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  1. Buffalo board. Top stuff. Or scaffolding planks suitably treated/stained.
  2. Don’t worry fridge , I have been racing and spannering stockcars all my life and although this is a big step up from a weekend in Skegness it’s deffo something I need to do. I took my first trip out of the UK in over a decade last year to watch a round of the European hill climb championship in Germany and my appetite is now severely wetted for more adventure ,in fact I really didn’t want to come home . a (very) long weekend in Bad Leibenstein is nowhere near the same level obviously. Been wanting to go since reading about the exploits of the HOFS so it’s partly your fault !!
  3. Would love to do that , drop me a line with your thoughts
  4. It’s in my bucket list that’s for sure
  5. How many Ladoga’s did you attend Fridge ?
  6. Keep us all updated with your progress please @Landy affliction👍🏻
  7. It’s better to have it and not need it than not have it and ...........
  8. I know I’m late in this one but ...... I can’t believe someone is trying to pass that off as anything other than dangerous, it’s as if they think a long pretentious write up can disguise the fact that it’s a pile of junk , a dangerous pile of junk , gawd i hope no one buys that !
  9. I wonder how many potential new Defender buyers are holding back their order until more details are released on the Grenadier ?
  10. @WesBrooks along with apeing the Defender I also see old Landcruiser and Gwagen in the looks of the Grenadier , I definitely don’t see a purely Defender clone .
  11. deep , my sentiments exactly 👍🏻 I like it , it proves what Landrover could have built , if they had wanted to , they really dropped the ball on this one !
  12. Fleet users thats the words I was thinking of !🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Yes a nice cheap simple vehicle for the commercial user , no doubt BT and the like are knocking down Land Rover’s doors to get their orders in 🤣
  14. Thanks , I’ve done it before and its worked but I must have been doing something wrong this time as no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t do it , probably me having a brain fade ! anyway @ jeremy996 sorted it for me 👍🏻 turns out I can’t do what I wanted anyway as my 110 has been sorn’d for more than 5 yrs (10 actually !, how time flies when your not getting your project finished 😬) I was looking into saving my MUD reg for another day as I’m considering selling ALL my Land Rover stuff and buying a Hilux (sorry)
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