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  1. Because it infers that the “old” Defender is a bad handling piece of carp , which it is not . I’m not saying the new one isn’t better on the road , at £40k it should be !
  2. I take issue with “never before has a Defender felt so composed at speed “ ive never had an issue with the handling of any Land Rover model I’ve owned , every one of them capable of being hustled along . It’s one of those presumed Land Rover traits that I’ve never understood and I find quite irritating 😠
  3. Not just economy models , the sport models are usually a beam rear too
  4. I’m amazed they’ve built it so heavy ,especially after all that’s gone into make range rovers and discos so much lighter
  5. Cleaning dry wipe pen off , stage one , hoodie sleeve stage two , wet cloth /rag stage three , soapy water and a cloth / rag stage four , thinners !
  6. Love the To do list ! its kinda familiar 🤣
  7. Love that vid , saved it for future reference 👍🏻
  8. So you saw the “ very stable genius “ talking about the virus ?* It’s hilarious, how anybody can’t stand behind that idiot is beyond me 🤪 *(I only ask because I can’t open it for some reason ?)
  9. https://apple.news/AVEqhK084Tdqw-ulAoUt3Mg Mental does it open for anyone ?
  10. I’m still down with the idea of ID cards and I totally get why others oppose the idea which is fair enough , each to their own , AND I totally understand that the major problem with such a system is a police force that gets out of control and we become a police state . So it won’t ever happen anyway. Back to the pandemic , New York State has it bad , more cases than any country (if you believe China’s figures , which I don’t ! Also countries like Belarus that claim they have no cases , their president claimed they don’t have it because you can’t see it flying around 🤪 talking of which
  11. Well that’s the problem isn’t it , that’s why it’ll never happen , isn’t Boris a bit of a loon anyway ? Corbyn definitely is 🤣
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