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  1. I've got the maggiolina airtop tent. Mine has gas struts to lift/lower the tent! Means I can open the tent in... awww... about 30seconds. Fold up is probably 2minutes. I've never seen the extreme model so I have no idea about fitting ladders in that, but the airtop does fit it's ladder in, and it came with a ladder bag. I've had mine on top of my 109, That worked pretty well, but had to stand on the bonnet to close it up. Then I made a camper trailer... Which makes the tent a bit lower and heaps easier to close up. I love my little motel room. it's very comfortable and you dont' get wet in the middle of the night. Downsides are: - as mentioned before - no change room (if your practised you can get changed in there but it's a real faff - climbing the ladder needs some care if it's wet. We leave all our sleeping gear in there permanently. However we live in Australia, so our climate is a little different to yours so I can't comment on how warm the tent is. Although is summer (30+deg celcius) at night the 4 windows open up and it's not too bad sleeping up there.
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