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  1. Cchase

    Converting 2.5na 12J to Power Steering

    Thanks, Western. That gave me the numbers that I needed. The order has been placed. My shoulders feel better already! C
  2. Cchase

    Converting 2.5na 12J to Power Steering

    Thanks, folks. There are two empty pulley 'slots' on the crankshaft so I think that I am safe there. One was probably for the 24V alternator. Don't usually use Craddocks as their online platform has few/no pictures. Will check prices once I have the part numbers. Cheers, Colin
  3. Cchase

    Larger transfer box sump

    Even here in the colonies (Canada) you would have to do a lot of dragging and scraping to center a rock that high up, or be driving really fast and out of control. The cross member would stop you first! Actually the steering guard would stop you cold first...from personal experience. More oil = more cooling and the fins should do a good job of acting as a heat sink. I have one to install. Love shiny new parts! C
  4. I am going to convert my 'arm-strong' 12J 2.5 NA to power steering, if possible. It is a bit of a bear to maneuver at low speeds in the woods and I am not getting any younger. I know that some of you purists will scoff, so scoff away! The truck is a LHD 1995 ex MOD with am MA serial number. I have tried to source a used PAS system from a Discovery, but there is not much to pick from on this side of the Atlantic and their condition is sketchy at best. If anyone has photos of a 12J engine with power steering, I would appreciate seeing them. From the information that I have been able to get on this forum, I will need a NTC9070 pump and the NTC1581NOR steering box (this is Paddock's number). I have the bracket to hold the pump to the side of the engine. Also I have found the part number for the pulley for the pump - ETC5783. What other bits will I need? Any parts numbers would be appreciated. In particular puctures or part numbers for the three hoses that I will need. I can see the parts on this page for the hoses and reservoir, but the page does not give part numbers. https://allbrit.de/epc.cfm?PAGE=P01010&CAR=L1&SPRACHE=EN#4 Thanks, Colin
  5. Cchase

    Seat base sanding/painting

    if you sand blast them you will have to be meticulous in cleaning out the mechanism before you grease. If you are not too persnickety, a wire brushing and a shot with rust stabilizer, then a coat with regular rust paint should suffice. The will not be seen. C
  6. Mike has been posting quite a few videos lately. I find them quite informative and on the same level as the Land Rover Toolbox videos. Enjoy, C
  7. Cchase

    Door leak

    Mike puts out one or two videos per day. Informative and very candid. He also takes requests for 'how to' questions. And then there was the raccoon! C
  8. Cchase

    Defender two piece doors seal

    Thanks, Neil. For what they are, and the price that is being asked, I think that I will try and fashion a set from the foam capping used to seal a truck cab. I can cut out the channels and seal off the studs (which I have liberally coated with copperslip.) The Series version of the seal is dirt cheap also. Thanks, C
  9. Cchase

    Door leak

    MIghty pricy! Couldn't you make some replacement foam ones from the material used to seal the cap on the back of a truck bed? C
  10. The doors on my ex MOD 1995 110 two door are the two piece, sliding rectangular glass units. There is a rubber/plastic seal between the window and the top of the door. Is this the same piece as the one for the Series 3 doors? Here is a picture for reference. Thanks, Colin
  11. The doors on my 1995 110 two door are the two piece, sliding rectangular glass units that were used by the military. There is a rubber/plastic seal between the window and the top of the door. Is this the same piece as the one for the Series 3 doors? Here is a picture for reference. Thanks, Colin
  12. Was out taking photos this morning and took some of the motor that got me there. It is a great start to the day watching a sunrise and taking the beast for a drive. May all of your oil drips be small! Cheers, Colin
  13. I was out playing and hit a rock with my front steering guard. The left side support was bent in such a way that the support started interfering with the steering drop arm. I filed a notch in the support so that I could safely get home but needed a more permanent solution. I had the arm straightened and then had a gusset welded in to reinforce the support in case I find the same rock... In case you have the same skid plate, you might want to do the same. Cheers, Colin
  14. Cchase

    Bolt on block

    What is the purpose of this bolt (or row of bolts) just above the fuel injection pump in a 12J diesel? Twas leaking oil so I tightened it up. Thanks, Colin

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