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  1. I used PVC pipe. 2.5" with the rubber flexible connectors for maintenance, filter change, etc. Rigid, tough and cheap.
  2. 70 mph... More like 70kph! ...2.5na with a 1.67 transfer case...
  3. Not wanting to quibble, but wouldn't some water be sucked into the snorkel through the inlet mushroom if it were raining?
  4. 14Platoon, Is there any provision in the bottom of your air filter housing to let out any water that gets sucked in by the snorkel? I have sealed off the bottom of my housing, but think that I need some sort of a one way valve to let any water out of the system so it doesn't make its way to the engine. Cheers, Colin
  5. It is all in the snowflake training!
  6. They really do get along well... I was warming up the 110 during a brief warm spell. The Jeep is my daily driver. Cheers, C
  7. I got permission to keep working on my truck and buy some more new stuff as needed! Guilt free Land Rover ownership...priceless! Happy Holidays! C
  8. Took the Defender for a drive today. No problems and a fun drive. My Christmas miracle! Happy Holidays and a wish for successful wrenching for 2019! C
  9. Took the truck for a drive today. Everything worked and the engine pulled like a train. A true Christmas Miracle. All the best for the Holidays. Happy wrenching for 2019! C
  10. The ones I ordered were the right ones, but too small to fit into the stub axle without a big hammer. The supplier and I are having a bit of a discussion right now which is not going well for me.
  11. I was happy to see that the contributions of First Nations veterans were well highlighted at the Remembrance Day observance that I attended. WW1 veterans were a focus for Mi'kmaq Heritage Month this past October in Nova Scotia. I am always impressed by the numbers of young people I see wearing poppies and participating in ceremonies and how seriously it is taken in our schools. Lest we Forget. C
  12. Patience is a necessary 'tool' with these trucks. Mine is on jackstands in the driveway while I wait for rear bearings to finish a rear brake renewal. (The ones I ordered did/would not fit - another story for another time!) Cheers, C
  13. Too bad, but you have to take care of family first. The truck will always be there waiting for you to spend more $ on her! Cheers, C
  14. Dream Land Rover: Warm and leak free... on a sunny day in August! Congrats on the feature! C
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