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  1. Hi everyone, has anyone changed a puma clutch themselves? I've changed plenty of clutches on tdi's and Td5's but never on a 2.4. I'm looking at thaking the seatbox/floorpan out and pulling the gearbox rather than the engine out , reason being i don't want to disturb fuel lines or the air-con. Is this way easiest? Also which clutch should i buy as i understand the early ones are flawed ( mines 2007 MY) are all replacement clutches now updated or only genuine? Many thanks, Steve
  2. I would change insurance companies! NFU have never been concerned about any mods i have made, including windows, rear seats ( converted from hardtop) nor the 4.6 v8! On the re- registering, i believe they can change the tax class but you need the manufacturer ie Land Rover to confirm the change of model. Steve
  3. Did you check the crank signal on live data when it was plugged in to diagnostics? A poor or erratic signal could cause poor starting as can a dodgy starter motor, as these can cause erroneous crank signals when they start to fail. If you bump start it and it starts straight up then that points to the starter, but i would definately check the crank signal.
  4. Hi all, yet again i have an issue with my hawkeye. I originally bought my hawkeye unlocked for Disco 2, today i tried to program in a additional code for Defender L316 (2.4) there were no prompts on screen as suggested on BM's website but i managed to find my way through regardless. It now connects to the puma defender but no longer shows Discovery on the main menu. I plugged it in to the Disco and it just gives me options for Defender L316 or Defender, NO Discovery. Has anyone here succesfully unlocked an additional vehicle? Have i done something wrong or is hawkeye just a rip off! I have ema
  5. I've been googling this to death and don't seem to be getting far, i'm looking for the part number for the strap that retains the rear forward facing fold up seats on a 2007 90 SW (L316) i only have the short section that's attached to the seat (broken clip) and what seems to be a metal ball shaped fixing attached to the wheel arch box. I can get pics if needed. Without this strap the seat won't stay folded away! Thanks Steve
  6. were the injectors put back in the correct order as they are coded and position is critical. Also have you checked the timing is ok? Its not uncommon for TD5 timing to be out. Steve
  7. I competed in the Transylvania trophy extreme class with a full bodied sw 90 and never had trouble with the glass! Also did Trophee Cevenol and loads of other stuff with no problems. I would say i was aware of the windows when scraping against trees but i didn't particularly avoid damage whilst competing.
  8. No, very different! The intake is on opposite sides and different shape too. Steve
  9. You have to rotate it before pulling it out. I can't remember which way off the top of my head but they are VERY fragile! And technically they're made from Nylon ;-) Steve :-)
  10. The earth header that usually gives problems is grey and lives in the engine bay. Its screwed to the bulkhead just behind the coolant header tank. You need to prize it open and i suspect you find the connector corroded inside. Are you getting power to the pump? Or is the pump causing the issue? TD5 pumps aren't known for their longevity!
  11. Here you go, not had a lot of time to write up about this as i went straight back to work. Just like to thank Nige for keeping me awake every night with snoring that sounded like an un silenced TD5 with a misfire ? Seriously though, thanks Barker for coming along to share this experience. I've done this twice before aswell as the Trophee Cevenol and Croisiere Blanche. I have to say that i believe they have raised the bar a little since the passing of the Cevenol and as such my thoughts are - Go for it, come and do this event before its gone BUT please fit a roll cage (everyone makes mistakes)
  12. I'm pretty sure if you interupt the power supply to the fuel pump that it won't cause the MIL light to come on but will log a fault. I dont see this as being a problem, just clear the codes as and when. But i'm assuming this is intended as a last resort if a vehicle gets stolen? If so then it doesnt really matter if it throws a fault code anyway! And if its passive, then the vehicle wont be on and wont know any different. Steve
  13. ^^^^ I am the 'Steve' that worked at KAM with Nige. I still run Kam stuff in my axles, I personally think people ask too much of this stuff, I mean 37" tyres FFS on trucks that weigh 2400kg by the time they have all the other bolt on cr@p. Anyhow, when I worked there some 3-4 years back now, we were seriously trying hard to address issues of quality control, material spec and most of all customer service. I think we were doing ok. Nowadays though I have no idea as Allmakes have taken control so I wouldn't like to comment on quality. It's worth mentioning though that at the time Ashcrofts, Kam
  14. Hi all, we're going down to France in 5 weeks time to take part in the 25th Mille rivières. My friend is desperately in need of a co driver for his 110". The dates are 7th - 10th November + a day or two each side for travelling. This is a good fun event with fantastic food too! If anyone is interested please could you let me know ASAP, cheers, Steve.
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