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  1. If that's the case would I need to take the box out or is there another way to free it off?
  2. Hi guys. I'm having issues with my project 110 clutch. The truck has been moved intermittently over the last few years but has always driven fine. I've recently gone to move it and the pedal would get stuck and the truck would not go fully in gear, it would still try and move though. I've just changed the slave and master cylinder and although the pedal no longer gets stuck I still have no clutch. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks
  3. half the bolts and it would still perform the same and look a lot better!
  4. Thanks for the advice. The Maf sensor was a genuine parts unit from bearmach. I have also already changed the intercooler pipes just in case it was that but it made no difference. I have also checked the air intake pipes as i had a slight whistle occasionally under load, but there was no evidence of any holes.
  5. At work we have an 02 plate 110 td5 utility station wagon. It has always been noticeably slower than our other td5 110's but recently it became much worse. We tow daily up to 3.5 tons and cover around 300 miles per week. Over the past 6 months we have had issues with power surges combined with black smoke, which after it had a service and a new MAF sensor went away, but it was still down on power. The power loss became much worse recently resulting in only being able to achieve 35mph with lots of black smoke when under load and the turbo is definitely not spinning up. The land rover is currently with an independent land rover specialist. It has been there for a few weeks being looked over and different things being tried. So far it has had the injectors changed for a tested second hand set, and a replacement ecu, as it had oil in it. The in tank fuel pump has also been changed. This has still not resolved the power issues although it has stopped smoking. They are now saying it will require a rebuilt engine with new turbo etc and will cost around £9k to have all of the work done. This seams a crazy amount to spend on a 12 year old work truck! Are there any other possible causes for this power loss? The truck itself is in good order and other than the engine it is mechanically sound. The engine has done 100000 miles and was not noisy or rattly with no metal filings in the oil. It uses no oil but there is a slight weep of water at the back of the engine. There is no play in the turbo shaft and it spins freely and smoothly by hand. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I thought all the G WAC plates were on 200tdi discovery's??
  7. As far as i am aware that is correct. I had a caravan that weighed 1400kgs i could legally tow it on one of my vehicles but not my land rover as the combination was over 3500kgs. I believe this will be changing soon though and also if you tow comercially you will need to take the test soon, along with the drivers cpc and run tachographs in any vehicle over 3.5 ton which you would be in a land rover and trailer combo.
  8. We have a 2 year old 110 at work that this happened to. It radomly shattered when we were stood next to it. The vehicle had been parked up for 20 minutes and no one had touched the door. Have had a few others in the past do this also but we always put that down to stone chips or something hitting it inside the vehicle.
  9. Took my test last week. Had morning training and test in the afternoon. Cost £350 including the test fee of £115. This was through a training company in yorkshire using there vehicle and trailer. Test lasts about 1hour 30 mins including a reversing section at the test centre. I found the trailer side of it easy but its like taking your driving test again so they look at everything. There is a very high failure rate so practice as much as you can. My boss put me through my test and the guy i work with did his a week later and failed. He failed for not using his passenger mirror in the reverse monouvere. Its definately worth doing to keep you legal.
  10. If you do go for a kenlowe fan dont use there stupid cable tie mounts that go through the rad. Twice now i have had them put holes in my radiator! lesson learned and fan now removed.
  11. Thanks for the replies, im going to stick with vented discs, seems the safer and easier option.
  12. I currently have vented front discs fitted to my 110 csw project. I want to fit solid discs as i have found vented ones just clog up with mud and make no difference. Is it just a case of fitting new discs and pads or do the calipers need changing too? thanks
  13. There are loads available on ebay from around £35 upwards, just search for winch mount. Gwynn lewis makes some nice ones in kit form.
  14. Yes it is, if you could measure one up that would be great Thanks. It looks fairly easy to make, was thinking some 50mm box section and then fab up some mounts.
  15. I need to replace the middle crossmember on my project 110 csw. Rather than fork out £80 for a YRM replacment I was thinking of making my own. Has any one else done this? Does any one have any dimensions or photos as there is not much left to reference from on mine. Thanks Jason
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