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  1. simonpelly

    Windscreen Woes

    Hi Folks, So tried fitting the seal to the frame. As you can see it's way over sized even accounting for some slack in the corners. The old seal was a complete loop - albeit with a manufactured join. Have noticed that on most defenders, the manufactured join tends to be positioned at the bottom middle of the windscreen. I'll give them a distributors a call tomorrow. See if can learn something. Thinking that it would be really odd to have to cut the seal to size. Thanks for all the commentary. Will update this thread with the outcome. Simon...
  2. simonpelly

    Windscreen Woes

    Thanks folks for the replies. Yep. Original as in "Genuine" parts. Had another look this morning and convinced that the seal is in the correct orientation and window is in correct slot. Also have a reference with the old windscreen too which helps. At this point, think the seal is headed back for a swap for one that hopefully fits. Simon...
  3. simonpelly

    Windscreen Woes

    Hi Folks, In the process of changing the windscreen on my 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi Have a suspicion that the old windscreen seals were leaking and there was a stone chip that failed to be mended satisfactorily by Auto*** Ordered original parts - windscreen seal (LR056278) and new windscreen (LR042760) However, upon fitting the new seal to the windscreen, it appears that the seal is too big. See images attached. Checked that the windscreen size is correct - matched perfectly with the old one. So before making accusations that the seal is not correct and sending back to distributor, please could folk cast opinions/advice in case doing something numpty. Thanks in advance, Simon...
  4. simonpelly

    Leak into footwell

    The old screen has a chip which has not been successfully repaired by autoglass - they did say it would be a long shot. Not managed to stretch to heated one...I'd be kicked out and end up having to live in the garage...wait a minute..........
  5. simonpelly

    Leak into footwell

    Did the a jug of water test on the windscreen. Wet driver's side foot well. Convinced looking around it's "at least" the windscreen leaking somewhere. Have ordered a new one and new seal (genuine parts). Need to get to the post man first before she gets the credit card statement - I'm in so much trouble....
  6. simonpelly

    Leak into footwell

    Perhaps this is the windscreen replacement thread mentioned. https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/10250-defender-windscreen-removal-replacement/?tab=comments#comment-107519 Not going to comment any further to the choice of rubber lubricants...tut..tut...
  7. simonpelly

    Leak into footwell

    Similar issue with water in the foot well of my 1997 110 also. This post has prompted me to look a fresh look at it. Probably will be out with the watering can tomorrow to diagnose. Turns out need a new windscreen in any case as a chip is becoming enlarged. Been dwelling on whether to fit this myself or get somebody in. As Sharp mentions above, liking the "freedom" to give the surface a proper clean, new rubbers, seal, etc... under my own steam. Hearing 50/50 with respect to comments on this being a DIY job. Nervous about cracking the new screen.
  8. Hi Folks, Slightly confused when determining the part number for my 1997 Defender 300 Tdi 110 CSW Looking to replace my windscreen (chipped beyond repair). Anybody able to help me figure out what is the genuine land rover part number for a new windscreen? Seems like there are a bundle of options, laminated, toughened, etc.... Plan to put in new rubber and seals while at it. My hope is that this will also address the issue of water on the inside of the driver's footwell when it rains. 😆 Many Thanks in advance! Simon...
  9. simonpelly


    Took mine to Nene Overland in Peterborough. Really pleased with it.
  10. simonpelly

    Squealing fan belt

    Does this help?
  11. simonpelly

    Squealing fan belt

    I'll take a look under the bonnet later this evening. This any good? https://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/engine/300tdi/alternator_53172
  12. simonpelly

    Rear wash wipe switch

    Hi, Had a good rummage in the garage. In truth spurred me on to have a bit of a tidy up. Unfortunately not managed to find the button. Let me know if you're still interested in the switch. Simon...
  13. simonpelly

    Rear wash wipe switch

    I'll have another rummage tonight for the button. I wouldn't have thrown it out, just whether it can be found.
  14. simonpelly

    The old chestnut - original colour

    With respect to bodywork colour, when I took the door card off the rear door on my 110 CSW, there was a print out (on the old dot matrix green/white paper) of the factory config stuffed in the void. Quite useful. Might be worth a look?
  15. simonpelly

    Rear wash wipe switch

    Managed to dig it out. Let me know if this is what you're after. If so, happy to see if go for £9 inc. P&P

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