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  1. Hi, Try PaulMac https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/landrover-connectors?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Griff
  2. Are these what you're after? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331314774710 Griff
  3. Hi Gary, PM sent. Another thing to consider, if you think it's air in fuel related, is the air bleed valve here (part no 11) http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/38332/38387/2958/38445 although doing the purge sequence usually gets it going. Griff
  4. Hi Gary, I would have thought so. If you're not already a member of the D2boys forum I suggest you join this one as well as it's soely for the D2 and there are guys with more knowledge than me. Free to join qnd search too. I'm no electricery wizard either! As it's turning over you know it's not imobilised. Another thing to check is the emergency cut off switch mounted on the bulkhead. Just push down to re-set. I asume the injector loom connection is ok -not bent any pins? Griff
  5. Hi Gary, Have a look through the attached. I've got the Nanocom Evo, but I expect they are similar. Check the crank position sensor is ok and, if you haven't got it already, down load RAVE, the workshop manual. The attached is care of a very knowlegable guy on TheD2BoysClub forum. HTH, Griff Sensor readings.docx
  6. You can see the rear hub O ring here (Item 2) http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/35470/35681/2704 They are easy to change -just fit in a groove on the rear of the hub. However, tried replacing 2 on mine but needed a new hub in the end. Worth a try though as they're cheap enough. Griff
  7. Yes, but it's on top of the o/s chassis rail. Griff
  8. Hi, The high pressure pipe is called "the green pipe" if you want to google it. It can be bought seperatley. It connects above the o/s chassis to the pipe to the engine and to the top of the fuel pump. You do need to remove the cover plate in the boot to access the top of the tank. It is possible to replace it by tying string to the old pipe as you pull it out and then pulling the new pipe through. It runs above the chassis which is why you can't see it above the tank. Make sure you put some sort of protection around the new pipe to stop it happening again. This gives you a layout of the pipes http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/38332/38387/2961 HTH, Griff
  9. I jsut put Fortes in my D2 every 12k service. Griff
  10. I wave to acknowledge other D2's, sometimes they wave back! Griff
  11. Hi, One reason I can think of is that the rain goes straight inside your vehicle and does not get trapped by the roof pan. Griff
  12. Might be worth leaving the hand brake off, if it's safe to do so, to stop it binding on. Griff
  13. Hi Filip, If you are not already a member join this forum specificaly for the D2 .Wealth of knowledge and free to join. http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/ Regards, Griff
  14. I guess that would work, also see if there is a relay. But as I mentioned previously, if there is no air con refrigerant in the system it shuts off anyway. Griff
  15. The steering knuckle is the large part - number 1. I always try and buy genuine LR for these types of parts as I don't want to be doing them again in a long time. Griff
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