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  1. bear

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    Hi, It sounds "tappety" to me,so the first place I'd be inclined to look at is under the rocker cover to check everything is ok there with the cam and injectors. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along soon. Do let us know how you get on in case someone does a search on the same subject. Griff
  2. bear

    Electrical issues

    Hi, I don't have the 300TDi, but when unexpected things go wrong with the D2's, the first place we look is at water ingress into the wiring -especially the fuse boxes. HTH, Griff
  3. Hi Roger, Is there not any beam adjustment on the light units? Griff
  4. bear

    Clutch problems?

    Good to note. Don't you just love Land Rovers!
  5. Hi, Have a look here for the parts numbers http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232/35470/35580/2694/35619 HTH, Griff
  6. bear

    Clutch problems?

    Glad you're sorted. Did it bleed ok? I know they can be temprimental. How did you bleed it? Griff
  7. bear

    Clutch problems?

    Hi, IF you're happy you've bled the clutch properly then I'd say it's worn master/slave cylinder seals. Griff
  8. bear

    Lost power/misfire/white smoke

    PM sent Griff
  9. bear

    Alarm woes

    Hi Neil, Try locking it with the key and see if it still goes off. This will rule out the volumetric sensor/s that detect movement inside the vehicle. I've read guys having problems with moths causing this. The LED is flashing to notify you the alarms be activated. Regards, Griff
  10. bear

    Disco cuts out

    Hi Hugh, If you're not already a member, have a search through this forum. http://www.thed2boysclub.co.uk/ It's soley for the D2. One question - when it stops, have you tried the purge cycle (Ign on and pump throttle pedal 5 times to prime system) If this works it's air in the system. As you've already changed the pump and seals (with genuine I hope!) then check the fuel filter housing as this can get porous, and also the air bleed valve on the top of the housing. (I think it's the rear outer one) HTYH, Griff
  11. bear

    V8 Oil Cooler Pipes

    Hi, Can't help as have TD5 but try lookiong through this link http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1232 HTH, Griff
  12. bear

    Buy cheap, buy twice... bottom ball joint

    Good tip. I had trouble with the top joint. Had real trouble getting it started. Griff
  13. bear

    Advice on removing rusted-in bolt?

    Hi Scott, the usual advice I've seen given is to get plenty of heat on it to break the rust and expand the hole. Do you have acces to an air chisel? Griff (Peter can type faster than me 🙂 )
  14. bear


    Hi, Assuming nothings rolled under the brake pedal (Seen drinks tin do it!!) then I think you'll need to start with the master cylinder and work your way through the system. Might be a problem with the servo/master cylinder connection. Never had this myself so hopefully someone with more knowledge wll be along soon
  15. bear

    Front crank seal gone

    The only thing I can think of is the cover that the actual seal fits in. For the "oil pump" did they mean the bolt. It is a known problem if you do a search. Griff

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