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  1. OT - Any MG people on here?

    Yep...I have that illness too. C
  2. Met Tim Slessor, author of "First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover". What a genuinely lovely person to chat with. Incredible selection of Land Rovers on display also. C
  3. Less than a week to go. Is anyone from this forum going? It would be great to meet and chat. Cheers, Colin
  4. Fitting Mantec Snorkel

    Pictures are needed to fully appreciate what you are describing here. C
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRssffMP_F8_SCJcqFLq4Ow I have been enjoying the postings from Britannica Restorations, based in Sherbrooke, Quebec. C
  6. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Tanuki, A good use of 'found' time! I cleaned all of the calipers and greased the pins that hold them in the fall after a particularly muddy trail ride. Two of the rear pistons were a bit stiff and the rear pads and rotors will need attention soon. My truck suffers more from sitting around than from use. I think that I will purchase new calipers, but rebuild the old ones to keep as spares. This will be a good winter project for next year. Thanks, all.
  7. 110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    Thanks for all of the great advice. I really appreciate your collective experience! Same seals as for a Mini!! http://www.minispares.com/product/Classic/17H8764.aspx Cheers, Colin
  8. Invisible Defender

    Having done a lot of cycling, one learns to ride/drive like the other drivers are out to kill get them. One of the first mods I did to my Defender was to put LED lighting all around and to install a third brake light at the rear. Rear fogs can also help warn off tailgaters. Does the UK have daytime running lights? I drive with my lights on all of the time in any case. Certainly it is no defense against the inattentive, texting millennial, but it helps. C
  9. Would it be better to rebuild old calipers with stainless steel pistons and new seals, or purchase new AP-Lockheed calipers and save on the rebuild time/hassle? These seem to be quite reasonable from Paddocks: http://www.paddockspares.com/seb500470g-front-brake-caliper-new-lh-vented-from-la930456-ap.html Thanks, Colin
  10. How's the weather where your at?

    Today. Beautiful, but heavy to shovel.
  11. Where’s your Snow pictures?

    Getting tired of this $h%^!! Wet, heavy heart attack snow...but pretty! Three days ago there was not a bit of white to be seen. Hope you all are staying warm. C
  12. Our local car club had a member present on a repair he did on an engine block using this product. The crack was from the outside into the coolant jacket. The engine block was from a TR2. We were amazed at the successful result. It all seems to be very counter-intuitive to drill holes to fix a crack. Enjoy.
  13. Rear Corner Protection

    Did the same as Scotts90. I was a bit lazy and did not drill the new bottom hole after having the bar shortened by 52mm. I did mark the location for the hole, but it all fits tight enough with three bolts. These are Terrafirma, I believe, and I like the way that they also protect the sides of the back corner. The tyre carrier is a Mantec one. My spare was located on the bonnet, but I wanted better visibility and to take the mass of the spare off of the bonnet. C
  14. Where’s your Snow pictures?

    Defender Snowbeast! (Not taken today...) All the best from Canada. C
  15. Look after our defenders

    OK. Mine has the tyre mounting bits and is not as bulbous, which I prefer. Thanks for the clarification. And door stealing must be for corrosion to replace doors? Makes me appreciate no one knowing what I am driving here. The general public just call it an 'Old Jeep' or a Land Cruiser. I just nod and smile.

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