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  1. Nice work nokiamutt, nice to see people taking a intrest with this free gas. for those of you that cant make one, havent got the time etc etc try here, http://www.magdrive.co.uk/contactus.html a hell of a lot of people are using these in the states, it is rumoured that a couple of guys are running there small block v's using the supergen series with no petrol at all!!!! i will be experimenting with the magdrive system in next few weeks, i'll post on here to let you know the results. if you havent researched Stan Meyer then do so, his hho generator is beleived to be the most efficent way to do this, he uses ss tubes inside one another for greater surface area with a pulse width modulator, you can get these on ebay for £15, the new magdrive supergen is selling with this add on. have fun
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