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  1. Alcohol will work for the whiteboard marker. Don't use anything harsh or anything that will abrade the surface or it will be really hard to clean next time. On a positive note, bathroom 'Barker Board" makes a really inexpensive whiteboard that you can laminate onto a piece of plywood if you need something more rigid. I made whiteboards for my classroom this way ages ago before they were common. C
  2. Will an injection pump from a 200tdi Discovery engine work on a 200tdi with the Defender timing chest added (for a Defender)? I have the inlet and exhaust manifolds, and turbo. Thanks
  3. Would a 200tdi turbo from a Discovery fit on a defender manifold? Would assume that there would need to be a bespoke exhaust pipe connected. Are these turbos rebuildable? C
  4. I have to feel sorry for the poor lads that were in my Defender 110 whilst it was at BATUS in Alberta, Canada! It is nowhere close to being winterized. It is LHD. Manual LHD.
  5. What year were rear drum brakes replaced with disc brakes on 90's? Cheers, C
  6. Does a 300tdi have a cat?
  7. For what its worth, my 110 came with a bonnet mounted spare, but I found that it restricted my vision when offroad. I purchased a Mantec rear carrier and appreciate getting the tire out of my vision and it is a bit easier to wrangle than when it was on the bonnet. I also like being able to fully open the bonnet when working on the engine, something not possible with the tire there. I think that with the Mantec I will be able to run a canvas top with a half side hinge rear door. All of the mountings are on the lower 'half' of the truck bed. On the roof...may be easy now, but what about in 10 years. : ) I find that the tires on my truck get heavier as I get closer to 60! Good luck!
  8. I used PVC pipe. 2.5" with the rubber flexible connectors for maintenance, filter change, etc. Rigid, tough and cheap.
  9. 70 mph... More like 70kph! ...2.5na with a 1.67 transfer case...
  10. Not wanting to quibble, but wouldn't some water be sucked into the snorkel through the inlet mushroom if it were raining?
  11. 14Platoon, Is there any provision in the bottom of your air filter housing to let out any water that gets sucked in by the snorkel? I have sealed off the bottom of my housing, but think that I need some sort of a one way valve to let any water out of the system so it doesn't make its way to the engine. Cheers, Colin
  12. It is all in the snowflake training!
  13. They really do get along well... I was warming up the 110 during a brief warm spell. The Jeep is my daily driver. Cheers, C
  14. I got permission to keep working on my truck and buy some more new stuff as needed! Guilt free Land Rover ownership...priceless! Happy Holidays! C
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