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  1. Hi There, Here's an image of the wiring on our 1997 110 300 Tdi alternator (at least it was until the engine was removed) Hope it helps, Simon...
  2. I'll crawl over the casing later this evening. Had hoped this was an original factory fitted gearbox 😞 Simon....
  3. Hi Folks, Trying to determine the serial number of our gearbox - R380 - Defender 1997 110 Would have thought it would have been located as highlighted in the image. Any ideas? Thanks, Simon...
  4. Having just drained the clutch fluid from our 1997 Defender 110, the behaviour is exactly like that in your video. As such, lack of pressure - fluid levels or master cylinder?
  5. Interesting. Perhaps an error code you might want to live with? IMHO having the EGR blanked off is a good thing. Not sure what the ECU makes of it though and if it in turn behaves and reacts differently?
  6. The Land Rover gods must have been on my side today. Ground the bolts and heads down as much as I dared. Then went to centre punch the bolts ready for a drill out. Pop - the rivnuts pushed straight through into the cross member. Fished them out with a magnet. Super pleased. Hopefully some new rivnuts will go in nicely when putting all back together. Thanks for the tips folks. Simon...
  7. Know what you mean. Every time I take something off I think of something else that *needs* to be done. Find myself looking for stuff in the attic to sell on fleabay to fund my new "habit". Simon...
  8. Hi Folks, As part of our engine bay strip down, removed the power steering pipes that run across the inside of the front chassis cross member. Typically the bolts that hold the brackets in place sheared off. Both of them! Grrr.. Wondering how best to resolve this. Suspect drilling them out? Ideally would like to fit the brackets back. Look like they are rivnuts in the chassis? Simon...
  9. Thanks. Did them separately as wanted to inspect and maybe change the clutch. Certainly the master cylinder will be coming out as well as the housing. Also, kind of nervous having all of the iron work to handle at once. Spent a couple of hours today stripping out various bits. Planning on doing a clean up of the engine bay too. Now wondering about whether it's worth sound deadening before putting the engine back and perhaps a waxoyl of the bulkhead? Simon...
  10. Hi Folks, Thanks for all the hints, tips and suggestions. Have now successfully removed the engine and gearbox/transfer box out from our Defender. Approach taken was to lift engine through the front. Supported gearbox with a trolley jack when pulling the engine out. Then used the hoist through the passenger door to strap up the gearbox/transfer box. Only needed to remove the tunnel and the plate below the centre seat. Had an adjustable ratchet strap to secure the transfer box turned out to be a genius idea if I might take the liberty to say so myself 🙂 Once weight was taken
  11. Thanks for the offer. Have just literally bought one and arrived yesterday. Also took the plunge and invested in an impact wrench. This combination on the propshaft bolts was incredible. Bolts/nuts off in no time at all. Good tip above about doing diff ends first to allow better access to bolts on the handbrake drum. Have now successfully removed gearboxes and engine. Do not know how I would have managed without an impact wrench. Should have got one years ago. Simon...
  12. Welcome to the forum! Certainly I've found that folk on here are really friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Have definitely benefitted from others experiences! Simon...
  13. Hi Folks, Thanks everyone for all the replies. Think we've got a plan coming together. BTW - Will@LRW - Came across you posting when Googling around. Some really good helpful content. We've removed the gearbox selectors which should give us a couple more inches of play. Plan is: Prop up gear box. Hoist the engine out through the front. Move hoist in through passenger front door. Strap up gearbox and transfer box. We've already removed the tunnel. Some folk suggest removing a floor too. Is that necessary? Remove the gearbox cross member. Lower to either feet
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