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  1. Thanks very much. I’ll check out the recommended site.
  2. Kia Ora from New Zealand. I've had an issue with the Eco/stop light coming on and have been advised that it's due to the auxiliary battery being in poor condition. I've have ordered one from our local supplier but was interested as to whether this is something I can replace myself or is this a job for the professionals? I confess I haven't even been able to locate where the battery is sited!
  3. No issues that I know to leave the handbrake off and I've done it by accident a few times! Not sure about disconnecting the battery on the D4 - I think that it can cause some issues with the electrickery but not certain. Thanks a lot for the input.
  4. Hi. Going overseas and leaving the disco (diesel) parked in the garage for a couple of months. Anything I special I should do or should it be ok? Sorry if a bonehead question. Ta.
  5. As an addendum, I note that there is quite an audible whine on overrun too. Interestingly if I slightly pull the gear stick back a couple of mm when in 5th, the noise reduces significantly. Any replies very welcome.
  6. Hi and a happy new year to all. I have become aware of a whining noise on the td5 gearbox when in 5th. Doesn't seem to be an issue in other gears but pretty audible at around 90/100kmh. Gear selection is still smooth in all gears and doesn't jump out of gear. Is this likely to be new box job or something less (financially) significant? The disco has done 265,000 km and I changed the gearbox oil around 35k km ago.
  7. Thanks a lot guys. I'll get stuck into it as soon as the repair kit arrives from the UK.
  8. Thanks. Sounds like that might be the problem. How big a job is it to get the starter out?
  9. having a problem staring. Turn the key and it just clicks once. Flick the key once or twice and it starts normally. New battery and recent alternator replacement. Seem to have lots of battery power. Amy ideas please? Thanks.
  10. Job done but yes, a total pig. For anyone doing this anytime soon, here is my definitive 'how to guide': Before you start, protect the inside of the radiator with cardboard. 1. Disconnect battery 2. Remove fan cowl (4 screws) 3. Remove plastic/acoustic engine cover. 4. Remove fan (36mm spanner or I used mole grips and tap left with a hammer). 5. Remove auxiliary belt tensioner (15mm socket) 6. Remove tensioner (14mm socket). 7. Unbolt inter-cooler and move out of the way. 8. Disconnect 3 pipes from vacuum pump. This is a fiddle. 9. Disconnect main cable from alternator. This can
  11. Thanks very much Dave. Got it off at last with the aid of WD40 and levering it off with pliers. Next issue. How the hell does the alternator come out? It's too big to fit between the engine and the radiator. I read somewhere that it's 'a bit tight'. Understatement of the year. Does the facial or have to come out as well? Why the blazes can't they give you an extra 10mm!
  12. Thanks Dave. So you're saying you squeeze it in, not pry it outwards?
  13. The black plastic one with two wires in the attached photo.
  14. Hi. I'm midway through replacing my alternator (2002 Td5) but can someone please explain how to remove the black plastic plug from the rear? I've tried squeezing it, prying it but it won't budge and I don't want to break it. Thanks.
  15. Hi. So I've just driven a round trip of 350km to a guy selling an alternator advertised as a being for a 99-04 diesel model. It's part number AMR 5425 which I think is for the Tdi and not the Td5. Can someone confirm please? Thanks.
  16. Good to know. What with the centrifuge howling like a banshee as it winds down and the air compressor rattling away like a Gatling gun it's little wonder that I can clear a car park in under 10 minutes!
  17. Hi. I need to replace my alternator on my 2002 Td5. There are a couple available from breakers yards locally but can someone tell me whether all alternators for Td5s between 99-04 are interchangeable or of the same type? Thanks
  18. Thanks guys. No it's not the centrifuge. Mine already sounds like s dive bombing Stuka on shy down. This is quite different. Almost sounds like a motor running or juddering. Hard to describe.
  19. For some time my 2002 disco has randomly made an odd vibrating noise (almost sounds like an air compressor running) after the engine is switched off. It sometimes pulses for 3 or 4 times, about a second long each time. Any ideas?
  20. Thanks very much guys. Part ordered and normal service hopefully will be resumed shortly!
  21. Hi. I note that my hose in the attached photo is weeping from the little screw plug that looks broken so will need to change the hose. Thanks
  22. Thanks very much for the responses, obviously being paranoid! Thanks for the advice re-the tank pump Neil but I replaced it with a new VDO unit around a year ago after the cheap generic replacement one crapped out after around the same amount of time. Proves that you get what you pay for.
  23. Hi. A have a couple of quick queries regarding Td5 servicing. I recently did the oil, fuel, air filter change on my 2002 Disco and I had bit of an issue getting it restarted again after changing the fuel filter. The book doesn't say anything about pre-filling the fuel filter to reduce air being sucked through into the system but I've been wondering whether I should have done so. I had to run the air bleeding sequence 3 times before it coughed into life which doesn't seem right. Any thoughts appreciated. Also, I've noticed that my oil centrifuge really whines when the engine is turned off.
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