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  1. Cheers chaps.......spacer kit ordered from Glencoyne. Will report back in due course
  2. Can you remember Mike, what kind of thickness the spacer was? Mark
  3. Thanks for the replies gents. I don't remember getting a spacer, but when I've checked I see that I've not fitted one in any case. I know I'm being thick, but if the pump never went off cam, would it just be stuck in one position and unable to actually pump as the level couldn't move? Had a look inside the lift pump as suggested, but I see don't any suspicious dirt or debris. The bugger still wont start though :/
  4. FL 1 1.8 Petrol, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
  5. This isn't correct. I have a 90 and was given the same advice and bought a second hand disco cowling. When fitted, the fan blades hit the bottom of the cowling. You'll need need the proper defender cowling to make it work.
  6. Afternoon Guys and Girls, Brief history of time first......I fitted a new (Delphi) lift pump about 3 months to go to remedy a problem where the fuel would drain back to the tank after a few hours when left switched off. The change immediately fixed the problem, and all was well in landyville. Anyway fast forward a few weeks, and my 90 became very sluggish, as if she was drawing a 3 tonne trailer. It would always get to full speed, but took significantly longer than normal. I've looked at the turbo, and intercooler, the hoses etc, and all seems to be ok. So fast forward to yesterday .... the 90 was starting perfectly. First crank, and bang away she went . So today, I decided to change the fuel filter incase it had become clogged through dirty fuel as there was one day when I almost ran out of fuel, and I worried this was the cause of my reduced power. Anyway, filter changed, and I tried to prime the fuel system using the lever on the lift pump, but there was no pumping action at all. It didn't feel as though it was 'off' the cam, as it had a certain resistance, but it just wasn't doing anything. I tried brute force cranking it but the engine just wont start. Usually when operating the lever, I could hear any excess fuel draining back into to the tank, or with the bleed screw open on top of the fuel filter head, I'd get a little stream of fuel. Not today though. I cranked the engine to try and ensure the lift pump was definitely on the cam, but it made no difference at all. So.....I'm wondering.....has anyone seen a brand new Delphi lift pump go bad in a very short space of time?......And if the lift pump DID go bad, would that explain the reduced power over the last few weeks, and would it lead to me being unable to prime the system to get it to start? I know she's been starting fine since the lift pump was changed, but perhaps a fully primed fuel system can work on the vacuum created by the injection pump in full chat, even if the lift pump has laid down? Any thoughts?? Regards Mark
  7. Many thanks for your replies guys & I appreciate you taking the time to find and post those links Western. From the pictures, it definitely looks like the lower curve is a bit deeper on the defender version.
  8. Hi Folks, My 300tdi defender was missing it's fan shroud when I bought it two years ago, and during the past week a kind club member gave me a 2 piece disco shroud. Got it fitted today and when I went to refit the viscous fan/hub it's quite clear it aint gonna fit. With the fan blades sitting on the bottom of the shroud, the hub is about 15mm higher than the shaft it threads on to. My intital thoughts are that the wrong fan blades are fitted, however whats fitted is ERR2789 which is listed as the Defender 300 tdi blades. Next series of thoughts are that the engine is sitting too low, or the radiator is sitting too high. This vehicle started life as a 2.5TD and has had a new galv. chassis (300tdi) and been fitted with a 300tdi engine/R380 box and all fit/align perfectly with chassis mounts (I had engne/box out to change the clutch earlier this year). I'm told the disco and defender shrouds are identical except for the removable top on the disco version. Has anyone come across this before or have any ideas what might be the issue? Many thanks
  9. Hi Folks, Had to acquire a new front axle tube for several reasons. Anyway, tube acquired and began stripping the old axle to recover the diff and hubs/half shafts. I unbolted the complete hub assemblies where the stub axle meets the axle tube, and withdrew the entire hub complete with half shafts still in place. Placed the hubs assemblies on the ground (wheel nuts on the ground) half shaft facing directly into the air. After a bit of sludge removal, I had a fiddle with my shaft, and noticed a very significant amount of play, where the half shaft passes through a seal into the back of the stub axle. Microcat tells me that the halfshaft passes first through FRC4319 (Axle Assembly - Stub Front Suspension) and then FRC3099 (Seal - Stub Axle). This is the first time I've ever removed or seen this part of my defender, and I'm sure its not supposed to have any significant play. Boths side are similar, but I've uploaded a video showing the O/S assembly, which can be viewed on the link below https://goo.gl/photos/zM9Uify7dCzvDQdg9 Could I trouble any of the more learned among you, to take a quick look and give your opinions please. I should also point out that the when I drained the diff pan, the fluid could be best described as black custard. I guess it's become an emulsion of diff oil/one shot grease and water, which is leaking in through the duff seals. Appreciate any advice.
  10. A bit late perhaps, but may be useful for anyone else searching for the same info http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.co.uk/Land-Rover-Defender-Bulkhead-to-Chassis-Bracket-Air-In-Take-Bracket-300tdi/Td5-Galvanised The part is Air In Take Dump Valve Bracket for 300tdi & Td5 Part no. ESR3162
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