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  1. bear


    Hi Steve, Have a look at the part numbers on this link. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/12128 HTH, Griff
  2. First thing I'd check are the fuse/s and relay. Should be in the handbook and fuse lids covers. If the bags are leaking the compressor will be working overtime and will cut out to save damage. It'll need re-setting with diagnostics. Griff
  3. Glad you've ticked one job of the list! Griff
  4. Hi Andy, Have you done any work at the back end that may have caused it to go out of calibration? Do you have acces to diagnostics to try and re-callibrate it? Griff (Too far away!)
  5. If it's immobilized you'll need to use the eka to unlock it.
  6. And here#s a write up http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3910
  7. Here's a link to the part number for you to Google and a search on line should give you the info for replacing them. Not done it mysekf but looks like the rads got to come out. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/39655/39656/3043/39686 Griff
  8. It'll be the power steering pipes that run under the rad rusted.
  9. Couple of links to read http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=61996&p=761063&hilit=alternator+light+on#p761063 http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=50235&p=638675&hilit=alternator+light+on#p638675
  10. Hi, I'm no electrical wizard either but the voltages look good to me in as much as the alternator is charging. Is the drive belt ok and not slipping? My thinking is that the light goes off when you take the power off. Can you check the water in the battery in case it's boiled off which might mean over charging. The more knowlegable will be along soon. Griff
  11. On the rear hubs you may be lucky that it's just the O ring leaking. Cheap and easy fix. However, when I tried this it ended up having to be a new hub. Be careful buying cheap hubs. The main problem can be a difference in the number of teeth on the ABS hub which will cause the 3 amigoes to come on. I buy OEM hubs. O ring number 2 on here http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/35470/35681/2704 HTH, Griff
  12. Hi Mathias, My 2004 never had one fitted from the factory. Griff
  13. Theseals will be to keep the bearing grease in I expect. Griff
  14. bear


    Hi Fellow Salopian, The D2 does not like to have a cooked engine and it's a bit worrying that this is not the first time. Also the temp guage is not very accurate, and by the time it has gone into the red it's usually too late. A good garage should be able to pressure test the coolant system and do a "sniff test" for combustion gasses in the coolant. Good luck, Griff
  15. If you're happy that the bags are ok , then you need to check the air lines for leakage. If everything in the air system is ok then look to the ride height sensors. HTH, Griff
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