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  1. I think it must have been. Today I discovered the mounting brackets for side walls (where the windows are) have been fitted on the top rather that the bottom. This has been pushing the sidewall out by about 5mm. Are there any pics of the correct nut/washer/threaded rod/body/washer/nut combination that bolts the doorpost end down to the tub? I think they've screwed that up too as the spacing at the top of the door is quite small and not square.
  2. That's awesome. Thank you all. I thought there ought to have been some bolts on that crewmember, I can see the threads of the captive nuts. I think I'll run a tap through them first tho... You wouldn't think this chassis swap was done by a professional garage, would you?
  3. I've got the rubber mounting pieces, and think I can see where they go, it's the locations of the metal spacers I'm seeking. The C pillar is also a botch job. Its simply two pieces of 40mm x 25mm welded in. From what I've seen online, the angular C pillar part tapers as it meets the sill. Is this correct? Anyone have the dims for this piece? I know I'm going to have to cut it loose as I jack up and reset the tub.
  4. Hi all, a new to me, One Ten Defender County Stationwagon, 1989 vintage, has found it's way to my 4 post. It's had a galvy chassis fitted back on 2010, but the useless "fitters" didn't set it up with ANY spacers or rubber body mounts, at all! I've trawled the internet but can't fond any videos or info on exactly where these things should go. There is a definite dip in the roof And a definite curve in the bottom sill too. This means the doors do not fit well at all so, I'm hoping you guys could tell me what should go where.
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