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  1. Hi everyone I want to blank off my egr on the 300tdi which I believe with the new mot laws it cannot be removed ? So I guess it’s best to slip a blanking plate between the manifold and actually egr Instead of actually removing the egr completely ? what do most do ? many thanks
  2. I will try that many thanks western great idea One question Am I right in thinking tho if either of the front capilers or the rear slaves were duff eg faulty seals surly they would be leaking fluid from some where surly that would be visible and I would have to keep topping up the master cylinder , is that correct guys ?? Which would then point to master wouldn't it ?
  3. Many thanks puffer nutter I thought that could be a idea to however I have adjusted them perfectly so think I can rule that out
  4. Should I replace the master cylinder first then ?
  5. I wouldn't say a hole in the line as I don't lose ANY fluid and I never top it up
  6. Started with Rear passenger Rear drivers Front passenger Last of all front drivers Just checked once the pedal is pumped up if I hold the pressure on it does slowly creep to the floor
  7. Evening everyone Please help as I have major problems with getting a decent brake pedal To put you in the picture Firstly I know how to bleed brake The Landy is a 1987 90 Solid disks and pads on the front Drums and shoes on the rear All discs and pads and drums and shoes were replaced about a year ago The master cylinder was replace at the same time with a trw make ( think that's correct maybe twr ?) Rear shoes are adjusted correctly aswell Problem is when I hit the brakes the pedal goes to the floor this hardy slows her down at all Each pump afterwards builds up to a better pedal but as soon as I take my foot of and reapply the pedal goes to the floor again Regarding the bleeding I have tried the 2 man method AND the easy bleed kit both don't give me brakes !!!! I have used 5 full litres of brand new fluid there are NO air bubbles at all and the fluid is clean !!!!! I am sure there is nothing else regarding the bleeding that can be done !!!!!!! So I am left with a pedal that hits the floor on the first push followed by a pedal that gets harder when pumped !!!!! Then foot off back on then it goes to the floor again !!!! What do I do guys any help or advice please ?? Regards Chris
  8. Ok thanks guys i am guessing i cant do any harm fitting one from the starter casing to the chassis ??
  9. Guys My speedo has randomly stoped working I have check the connect of the speedo to the back of the clock and that is fine It is a one piece cable not a split one Is there any known normal cause of tis problem eg Clocks broken Cable broken or seized somewhere inside Little gear in gearbox fail Any ideas where to start ?? many thanks Chris
  10. Hi everyone I have a 1987 90 with a 300tdi engine in her , i had to replace the starter motor due to problems with the solinod When i replaced the starter motor i notice there NO big earth strap from the starter motor casing to the chassis ??? Is this normal or should there be one ??? I have owned to series land rovers and BOTH of then had a earth strap from the starter motor casing to the chassis Should i have one on the 90 ?? Many thanks Chris
  11. Hi guys I need to get a replacement steering damper for the 90 I have heard that the return to centre ones are rubbish ?? So I am looking at the standard type What would you recommend as a good one ?? Many thanks Chris
  12. Guys did a bit of digging , as I said my transfer box is a Ashcroft recon unit On the Ashcroft website they sell a gl5 spec ep oil which they recommend for the lt230 and the diffs Surely this must be safe then if dave @ Ashcroft sells it saying its perfectly ok for the diffs and transfer box ??
  13. Hello everyone I am going a service on my 1986 300 tdi I got given so EP 80/90 from a friend but it's is not GL4 it's GL5 spec I have heard that this can damage bronze soft metal Maybe in the transfer box not sure if the diffs have this metal in to Can I use this spec in the diffs and transfer box ( transfer box is Ashcroft recon ) Is it safe in the diffs ?? Is it safe in the transfer box ? ? Or shall I not take the risk ?? Any help would be great Regards Chris
  14. Mate I am in the same boat !! I have a list on my phone of all the jobs that need doing on my land rover everytime you get near the end more is added to the list !! I have owned my 90 for 4 years and the list has never been emptly There so much new stuff on her surely the work will stop one day !!
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