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  1. New shiny bits

    Very jealous from the East Coast! Did you sand blast everything before you took it to the galvanizer? I am looking forward to seeing your progress. C
  2. 1988 12j 90, starter not spinning.

    There is a really good, easy to find, You Tube video on how to check relays. You just need a battery and a couple of wires.
  3. 1988 12j 90, starter not spinning.

    My MG starter sometimes needs a knock from a BFH when I take it out for a first run in the spring.
  4. Thanks Mike and Mike. These questions are really more rhetorical as the BIG overarching question is WHY drive a Land Rover at all given all of their quirks, noises and drips. Or possibly is it BECAUSE of these quirks (and for me, the fun that I have had and the places I have gone)? I welcome any other unanswerable questions/musings in this post. Cheers all.
  5. And one final observation/question: Why is that when lining up a truck to avoid /drive over a rock, the rock magically moves to be directly under the diff regardless of how careful you are?
  6. I joined up with some Jeeps, a couple of Suzukis, a Dodge Hemi and a Chevy Surburban for some off road trail exploration. The meeting place was a couple of hours of highway driving away so I had some time to contemplate life whilst driving a 2.5 N/A diesel (1.67 transfer case) as people passed me. In no particular order, these questions arose: 1. When the four way flashers are turned on (for going up hills if your speed is less than 70 km/h so other cars going 110 km/h don't rear end you) - Why doesn't the flasher on the binnacle match the flasher on the switch? 2. Why does the speedometer in a Defender go to 200 km/h? Is this to encourage sunny optimism in the owner? Should it be remade to max out at ... say... 100 km/h? 3. Why is it that no matter how loud you turn up the radio, it will not drown out the frequency of the squeak behind the binnacle? 4. Speaking of noises... Why is it that the truck makes squeaks, groans and rattles on pavement that disappear when on dirt or trails? Is it that the truck is happier? 5. For cars that drive behind you on the highway with their high beams on: Is it better to turn on your rear fog lights (or work lights to really scare them) or is it better to accelerate and make a big cloud of diesel smoke and make them think that they are in a fog bank? What musings have any of you had?
  7. Best Mud Flaps?

    Do you leave your mud flaps on when off-roading or take them off? Thanks, C
  8. Rev Counter - 300Tdi

    Be careful to keep the alternator signal wire away from the exhaust...don't ask. I quite like having a tach. I got a round clock and mounted it with an oil pressure gauge and the fuel gauge to the centre. On the binnacle I have a oil temp, coolant temp, tach, speedometer (from left to right) Good luck, C
  9. Power Steering for a 2.5na

    I know that I am breathing life into an old thread, but I'm confused as to which PAS box to use on a LHD 2.5 NA diesel. I have figured out the pump bracket and front plate, and have identified NTC9070 as the correct pump. I am looking for the pump, steering box, reservoir. pipes, and anything else that I need. I think that it is a NTC9070 pump, ERR2605 plate for the bracket. Any information on parts numbers would be appreciated. Can I use the drop arm on the manual box? The engine is a 12J 2.5 NA diesel in a 1995 exMOD Defender, LHD. I have posted an ad in the wanted section also, but am not sure exactly all that I need. Thanks, Colin
  10. Damaged tyre

    I would be quite upset with this. Hind sight is 20/20, but for this reason I have my winters on their own set of rims for my daily driver. Good luck, Colin
  11. Third Brake Light

    My vehicle came with a non working, non fixable, third brake light. I like the idea of being seen from behind (and had holes to fill in any case) so purchased the following off eBay. The light is quite visible directly from behind. The third photo is all of the rear lights on. The truck is ex MOD and came with two rear fog lights. The work lights are also LED. Cheers, Colin
  12. Water inside LED Indicators

    Oh my! Style points for originality:) Thanks forthe photos. Cheers Colin
  13. Valve cover oil leak

    Thanks, Deep. The issue is getting better with use. Were your catch cans vented to the outside or did you route them back to the inlet manifold? C
  14. Valve cover oil leak

    Thanks, Western. Those are Aluminum 'sealing washers'. I'll try resealing under the nuts and re route the crankcase gasses to a vented catch can. Cheers, Colin
  15. Valve cover oil leak

    No replies/opinions/answers...This is a surprise from this forum! Thanks for reading. Colin