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  1. Sean are you on the following group? Also what is the reg of yours as I may have in service pics of yours. I know quite a few people including myself who have resolved your problem via the following process:(also listed on the group with photos, just use the search feature and it'll come up) 1 Remove window and frame can be as 1 unit mainly depends on how good the sealant is. 2 remove 1/4" plastic sheet from inside face of the said window. 3 then remove the rubber layer from the inside face of the window. 4 refit frame/glass with sickall (if I recall correctly)
  2. Hi having trouble with the fuel gauge on my 1986 110 2.5na. It reads full when empty and empty when full. Wires on gauge as you look at the back are Rh green Lh green & black Center black Any one able to help? Thanks
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