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  1. Davethelandy

    New user new 2a owner

    Mine looked like milk when I changed mine, I presumed it was water
  2. Davethelandy

    Screw on oil filter conversion

    I've just got one 😁 just need time to fit it, what do you do with the oil cooler take offs? Also Isn't there a valve also inside that needs removing
  3. Davethelandy

    Self lubricating underside

    20l of black concrete paint! ;-)
  4. Davethelandy

    Bearings (RTC3416/RTC3426) no longer from Timken?

    Try a local machinery shop, they should be able to get you sorted
  5. Davethelandy

    Screw on oil filter conversion

    Any joy with this? Want to do the same, I think early disco derv engines have the correct housing. I keep reading conflicting advice though
  6. Davethelandy

    What do you use your series 1, 2, or 3 for

    I use mine as a second car, tip runs mainly! Its a pottering around car, my son loves it and expects to own it when he starts driving in 4 years.... Just hope my wife doesn't make me sell it. Also I keep telling her its in case we have snow so she can get to work ok - she drives a bm.
  7. Davethelandy

    Dizzy caps etc

    Go electronic! You won't go back
  8. Davethelandy

    Series Bulkheads

    Fantastic work going on there ;-)
  9. Davethelandy

    Series Bulkheads

    I don't do Facebook.... But I would like a series bulkhead, keep us (and me) in mind when you've got some prices! ;-)

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