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  1. Will it be ready for Peterborough? I think the 6-speed from a BMW 330d would be the ultimate manual box. Time to get saving!
  2. Club86 on YouTube, Boost on Defender2

  3. I don't like the sound of 'chopping' torque, I love torque!! Haha Black Smoke Racing have used a TKO600 in their Mercedes drift wagon. I'd be after a bulletproof setup if done properly and definitely prefer manual so it's looking like a T5 with adaptor might work as has been mentioned. I thought merc 6-speed manual boxes were hells tough? Specifically one's out the 320cdi?
  4. Arggh now I'm tempted just to go for an R380 or get Ashcroft to make me a 'bulletproof' one. Would love in the region of 400hp but not sure an R380 could be built to take that, so many complications and expenses with the merc 6-speed manual. Gah!
  5. Ace project, looking good so far! Do you need an apprentice? I'm scared of auto transmissions but considering a th400 coupled with the om606 now!
  6. Looking good mate, are you making any vids about it/ when it's finished?
  7. I'm so interested to see how an r380 handles the hx35 and 7.5mm combo, that's a badass combination and I reckon it'll need a well-thought clutch setup. That Rakeway adaptor is engineering porn, if anyone's interested Red Winches do an adaptor also, I have a technical drawing but don't suppose they'd want me to share it. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the reply mate, swaying towards a beefy Merc auto box now, but love the simplicity of using a beefed up R380.
  9. Hi guys am following this with interest and plan on doing a similar swap. Have been on the Superturbodiesel forum talking to the merc boys. I know a Swedish company/bloke on Facebook making a compound turbo om606 manifold, and am similarly torn between the number of options, like landroversforever I want around 400hp for a number of reasons, however in reality I want the driveability and low-down torque as well as the high-end boost. I've come up with a few options that I'd love feedback on (if anyone's that bothered haha) Engine - OM606 with Dieselmeken 603 8mm pump and tubular manifold from KKD or Dieselpumpuk - Big single turbo i.e. Holset HX40 Super - Compound setup - Big VGT (no idea how to control it and can't rebuild) Gearbox - Arguably more interesting - Must be able to take the power and couple with LT230 - Adaptor to R380 (not reliable with ~400lb ft) - Merc 6 speed manual (available from many clk models) - Requires custom flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate etc. No kit off the shelf as far as I know - Nissan 5 speed manual conversion from 4x4fabrication.co.uk - proper job but not sure how expensive - Merc 722.6 5 speed automatic, incredibly tough and meant to be very reliable, can add electronic controller (paddle shift in a 110!!) - Not sure about autos. I do know Rakeway sell an adaptor to fit the rear of this 'box to the LT230 Sorry for the thread hijack and anyone interested probably has this information already.
  10. Hi, following this build with interest and fantastic job on the body/chassis!! I'm planning on putting an om606 into a 110 and would love to go the whole hog like you have renovating the vehicle, if the budget allows! Am also planning on getting a Dieselmeken/DPUK pump and Holset HX30 or 40 size turbo but not sure if major lag would be an issue. Have looked at Gaz Fab's adaptor but after having an LT77 behind a highly modified 200tdi, I'd like to go with a Merc or possibly BMW gearbox. Keep it up!
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