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  1. It’s the ‘standard’ size on a Land Rover. And yes there are numerous M8 fixings with 10mm heads on the vehicle before it’s pointed out Fully aware of the Japanese standards thank you.
  2. The Buzzweld CIO on my chassis has stuck well enough but has sadly been destroyed by road salt within a few years. The chassis is due to be blasted and re-galvanised in the near future and so I will try something else this time.
  3. The 8.8 stamped on the head suggests metric. Mine were 13mm heads, which is the ‘standard’ size for an M8 fixing. I also used a 1/2” spanner as it was a tighter fit on the slightly corroded heads.
  4. Glad you had a a good trip - thanks for dropping by 👍🏻
  5. I would concur. I’ve never been able to note any difference in noise or MPG between BFG ATs and road patterns such as Conti Cross Contact or Michelin’s XPC & Lattitude Cross.
  6. Normal for the American market where there is an obsession with fitting the largest tyres possible. The 90 does look good, however they have managed to replicate the old model quite faithfully in that the practicality of the rear loadspace is severely compromised on models with seats. They take up almost the whole space and then don’t fold flat properly either.
  7. Your going to need a wiring diagram for the vehicle to decode the loom, then it should be fairly straightforward to match up to the new lights.
  8. I think he does yes. Just returned from a trip to the arctic circle and back. The accent threw me the first time I watched it! His sunroof just cracked, so he’ll be heading their way soon I’m sure. His first 110 had a gearbox looms fault and he had to swap it for the vehicle he has now. 110 miles/2 hours 30 mins to the dealer for me too, but it’s the same for any brand nowadays round here.
  9. As long as he uses the Land Rover specified oil and filter there’s no issue. Official services at a garage (not necessarily the dealer) to keep the warranty intact, and the intermediate ones at home. Modern oil change intervals are more to do with minimising costs in the first 3 years to suit the leasing market than actually prolonging engine life.
  10. I’ve got the opposite problem and was going to try and solve it by removing the old wing skin and buying a Td5 one, which will put my filler in the right place for a rear tank.
  11. Nice write up, sounds like a good day out. In other modern LRs you can switch off the Dynamic Stability Control which is what cuts the throttle on wheelspin, on the new Defender there is a button on the dash by the gearstick. The manual explains how it can be turned off to aid off-road use, with the usual legal backside-covering warning about making sure you turn it back on again, so I presume the same function is there.
  12. The front is ghastly as seems to be the norm for many large vehicles now - most seem to go down the “aggressive” look. One can only presume that this is what many of the target customers want. I like the rest of it though, reminiscent of the classic outline and fairly well proportioned. They look better without all the bolt-on tat like gear carriers and ladders, however useful they may be. It’s about 9” wider in the body than the old Defender, which I’m told is about the same as an L322. While it will probably cause a few issues on tighter gates and greenlanes the extra space insi
  13. The mind is good at playing tricks for sure. A few years ago I oiled up my throttle cable as it was getting a bit stiff. The car immediately felt more responsive and powerful, the reality being I just needed less force with my right foot to achieve it!
  14. Interesting, will be good to see what the figures are like. £250 is a fair wedge and I’m not sure if the benefits would perhaps be as acute on a big standard engine?
  15. That’s what I did, drilled holes to fit the genuine pipe/cable clips and touched them up with paint before fitting. As they’re pretty much all drilled in the top face of the chassis rail the scope for rot is minimal.
  16. Before my time, but I am sure there was much disquiet over the move to coil springs as everybody knew that the only sensible suspension system for a 4x4 is leaf springs. Same as there was outrage over the introduction of electronic engine control with the Td5 because everyone knew that clockwork is the only reliable system. The wet grass question is an interesting one, it's a horrendously difficult surface to gain traction on as we all know. I'd guess that given the same conditions and tyre tread pattern, a new Defender with modern electronic traction control (via Terrain Response) and lo
  17. Was in Tesco the other day and saw they had new Henrys on offer for £100 - might be worth a punt as they seem to go for at least £50 second hand and are all 200 miles away.
  18. Sadly not. You will need either an adaptor plate (if available) or to convert your R380 gearbox to V8 fitment (new bellhousing and input shaft).
  19. When did we start salting roads? That’s the biggest factor in vehicle corrosion in my experience, especially in the northern half of the country.
  20. The manual suggests that they do, or at least suitably specced-up ones do. There were a number of switches and things on the side of the seat in the first edition that I tried, but all I did was move it forward/back so I could reach the pedals properly. I’m happy to sit on the standard seats in my old 90 for 500+ miles in one go so I doubt I could be classed as ‘fussy’ when it comes to seats.
  21. I see the copy and past function on their design computers is working quite well It looks good except for the front which reminds me of the Iveco Massif. And why is the bumper so huge - perhaps for impact regulations?
  22. The vehicle has the full gamut of towing safety tech as standard, same as all other Land Rovers. Further options are then available including the reversing aid auto-steering wotsit. By all accounts it tows very well, as you’d expect from the same base platform as the very well-regarded Discovery, and the increased torque from the new 6-cylinder engines will be an extra bonus I would think.
  23. You could probably climb through, but I’m not sure why you’d want to given that they’ve seen fit to provide you with doors through which to access the rear seating or load area. Good for letting the dogs through though I bet! I can’t see the post on the S2C forum as I’m not registered but looking at what is in place when the console isn’t fitted I reckon one could make up a plywood console with a profile on the bottom that fitted snugly into the cup holders and storage trays to locate it. Suitably trimmed it would probably do the job quite nicely, and would be able to be built to suit the
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