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    Hi Fellow Salopian, The D2 does not like to have a cooked engine and it's a bit worrying that this is not the first time. Also the temp guage is not very accurate, and by the time it has gone into the red it's usually too late. A good garage should be able to pressure test the coolant system and do a "sniff test" for combustion gasses in the coolant. Good luck, Griff
  2. If you're happy that the bags are ok , then you need to check the air lines for leakage. If everything in the air system is ok then look to the ride height sensors. HTH, Griff
  3. Hi, Don't have the D4 myself but if you put your approx location in your profile there may be someone near you that can help. Regards, Griff
  4. It all depends on the caliper. I'd replace like for like
  5. Do your reversing lights work?
  6. It'll be the the small fan next to the headlight height switch
  7. Have a look on this parts site http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1231 HTH, Griff
  8. For what vehicle? Try here. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/36532/36928/2822 Griff
  9. Purge sequence is to pump accelerator 5/6 times with ignition on and leave it to do its cycle to bleed air out GRIFF
  10. Do a search on web for the flashing B or visit the d2boysclub forum. Loads of info there. Griff
  11. Sorry for asking the obvious question but - have you bought the correct belt? I'm sure you're aware they come in different lenghts depending on what's fitted. Griff
  12. Hi, This site may help http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/36532/36841/2813/36843 Happy Xmas, Griff
  13. Sounds like a problem with the receiver. It's behind the head lining in front of the rear sun roof. To remobilise it you'll need to use the key to input the EKA. Instructions in the manual GRIFF
  14. If you look at the thermostat you'll see there are 2 ports on one side and one on the other. Make sure you get the 2 port side the correct way round.
  15. My 2004 TD5 runs with the temp gauge half way up. Do the hoses get hot? especially the top hose. If not, first suspect is the thermostat. Make sure it's replaced correctly. Griff
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