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  1. Hi again Guys, think I may have this finally sorted out. Reckon I should have been looking up posts on the DEFENDER forum, as well as the DISCOVERY. Seems almost certain that the engine is from an Australian release 1991 or 1992 DISCOVERY, has the 12L stamped on the block. Where I've been going wrong ordering bits and pieces, be they used or new, is getting hung up on the "12L" which seems to have been dedicated to the Discovery. Because I only ever had the engine and a box of brackets, pulleys, hoses and other stock, it took a bit of headscratching to make sure it was going together as it should. And, of course, I compounded things by swapping the alternator to the other side of the block, used a few pieces off a DEFENDER just to confuse everybody including myself. I have a Haynes book here to suit 1989 to 1998 Discovery, sketchy to say the least when it comes to things like vee belt, pulley set up etc. Probably have to try and get hold of a DEFENDER vee belt and drive diagram or photo because it looks like a lot of the brackets, pulleys etc are not only placed in different positions on the 200TDI, but also the part numbers are naturally different. Well, been an interesting exercise, had me wondering just what I had taken on. Engine will live again eventually, but the rest of the original Discovery has probably been made into cutlery and on it's way back from China. Cheers, Dave64
  2. Snagger/western, Thanks for that. I must admit that until I inherited this engine (200TDI 12L ex Discovery(?), )knew absolutely zilch about the product, but thanks to many helpful replies (and learning how to trawl the different forums) have picked up some valuable knowledge/tips. Not sure if I am posting to the correct sub-section on the forum' though. My particular project is using the above mentioned engine ONLY, have adapted a different transmission into a different vehicle, NOT a L/R or R/R, so am interested mainly in matters relating to that particular motive unit. First project vehicle, way back in late sixties was installing a Perkins 4/99 diesel into a light truck. Over the years (too many to count!) have tinkered on and off with quite a few different vehicles, but not Rover products. Since then, spent most of my working life , now retired, either driving interstate trucks and/or earthmoving, even had my own truck for a while, which economics dictated I did quite a bit of my own work. But, as I said, until I started this latest project, had little to do with this product. Just as an aside, have been comparing different posts relating to the various Land Rover diesel engines and it would seem to me that prior to electronic and/ or computer controlled units, the 200 12L engine seems to have pretty good reports about it. Still have a bit of trouble coming to terms with the RPM of these smaller modern diesels. Suppose it's simply that having driven trucks on and off most of my life, 2100 RPM was the norm many years ago, around the 1500-1700 RPM is the go these days. Even my own private vehicle redlines at around the 4000 mark, had it for ten years and STILL can't get used to revving it over 3000! Although in saying that, give it a spurt every now and then just to blow the cobwebs out and stop it sooting up! Just reading some earlier posts, have found guys, like you blokes, have been very helpful to not only myself, but a myriad of others, so on behalf of all of us, thanks. For an engine that has been around for what? getting close to 30 years now?, seems to still be most parts available, over here we may have to hunt a bit for them, but quite often I have made inquiries in your part of the world, can see that even major components are not "unobtanium". Cheers, Dave64
  3. Snagger, western, thanks very much for your replies and also the diagram, all sorted now. I readily admit to being a complete novice with google, found that simply entering the topic and adding "lr4X4" took me to a whole new reference library. So, found many answers to everyday questions, makes it not only so much simpler, but won't be clogging up the forums with inane queries. Much appreciated, Cheers Dave64
  4. Apologies for banging on about this, but reading replies as well as doing a basic search, came across two different numbers for a TRIPLE groove pulley. Earlier posts and references point to part# ERC6859, yet they are also referred to on fleabay as part# ERR3093. Hate to have ordered the wrong one!. May be something simple like the part numbers have been upgraded, not unheard of, or perhaps the first number, 6859 relates to the combination damper/pulleys and the second ,3093, relates to ONLY the pulley? Dave64
  5. Terminology incorrect, my blue! "Cyclonic crankcase breather", NOT EGR valve/device. Anyway, gather hoses hook up the same way? Dave64
  6. Couple of more questions, Guys, not too involved this time. On this 200TD 12L engine, there is a bung in the inside of the inlet manifold (facing the rocker cover). Any reason why it can't be used as either a test point (or a permanent boost gauge) for checking manifold pressure? Other one is, where the line runs up from the sump to the EGR canister, (think that's what it's called), mine has been sealed off with tape, going by photos on this forum, it just goes back to the inlet side of the turbo. Waiting for an original 200TDI air cleaner canister to arrive, going to stand it on it's end for my application. Does it really matter just where it hooks into the air inlet system? If the EGR canister is working properly, should be just about clean air, free of any oil, maybe just a few fumes to recirculate. I also asked under another topic, about the engine oil cooler lines. Had a gin around with them today, original hoses as fitted to a Discovery won't reach the radiator without some modification. There is just enough room to get the fittings on inside the chassis rail, so as I'm not going to be using the Disco radiator at all, plan on mounting a separate cooler somewhere else on the chassis, possibly in front of the engine coolant radiator. Plenty of after market coolers around, even got a couple of auto trans ones here, may even be suitable, although possibly the engine oil pressure may be higher than an auto trans? Never been big on them myself (auto trans), prefer a manual, but that's only me. As usual, learning a lot about these engines, have a few little quirks unique to what I am used to, but am grateful for the responses and advice you blokes on this forum have given me. Thanks, Dave64
  7. Maverik, thanks for the offer, looks like all sorted. Cheers, Dave
  8. Maverik, that's damn decent of you! Will keep you posted if they get back to me. Just double checking, it was a TRIPLE groove you fitted? I wanted to try and leave the actual damper itself in place if I can. Thought if I just undo those four bolts, the old pulley would fall off, may need a bit of persuasion going by your other post. Cheers, Dave
  9. Thanks Maverik, shot them an email from your link, only proviso was they may NOT ship to Oz. Wait and see if they reply. Cheers, Dave64
  10. Hi All, Having a look at the crankshaft pulleys earlier today on this ex-Discover 200 TDI 12L engine and noticed a definite "shimmy" in the dual groove pulley. See where it's held on with four bolts, so should come off easily, Don't wish to disturb the vibration damper itself, so thought I would drop the pulleys off whilst still easy to get at. If push comes to shove, can always check for excessive movement in the damper itself with a dial indicator gauge. Check the rubber mounting whilst I'm at it. Although can only really give that a visual inspection. Reckon that the engine has probably been dropped on it's nose at some stage, persons unknown! My query is, IF the pulleys can't be straightened (and I doubt they can) have seen replacement pulleys available over your way (UK) at a reasonable price. Would have liked to replace it (pulley) with a 3 groove unit, but don't know and haven't been able to find out if they are available to suit this particular engine, either O.E. or aftermarket. Have heard of them being replaced by a 3 groove unit off a 300TDI engine, but believe they are an integral unit with the damper, you have to swap the whole shooting match. AND heard all sorts of stories how well those are bedded in and the dramas in removing them. IF it is only the pulleys that are crook, would have to replace them with a hew one, even if only a dual groove. Waste of time and money buying one from the boneyards, complete unit may be different, who knows? Bottom line is:- Anyone know of a way around this? Either a new2 groove or 3 groove, O.E. or aftermarket? Thanks, Dave64
  11. Thanks for that, got hold of a thermoswitch from Davies-Craig, mob who make the 16" fan. Dave64