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  1. Compared to some of the other British Leyland's mash ups in the 80's this one is quite practical.
  2. Beloved's Freelander 1 went in for it's MOT today, the only advisory was some oily deposits on the engine. Luckily the 3 Amigos, TC / ABS / Hill Descent dash lights were behaving themselves today and remained off. The tester said that he could not see any obvious reason why they should come on, beloved has observed that they come on quite frequently when she is low on fuel for some reason. The car has only done 4500 miles in 2 years and sometimes does not move for 6/7 days there may be some issues with rust on the brakes ???
  3. The difference is £750. The SP rack looks substantial and the spare cash can either be saved, beloved's option or lots of other stuff, my option.
  4. SP do one for a 90 costing £249. They say it's comparable to a Masai model but not paying for the name.
  5. I'm very pleased for you, I'm now wondering if, as it had been standing for so long the pistons had started to seize. Now you can enjoy it again. Brian
  6. you are part of the way to solving the problem, if you have to use a jump lead then there is an earthing issue. After a new battery and starter it should fire up easily or at the very least turn over quite fast. I would start by trying a compression test to rule out any issue with the cylinders/ Pistons. As an aside my first car was a 1957 Standard Pennant, we spent a week trying to sort out an problem with the engine cutting out but then immediately restarting. It turned out to be a broken lead in the distributor, as the engine advanced the lead tightened and broke the supply. While this is not your problem, I hope, it taught me that the insignificant is important.
  7. Hi, this is is a puzzler as you say there is movement in the engine and you have replaced all the obvious culprits but I hope you still have the old parts for now. Were you able to turn over the engine by hand and see the flywheel turn a full couple of revolutions ? If the parts you have replaced are good I would concur with Steveb and double check all the earth connections again making sure they are clean and tight. I don't have much faith in some replacement parts so I would also try a combination of old and new parts to double check, try the old solenoid or the starter motor again. You could bench test them first if you'd like to make sure. Remember sometimes it is the simplest thing causing the problem and a good nights sleep will give you a fresh pair of eyes and ideas the next morning. Good luck with this problem. Brian
  8. Have you checked all the all the earth connections ??
  9. I was going to say where would I park it? Then realised, anywhere I wanted to
  10. Admiral also own Confused.com. Double bubble.
  11. I love having the chat with the retention team when cancelling the old policy, it always ends up with them saying we hope you will consider us in the future, yeah, only when you are cheaper
  12. I'm still laughing at the words Series and watertight in the same sentence. I have reduced some of the gap on my doors by pulling in the door catches on the existing seals and pushing the door tops in a little. I do plan on repairing the door seals at some point as the cill section is ripped, I will probably try to patch a section rather than completely renew
  13. All insurance companies work on the basis of inertia, they think that you will accept the quote rather than look around. I believe that they now automatically renew if you don't challenge the cost if they have a direct debit / Debit Card details. I now flip my main drive, and house insurance every year as a point of principle, with 9 MeerCats to prove it. The last renewal from RAC was double what they were offering new joiners, bear in mind that RAC / AA are actually insurance. When I challenged the renewal it was dropped to £3 below the new joiners cost. I often wonder how much I gave paid over the odds in the past, before comparison sites.
  14. The reason the MOT is still valid is to allow the repairs to be retested under the 'retest fee' and therefore the next certificate will run from that expiry date e.g. 12 months plus xx days. You are allowed to drive to home or to garage to effect the repairs as the guidance state. Though I wouldn't want to risk a Fine of £2500 for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition bearing in mind that the police can put a prohibition notice on a car requiring it to be moved on the back of a Larry. As an aside I do get annoyed when I hear or read about someone buying a mot failure and then 'booking' a MOT at the home end to avoid having to pay delivery costs and then driving the car home from across the country.
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