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  1. Thanks Western. Did them up to 45Nm earlier today. Must say that even felt it was likely to cave in the chassis. Not sure about 75Nm for the nut on the bottom of the shock absorber either. Wow! My WSM states 37Nm - 1996 300Tdi Had a bit more digging around in the internet. Wondering if your WSM if for a 90/110 and perhaps different to Defender in this regard? Simon...
  2. Hi Folks, Looking for the torque settings for the 3 bolts for the rear shock absorber mount bracket to the chassis. Nothing mentioned in the WSM. Thanks, Simon... 1997 Defender 110 300Tdi
  3. Hi There, Currently refitting a new release bearing and clutch. Please take a look at our attached video. The release bearing we're fitting is a heavy duty one. I would say that there is minimum play and feels like a flush fitting. Certainly no rocking as in your video. Hope that helps. Simon... IMG_4747.MOV
  4. Hi Folks, Thanks for the help. They have been reunited 🙂 Slowly adding bits back on. Transfer box gear selector rods and breathers. Thanks, Simon...
  5. Thanks for the responses. It does not look excessive. Difficult to judge. We were particularly keen to look at this given that gear changes need to be "matched" carefully otherwise there can be a bit of a jolt/backlash. The gearboxes and transfer box have been refurbished. Wondering whether some of that benefit will be reduced if there is backlash in the rear drive train. It may indeed by the shafts and/or drive members. Perhaps once it's all back together I need to pull out a shaft and take a look. Thanks again, Simon...
  6. Hi Folks, While the gear boxes and propshafts are removed, thought I would take a look at the play in the diffs. Wondering what folk thought of the amount of play in our rear diff - 1997 Defender 110 300Tdi Not sure if this is excessive or not. Many Thanks, Simon... Rear Diff Slack.MOV
  7. Hi Folks, Great responses. Thanks all. Bingo. Found an image of it attached to the bell housing. Clears that mystery. Simon...
  8. Hi Folks, More questions on the rebuild of our 1997 Defender 110 Can anyone identify this bracket? The zip tie is not a clue as this is just keep the bundle of cables out of the way. I "think" it attaches to the back of the LT230 transfer box - this then used to attach to the speedo cable and act as strain relief? Thanks in advance! Simon..
  9. Would recommend this. Dedicated wiring (feeds and earths) for the headlamps off individual relays. Bit of an effort but reduces any future earthing comedy.
  10. Thanks all for the replies and photo! Simon...
  11. Hi Folks, Another question on our rebuild. Trying to do this by the book (WSM). The WSM states "Hylomar P232M waterproof jointing compound" when fitting the slave cylinder back into the bell housing. Google shows no definitive results for this. Suggestions and help please. Many Thanks, Simon...
  12. Thanks. Definitely glad I stopped to ask the question 🙂 Simon...
  13. Hi Folks, Exciting times. About to refit our gearbox back to the transfer box. Suspect that the splines on the shaft to the transfer box ought to be greased up. Any recommendations? Was thinking along the lines of Lucas X-TRA Heavy Duty Grease - NLGI#2 ?? Anything else you think I should also consider at this point. Suspect lubricate the oil seal in the joint face of the transfer box with the same grease? Thanks in advance, Simon...
  14. Hi Folks, Defender 1997 110 300 Tdi. After fitting a new sedimentor, now struggling to get one of the fuel line fitting connectors to tighten. The connector on the short fuel line from the tank to the sedimentor tightens no problem. Image with the longer thread. The connector on the long main fuel line from the lift pump will simply not tighten on the sedimentor. The threads engage, couple of turns of the spanner and then it pops back out again. Image with the shorter thread. Measured the thread widths on both connectors at 12.56mm and 12.50mm respectively. Also tried to swap them over, it is always an issue with the main fuel line connector. No issues with the shorter fuel line. Any thoughts? Both fuel lines are new as is the sedimentor. Thanks, Simon...
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