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  1. Good evening , after fitting an after market transmission cooler I ve had to take the safety latch off , leaving by bonnet vulnerable , I’ve read people on here have fitted bonnet pins can someone please put a photo up of where you mounted them . thank you kind regards Franc
  2. Good evening, ive just come back from recovering my mate with his v8 d2 auto ,it’s overheating big style , and it’s blowing cold air through the heater when on full blast set on hot , is it common on these ? At first I though head gasket but there’s cross contamination. Any help greatfully received thank you
  3. Hi I know this have been covered , has anyone got a before during and after photo please ? Ive got a 1998 Discovery 300 tdi it needs rear outer wheels arches and the first 300 mm or so from the rear sills but I am thinking of replacing the whole thing , the inner sills is intact thanks nenook
  4. Hi I'm new on here , from Stafford I've got 1998 300 tdi , I've got a + 2 lift kit to fit , I've just bought 245/75/16 cooper maxx 's I'm not looking at going mad , I've got + 2 SS flexy hoses to fit , do I need our else , I've heard of radius arms ,? Any help welcomed Thank you Nenook
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