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  1. @HoSS not trying to tell grandma how to suck eggs but I take it you are going to support that top hose ! loving the build 👌🏻
  2. How much are you taking off the rear overhang AND is it really necessary?
  3. Ah of course , the a frame crossmember has moved forward , DOH ! Yeah you are certainly making packaging a problem for yourself 🤣
  4. It hasn’t moved for 10 years so no problems at all , ha ha !! Seriously though I never had any problems with it , they sit well above the lower chassis line , I never got round to fabricating a tank guard for it but it would be prudent to do so . As you say with the new front suspension mounts a standard tank wouldn’t fit , hadn’t thought of that ! I’m un-bobbing MUD so the tank will return to the rear of the chassis covered by an almighty tank guard that I got from somewhere that I can’t remember 🙄, I no longer do the sort of off roading that makes the 110 rear overhang a problem and the tank
  5. 90 tank under the drivers seat , pre TD5 I think ? That’s what I did when I bobbed MUD
  6. Makes me glad to be in Blighty where I can remove my viscous fan and run standard radiators with out any problems 🤣
  7. Likewise! @miketomcat so full width Ali rad is what you need then ? deeper core with bigger tanks , throw the viscous fan and fit a fixed unit plus an electric fan on the front .
  8. Sorry but I’ve never overheated a tdi in my life , laning , pay n play in serious mud , towing 3.5 ton over the hills in Buxton !
  9. Yeah I would say that if you need extra cooling on your tdi then there’s a problem somewhere, I always remove the viscous fan in favour of electric and it hardly ever gets switched on
  10. @missingsid awesome video thank for that , some of my all time favourite comp motors , the aliquat, guy smiths buggy , the appleyard buggy and Pete Rowe’s landrover , brilliant.
  11. All marketing buff , surely it’s a bulldog with a station wagon body ? Having said that I want one 😌
  12. If you include your own time at £60 an hour it’s be quite easy I suppose 🙄
  13. My favourite piece of “engineering” is the B+Q gate hinges holding the fuel tank in place , that will account for at least £10 of the 65 grand build cost 🤣
  14. A claimed 65k build ? To build that monstrosity 🤢, it’s simply awful. I’ve seen it before , not sure if it was an article or a previous for sale ad , whichever it’s still a hideous thing
  15. I have to ask , would it put a diesel or oil fire out in the same manner , I have my doubts.
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