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  1. Thanks for all the advice folks. Currently reading up getting at the rockers, pushrods and valves. Liking the idea of being able to keep valves closed to clean the inlet ports. Some pictures for today's effort. Diesel soaking overnight had impressive results - the inlet manifold is actually somewhere in that tub. Washed off the outside with some brake/clutch cleaner and a toothbrush. Currently soaking with some more degreaser inside. Will have another play after work tomorrow. Thanks, Simon...
  2. Thanks folks for all the speedy replies. Got some diesel in a jerry can in the garage. Will give it a good soak in that. Just need to find a container - suspect not the bath! Looking to pull out the exhaust manifold also so that can get access to the engine block side to give it a proper clean and in readiness for a new gasket. However, the three bolts on the exhaust flange are not budging. Used Plus Gas repeatedly. Might need some heat but it's a little tight in there for a blow torch. Might be near the point of putting a blade to the exhaust and then tackle on the bench - due a rep
  3. Hi Folks, Looking for a bit of advice. Hopefully you can help. In process of blanking off the EGR on our 1996 Defender 300Tdi - Around 84,000 miles on the clock - Been meaning to get round to this for a while. Anyways, the inlet manifold is really dirty as are the inlets on the engine block - images attached. The gasket has a number of rips which *may* explain the mess on the side of the engine block. Wondering what is the best way to get this all cleaned up. The inlet manifold is no problem as it has been removed. The ports on the engine block are a different matter. Keen
  4. Hi Mike, Good luck. Glad to be of help. "Fun" putting it all back together - lots of boxes, plastic bags, labels, etc... hoping to make sense of it again. Simon...
  5. Hi Mike. I do not have that catalogue. However, is it same as the following? https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-stowage/tools-jacks-fire-extinguishers/spare-wheel-rear-end-door-to-(v)-1a999999_53732#1 Some pictures that may help from our 1996 Defender 300 Tdi Simon...
  6. "Turns out Double S make replacement systems for both Britpart and Bearmach" - That explains it - Thanks! Simon...
  7. Interested to understand this. What is the relationship here between Double S and Britpart? Are "Double S" the manufacturer? Not least they appear to be around £560 - Although a part number of DA4229 suggest this is Britpart? Confused.
  8. Thanks for that. Makes sense. Put something on the end of the rear cross member too tight and in danger of crushing it. Simon...
  9. Hi Folks, Clicking around the web and came across "Anti Crush Cans" - ANR3821 Kind of curious to know what they are used for? Thanks, Simon...
  10. Thanks for getting back. Had taken a look at those in particular and look good. I'll probably have to spend a few evenings in the loft first trying to see what I can sell by raising funds on flea bay - suspect "Dear Santa" will not cut it... Simon...
  11. Hi Folks, Lining up some jobs to keep me occupied during the dark nights. Thinking of replacing the exhaust (All front and rear sections) on my 1996 110 300 Tdi - It's still has got the original fitted exhaust and had an advisory MOT before last about corrosion. Torn between replacing like for like or to go for all stainless. All stainless looks attractive (other than the perhaps price) but have come across a number of stories related to fitment issues, etc... Looking for some advice/experiences of whether going stainless would make sense, what to watch out for and any reco
  12. Also another big fan of the Night Breakers. Here's a link to dedicated wiring we put on our Defender. https://pellylandroverdefender.blogspot.com/p/headlights.html Enjoy! Simon...
  13. Hi Folks, Looking likely that will need to replace the rear cross member of my 1996 110 Defender 300Tdi - Advisory on last MOT and can see some spots not looking great. The rest of the chassis though is in excellent condition. Looking for advice on replacement options and recommendations of who might be able to undertake such work. I'm based in Bristol. Many thanks in advance. Simon...
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