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  1. Ozzy50

    Bolt-on LR portals

    They dont look a patch on the Tibus portals that’s for sure and most definitely are NOT “bolt on “
  2. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    It wasn’t running on its own oil , the throttle governor is stuck open , or so it appears anyway
  3. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Hi all , I would just like to thank Stellaghost, Retroanaconda , Steve b , L19MUD and Red 90 for their advice , I tried the cheat(?) methods to no joy but haven’t gotten round to filling the pump with fuel conditioner yet however the prospective purchaser has decided to take it as is with a view to looking at the problem himself so I have passed the advice on , just got the transfer box to whip out (1.4 ) and he’s taking the whole motor ,again thanks guys . James
  4. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Hi Red , so should I connect a bootle of fuel conditioner to the lift pump to get it in there ?
  5. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Ok thank you
  6. Ozzy50

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    Ooh you’ll upset Fridge with that kind of talk 🤣,only joking Fridge !!!! Doesn’t the story go that the fuel injection system is better on the car engine , Land Rover changed it for the Freelander and screwed it up ?.
  7. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Gonna give it a go tomorrow steve , thanks for the advice . And just to show how good a starter this 200tdi is , I took the battery off it and put it on the 300tdi I have for sale on here (little plug !) and it wouldn’t turn it over so I drop tested it and the battery is knackered! This engine is amazing 😂
  8. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Sorry steve b , of course it’s a Bosch pump not a Lucas ! L19 , I will give it a try . Thank you to everyone who has offered advice 👍🏻
  9. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    That was my original thought
  10. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    That was my original thought
  11. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Just fired it again to try and check crankcase pressure, it started revving even higher and the smoke is definitely blue now (maybe it was before and I just didn’t see it ?) so I’m thinking stuck rings ?Anyway I shut it straight down , looks like a rebuild is needed
  12. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    No you could be right as I’m starting to think that the smoke smells of oil , I’m not going to run it again for now anyway, stuck rings = knackered bores if I run it . Would it have fired up so quickly with stuck rings though ? I will check if it’s pressuring the crankcase , thing is this engine was always a brilliant starter and runner , its been in 4 different motors now , my dad had it rebuilt with about 180,000 miles on it , it must have done 250,000 by now . I was getting it running to sell it but I’m starting to think I should fix it and put it back into my 110 !
  13. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    I should also add that I had to rip the back off the ignition switch as I have lost the key but I can’t see how that would affect anything
  14. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Oh yeah, it’s not the throttle stuck open , I checked
  15. Ozzy50

    200 tdi over revving

    Hi all I’m seeking help , I have just started a 200 tdi disco that has been stood for , at best guess , 7 years , I haven’t touched the fuel or anything just stuck a battery on and turned the key , it fired instantly and immediately started running at 2500 rpm so naturally I shut it off, upon re firing it again fired straight up and again revved straight up to 2500 rpm , the smoke from the exhaust looks like over fuelling rather than oil burning (obviously I was/am worried that it’s running on its own oil although I don’t think it is ) the fuel in the tank smells like paraffin(it’s been there 7 years so I guess it would ) does it sound like there’s a governor or something stuck in the injector pump ? I confess to knowing nothing about the internals of the Lucas pump , any help would be greatly appreciated. James

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