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  1. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should , as the saying goes 🤮
  2. The current bid of 5 grand just about reflects the value of it 🤣
  3. CD-ROM the description in the ad the seller either knows nothing about it or knows EVERYTHING about it !!
  4. Close to me but hadn’t heard about it , there is a lot of “off lane” activity that goes on round here , a lot of the vehicles come into the area to use the local lanes but unfortunately the majority of them are very irresponsible and do nothing other than make a mess and upset people , it’s because of these types that all lane users are tarred with the same brush. The lane behind my house is shown on maps and whilst it used to be passable in a 4x4 there’s no chance now , bikes and (just about) quads can manage it but a full blown challenge motor would struggle yet at least half a dozen times a year a group of nitwits in jacked up big tyres motors will try it , if I see them I always tell them they won’t make it but I’m usually told to mind my own ! Once they’ve all gone and turned round half way down it’s a proper mess 😩. I have no problem with people laning but totally understand why the general public don’t like it .
  5. Probably been said a thousand times but I’ll say it anyway BFG AT’s.
  6. @RRC200Tdi i try not to think about my rr classic footprint (good one that 🤣) as it hurts too much . For me the soft dash LSE is the ultimate incarnation of the rr classic but unfortunately they are pretty much unobtanium now , I nearly , nearly bought one around about 10 years ago , an eBay bid on a vehicle that I hadn’t seen in the flesh and I wasn’t quite willing to go that extra bit on which in hindsight I obviously should have , good old hindsight 🤪
  7. @RRC200Tdi nice work on the conversion 👍🏻 as @landroversforeversays the Uk ran a scrappage (spellcheck) scheme not that long ago that saw off plenty of classic and future classic cars 🤮
  8. @RRC200Tdi don’t kick yourself too much about scrapping range rovers , I’ve scrapped 4 including a 2 door AND a soft dash factory 300tdi ! makes me sick when ever I think back to it 🤢What was I thinking 😬 stupid stupid stupid .............
  9. Wife’s 50th and Mother’s Day today , daughter has had me running round like an idiot the last few days 🤣
  10. Hang on @Simon_CSK, did you say the one you are going to fit the body to is a write off ? Cat D, cat C, Cat A etc etc ? Can it actually be put back on the road ?
  11. It’s only the same as the early days of the discovery when a few RR classics were updated 😳with a disco body on the RR chassis , yes with hindsight it’s sacrilege but people did it ! I see no issue at all @Simon_CSKjust cover yourself with all the documents and you’ll b fine
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