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  1. Totally agree , I’m completely over it and don’t even bother looking at any pictures of it or reading any of the Land Rover sponsored blurb in the papers and online , I only look in this thread to read the amusing rants for and against 🤣
  2. I know it’s a bit late now but on Landy’s Range Rovers etc if I’m taking the engine out I always prefer to take out and install the engine and box as one unit, without the transfer box , they are a damn sight easier to bolt together on the floor of the workshop . Obviously if I’m just taking the box out (on a lift ) then that’s what I do . Might help you for next time.
  3. Would love to go full EV with MUD but the tech just ain’t there yet , maybe my retirement present to myself (30 years probably!)
  4. Now see here young man , we’ll have not if this modern talk around here .Next you’ll be wanting new fangled things like pneumatic tyres and electric headlights !
  5. More like a fire hazard when welding 😬🔥
  6. D1’s do go at the back end eventually, from the transfer box forward they never rot , the built in chassis lubrication system takes care of that 🤣
  7. Or your fuel system/fuel tank isn’t venting therefore creating a vacuum
  8. You’re right though fridge , LR fixed the rotten bodies but sent the chassis the other way !
  9. Each to their own , I’m going off my own experience which has never given positive results and led me to the conclusion that there is only one way to fix a leaky radiator. No offence meant or taken James
  10. Thanks for that Mudmonkey , very helpful 👍🏻
  11. Yeah we can probably do that Will cheers , I’ll be in touch
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