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  1. I just bought some 4W coloured LED bulbs off a company called ultraleds.com. Then a new indicator relay off mobile solutions. Did the job fine in my '89 Landy 90. And much cheaper and less faff than buying and having fit a whole new set of lamps. Been on the 90 for 3 years now still going strong and bright too, infect when I was stopped by the police one night they thought my 90 was red and not it's sandy brown colour.
  2. Don't let the lack of green lanes put you off scotland and make you not come, Scotland has some just stunning views which are perfectly acceptable by any road going vehicle. Some of the roads are so remote, you will think you are off road, take the road out to Applecross, stunning single track road, amazing drive with views to die for, this can be said for many of the roads in Scotland, ok their not off Tarmac but that doesn't stop you driving them in a Land Rover! And then if you want some off Tarmac green lanes on your trip pop over the border to Cumbria, it really isn't that far! Give me a call and I'll take you round some of the great green lanes we have in the Lake District. If we are lucky and as long as your driving a Land Rover sub 100inch chassis then we might be able to get a pass onto Gatesgarth.
  3. I have the RRC "police spec" springs on my 90 with HD Tuffback +2" dampers on, these I find are a good compromise for comfort and road handling.
  4. Just something that's worth taking notice of, the ford in your picture that finishes near the Three Shires Pub, is NOT a legal byway, and if caught/ spotted by the locals on this one you could be in but of trouble! Do NOT drive this ford! Glad you had a good time, but please do be careful to check where you can legally drive, we are getting to the point where we are loosing Lanes that we can drive now. Rant over!
  5. There are very few legal byways in Scotland, and the ones that do exist you need the Land Owners permission to drive. If you just go off-road on what seems like a track, you could well be prosecuted by the law and would get in a lot of trouble. It's really not worth the risk. If you want to go off-road on legal byways, might I suggest that you pop just over the border to Cumbria, we have loads of legal and excellent byways that you can drive, I have driven pretty much all of them and really don't mind being a guide if you need someone to show you around. As for Scotland, I wouldn't risk it if I was you.
  6. I had a custom stainless exhaust system made up for me by these guys: http://www.pipewerx.com One silencer and side exit just infront of rear wheel through the body, very smart and a slightly bigger bore. Sounds GREAT! Cost me a total of £300 and took them about 2 hours, all stainless no mild steel involved at all, been on the 90 about 3 years now still looks good as new.
  7. I had this very problem. and I can help...... There is an alternative Donaldson part number for this filter it is P77-2579 or this is the Fram filter unit part number: CA5745 Available at your local auto parts supplier, if your having trouble let me know cos I can get them from mine there about £20
  8. Sorry, wasn't meant to come across like that. The Farmer and his wife have a general dislike of 4x4's as they drive literally within inches of their house. She had spotted you and your mate and as you were the first of the year that she had noticed that has started off her grump against 4x4's using the lane. This is a very sensitive lane in the lakes as it is also a very popular one, and comes very close to the farmers home, as I am sure you understand. It is probably best people be aware of these issues and to tread quickly and carefully past the farm buildings. There has been damage caused by some 4x4 drivers to the farmers walls, either through damage caused by clipping some of the close walls to the track. but there is evidence of some 4x4 users taking stones from the walls near some of the more tricky parts to aid driving up them, this simply isn't necessary and against what most 4x4 drivers accept as their code of conduct. Sorry to sound a bit preachy, not my intention we really need to look after the lanes we still have. Good Photo's though and a brave man taking a suzi on some of those lanes. Did you also do Breasthigh? it is looking a little washed out in places though.
  9. Ahh so you were the other 4x4 group that the farmers wife was moaning about at Sadgill Farm in Longsleddale. We came down there later than you and got a right ear-bashing off the lady, fortunately as I was very kind and a local when we left she was much happier.
  10. It's not my car the Disco, it is the Fiance's she would like another Land Rover, as she feels safe in them, especially in the bad weather, which we seem to get a lot of up here. The V8 is going to go, we have a buyer that we have promised it to, who has more time to spend on it. The 90 is the play toy, as I have my company car to use all the time. So the replacement is for the other half and she want's something to feel safe in and will get her about when the weather is bad and I'm off around the country and before you all say it she doesn't like driving the 90 on the road. what do I do?
  11. You are very right indeed! We already have a buyer for it, which is good but means I need to get a new one sharpish
  12. No to LPG! Why is everyone so obsessed with LPG systems! it would be our main vehicle and I don't want the hassle with LPG, also the V8 was NEVER going to stay it was always going to become a diesel. We have a buyer for the V8 Disco already a diesel is the way to go for me, I prefer them and they have less issues with water, which we seem to get A LOT of in the Lake District these days. I have a diesel in the 90 but that is more of an off-road toy now. The budget is £3-4K we would just rather spend 3K considering we get married next easter.
  13. It has come to the point where we are going to have to sell Tiger the V8 Disco, after falling in love with her and fixing her up, she has become uneconomical to keep. The initial thing with here along with fixing her up was to put a diesel engine in her too, but due to lack of time thanks to my great new job, doing an engine swap is just not happening, and in the meantime she is costing my fiance a small fortune to run. So the decision has been made to buy a Diesel Disco, after finding a couple of absolute cracking examples of the 300tdi disco's we found out that some other people had also spotted them and bought them before we could get to them To be honest we are struggling to find any decent ones we have about £3K to spend, and would rather spend and get a decent one with low-ish mileage. So my parameters are having to change as this needs to happen soonish. What are the TD5 Disco's like in terms of up keep and working on them yourselves and are there any additional issues related with these ones over the 300tdi's Also (and I really don't like this but it is the fiance's car) as she likes the Freelanders what are the TD4 freelanders like? problems? etc.... we have spotted a very clean 52 plate TD4 freebie that seems like a good deal at £3.5K with 93K on the clock and with a full service history. Is this going to cause me issues, eg expensive garage bills or can I still do a lot of the work myself? HELP!!!!!
  14. ok I missed that one off the list. But will it fit?
  15. I have a 3 door V8 disco, that I want to change to a 200tdi. I have a LT77s gearbox on the Disco can I just bolt a 200tdi straight onto the gearbox or do I need to faff around changing the gearbox too. the gearbox is solid and being the LT77s has a useful things like a series clutch fork, which is much better than the pressed types. I know I need to put a return fuel line into the fuel tank for the diesel, put a different air box in and a fuel filter, and I was just going to put a switch on the dash for the heater plugs. will a 200tdi fit on my gearbox? Cheers
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