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  1. Probably been said a thousand times but I’ll say it anyway BFG AT’s.
  2. @RRC200Tdi i try not to think about my rr classic footprint (good one that 🤣) as it hurts too much . For me the soft dash LSE is the ultimate incarnation of the rr classic but unfortunately they are pretty much unobtanium now , I nearly , nearly bought one around about 10 years ago , an eBay bid on a vehicle that I hadn’t seen in the flesh and I wasn’t quite willing to go that extra bit on which in hindsight I obviously should have , good old hindsight 🤪
  3. @RRC200Tdi nice work on the conversion 👍🏻 as @landroversforeversays the Uk ran a scrappage (spellcheck) scheme not that long ago that saw off plenty of classic and future classic cars 🤮
  4. @RRC200Tdi don’t kick yourself too much about scrapping range rovers , I’ve scrapped 4 including a 2 door AND a soft dash factory 300tdi ! makes me sick when ever I think back to it 🤢What was I thinking 😬 stupid stupid stupid .............
  5. Wife’s 50th and Mother’s Day today , daughter has had me running round like an idiot the last few days 🤣
  6. Hang on @Simon_CSK, did you say the one you are going to fit the body to is a write off ? Cat D, cat C, Cat A etc etc ? Can it actually be put back on the road ?
  7. It’s only the same as the early days of the discovery when a few RR classics were updated 😳with a disco body on the RR chassis , yes with hindsight it’s sacrilege but people did it ! I see no issue at all @Simon_CSKjust cover yourself with all the documents and you’ll b fine
  8. https://www.topgear.com/car-news/retro/restomod-week-chieftains-700bhp-range-rover-extreme WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT etc etc
  9. I love reading adverts like that , written by someone who knows naff all about land rovers , and probably cars in general , but knows a heck of a lot about writing BS 🤣
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