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  1. Did anybody see the new series of wheeler dealers on sky this week? a V8 defender 90 1980s era bought for £3000,sprayed up with some fancy wheels and windows a bit of bling BLING and sold for £6000. DOES ANYONE HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBER THEY CAN BUY MINE! we must be under selling our defenders.
  2. i just pushed the hard plastic into a 8mm rubber hose,used hose clips on the feed pipe to the filter and nothing on the return and mine are fine. if you want to heat the plastic pipe to push it onto any unions put it in a cup of hot water for a while first.but i did not even heat the pipe up, i once used the dia you get with a brake pipe flaring tool to clamp the pipe and knocked the unions on and that was on a fuel injection system that also worked fin,and that was around 80 psi presure, up to the fuel pump on a landy i am sure there is very little presure,if your requirement is after the pump i would not know what presure it would be? good luck
  3. i have a 1986 defender 90,i have checked the rear shocks with standard 90 ones and mine seam to be aprox 4 inches longer on full extension. i did wonder if mine has a lift kit on it already? it definately also has really really hard ride.but also noticed lately the pasengers front to be lower than the drivers side i am looking for a set of +2" springs second hand as i dont think you can go alot more without affecing steering geometry ,but want to know what the colour codes mean as i would like to make the ride softer than it is but not as soft as to make it handle really bad. i mostly are on the road and sometimes do a bit of off roading,i do tow a mini digger around less and less now though. i believe most landrover springs will fit, thanks for any advise i can get
  4. cheers wizard i wonder if i just lost mine when i took the rocker shaft then the head off or they were just not there in the first place? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF ANY OF THEM. i did turn the head upside down to check the surface. my book says to change them anyway with the head bolts.
  5. Talk about bad luck? i have just had a 200tdi disco engine and box fitted in my 90 because i did not have the time or equipment to do it myself.however two weeks later there is a hiss hiss noise coming from under the bonnet. i have had a look and the head gasket is blowing out of the rear of the head,there is no water or oil contamination and it has not overheated as i have not driven it since. i have removed the head and used a straight edge and a 2tho feeler gauge and drawn them across the surface and the head seams fine with no warping etc. it already has a 3 hole head gasket on it. now i intend to replace the gasket with the same thickness and not skim the head,i was told that there are suposed to be caps on the valve stems like the 300 tdi but mine does not seam to have any? replace the head bolts with new. and is the torque method the same as a 300 tdi as i only have a 300 tdi manual to go off.IE 40lbs then 60 deg then another 60 deg with a guage? thanks for any help. please check out the for sale forum as i have the rest of thre disco to dispose of or pm me with any requests
  6. yes thats what i thought the pump would work or just not. i was however asked today if there was a presure relief valve on the pump that may have temporary stuck?but cannot say have had a relly good look at this. The problem was experienced in the disco and then went away in the disco.i have now placed the complete engine with ancills in the defender but have not road tested it yet as i am considering changng the pump anyway(just in case)the steering box is still in the disco although i intend to fit that in my defender as well. thanks. soon any bits off the disco and defender i do not use will appear in the for sale section if there is any interest?
  7. there has just been a disco 200 tdi engine fitted in my 90. i was told by the previous owner of the disco that he was driving along at about 60 mph and sudenly the steering went heavy and he had a job to steer the car.i drove the disco after and all seamed fine. of course i may have inherited this problem with the engine change and dont really want to experiece the same failure whilst i am doing 60 mph would this be a power steering pump issue?ie do they do that as i imagine they would either work or not.or could it be air in the system? i also have a defender 300 tdi pump are they the same as i could just fit that to be sure all is ok? thanks
  8. i have a rear axle off a J reg 200 tdi disco complete. there is disco 200 tdi engine and boxes in my 90 as well out of the same vehicle.actally i have the whole vehicle at the moment. should i change the rear axle as well? to gain disc brakes is it worth it? and are the ratios the same as i do not want to wind up the exsisting original front axle of my 90 that used to be td. thanks
  9. i have a 90 with a winch on it,it seams to have heavy duty suspension as it is really quite a harsh ride.i would like to lift the suspension by 2 inches and sofen the ride a bit but not so much as too make it wobble when cornering. i have some disco 200 tdi springs here and i read a bit about this before on the forum when somebody said they would lift the suspension compared to the standard 90,i cant see that being the case but is this true and how is the ride with these fitted? if i buy 2"lift springs should i get 90 ones or disco ones i know that either will fit but could do with te pros and cons on both if posible? i do sometimes tow a trailer with a mini digger on it, thanks
  10. hello i have a E reg defender 90 td and am sometimes having dificulty selecting 5th gear but not every time and when i change down to 4th it can also grind a bit when going in ,but only in these gears. i have a complete and running 200 tdi disco and are considering puting the engine in my defender to increse the mpg and power or selling the whole lot.as i have not much time at the moment. i want to use the original gearbox as it seams easier than messing about with the transmision tunnel and handbrake.(i have read the thread to do so) however i need to make sure the box is ok because it would be a right pain to put it together and have to swap the gearbox later. i have been told the top housing and the plastic bush inside often wear and could be the cause? would this be worth a chance first or shoud i just fit the box from the disco?
  11. brilliant i will try to adjust the spring and hope to keep my defender box,if it does not help i will consider thr other option. thanks a lot
  12. thanks i know that using the disco box reqires some kind of transmission tunnel modifications,but at the momment on occasion i have trouble getting 5th gear and when i do and have to change back down into fourth it grinds a bit on the way in! i am unsure if it is adjustment of the two bolts that the coiled spring sits on by the base of the gearstick or a syncro issue,that is why i am considering using the disco box as it would be a shame to put the engine in and still have a gearbox problem. i also know about the exhaust bits required ebay £65 for that but will i be able to use a new defender 300 tdi clutch in the 2oo tdi disco (which i have and the timing belt etc and the crank seals from either a 300 tdi defender or a N/A defender?) if not does anyone want to swap a 300 tdi clutch or one i can use? cheers
  13. hello i have just been given a complete 200tdi discovery all running fine.i intend to put it into my TD 90 i have followed the thread of what and how to do it and have a good idea now thanks to the tech libary here.i am not yet sure if i am going to use mt lt77 box or the disco one. whilst carrying out the coversion they recomend changing the timing belt etc and the clutch and the crank oil seals front and rear ?and i will change the engine and gearbox mounts. i have access to defender N/A and 300 tdi parts(maybe 200 tdi as well) my questions are for what i need to do is that going to be any good to me? ie is anything the same on the disco to either of the above? thanks
  14. dont forget to get an extended wing mirror arm or you will not be able to see past the spare wheel!
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