much longer. I bought my 90 in 2008 and it had a reasonably good chassis, the outriggers had been patched and the rear crossmember replaced but the main rails were okay. By the time I changed the chassis ten years later it was rotten right through in several places, and that was with lots of welding in its later years.
  21. Likewise I find the later foam seals the most effective. Never had any problems with genuine ones.
  22. I tried knocking the pins out of a few hinges with a view to doing the modification but could not get them to budge, even with a MAPP torch. In the end I gave up and just bought new hinges. Proper genuine parts seemed to be the only standard ones that don’t have loads of slop from new.
  23. Good spot! The bench legs will be bolted to the floor once I can get some brackets. There will be a concrete slab around a car length in front of the building and all being well no significant step.
  24. Yep - Travis Perkins are hopefully delivering a load of bits next week. Insulation so I can finish boarding the inside, plus some more timber for the ‘loft’ space.
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