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  1. No programing needed. Just plug and play. Did it to my 04 model Griff
  2. The old grease gun I have has a rigid pointed tip as opposed to the ones that "clip" over the joint. This makes it easy to push the ball in and grease. I don't see many of this design now. Griff
  3. No problem. You'll find several useful How To's on UP's site
  4. Do need to keep them greased. I do mine at every 12k service. Might need to do more often if you off road in water. Griff
  5. Here's a How To - http://www.discovery2.co.uk/Fpr.html Griff
  6. Fuel pressure regulator Griff
  7. That elbow joint is ally and known to "rust" and cause a leak. Griff
  8. Hi, Having renewed the injector harness check the ECU plug after a while as the oil may take some time to "drip" out of the loom. Griff
  9. Hi, All new bags seem to have the push in "voss" connectors so you will have to cut the brass olive off and push the pipe into the new connector. Make sure you cut it clean and square. If you have to remove it in future you just push the collar in and pull the pipe out. I think you have to remove the white protective plastic piece in your photo - just check. Can't help on ACE as I don't have it. Regards, Griff
  10. +1 on Blanco's advice. How old are the bags? Anything over about 5 yrs and it's ther likely cause. Treat them like any service item that will need to be replaced evey so often. Griff
  11. Hi, Do a search in relation to "over boost" Check the 3 small rubber pipes linking the turbo wastegate etc. for leakage Griff
  12. Hi, Have a look on this parts site and compare part numbers http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/36532/36928/2822 Griff
  13. Hi Dave. I suspect you have 2 different issues. If you "Google" the three amigos you'll get loads of info on your warning lights. Usually a bad hub/wheel sensor or shuttle valve. For your suspension not raising you'll need to go through the system in logical manner e.g. checking the compressor works/air lines/rhs/bags ok etc. Griff
  14. Hi, As I'm sure you are aware -each component you mentioned has it's own oil supply. Have you changed them since owning? If so you'll know they were full and when you check again you'll see which one has lost any. The only certain way to see where the leak is comming from is to thoroughly clean everything and then keep checking for traces of oil. Make sure your breathers aren't blocked as well - causing a pressure build up and helping to force oil out. HTH, Griff
  15. Does this help? http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/36532/36905/2818 Griff
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