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  1. I was speaking to All Wheel trim by email and they are considering making a limited run of these door surrounds at some point.
  2. I am mistaken, i thought the door surrounds on Tithonus roof would remain when you take the roof off. But they appear to be part of the outer shell as well. I am considering buying the surrounds but the cost of £500 or more for the parts seems expensive, i am thinking of going to Billing and hopefully speak to someone about Tithonus soft top and see what I can see before committing to anything, of course the summer up here in Scotland will soon be over.
  3. When I purchased my 110 tithonus hard top from withams I was told to convert to soft top you just needed the soft top nothing else. Inside the hard top over the front doors there are metal angled plates that bridge the door frame. Is this what you mean. I have purchased a Land Rover fleet Wolf military TUM soft top cover manufactured by British Aerospace 2007 but as yet not opened it so don't know what is in there. New to all this stuff so don't really know what everything is so if you either reply or pm me more information of what you are looking for then I will look through the soft top kit and see if I have anything that can be of use. Cheers brian
  4. Sorry for bringing up an old thread. But does anyone have any idea as to where I could get these roof bars or something similar to fit a tithonus 110 with fibreglass roof. Thanks brian
  5. Thanks for this info I have been doing all wrong for the last 9 months s9nce I picked up my ex mod 110 ffr.
  6. Thanks for the info Alternator is off the vehicle now and with auto electricians so will hopefully here from them, if not then ebay it will be.
  7. The pulley in the 110 ffr has three slots with one left Unused. I hope to use it for power steering at some point. Although given that I was quoted £2,000 for this by a land rover expert garage in Glasgow it may be sometime away.
  8. Thanks for the info. That was the one that I bought. Just confused by the fact that different codes shown on the one that was in the ffr. Ended up buying two 614670 britpart ones before this and of course they don't fit but only cost £3.00 each.
  9. Can anyone tell me what the correct replacement is for this drive belt from the FFR second alternator
  10. Hi all. New owner in Glasgow area. I recently purchased a tithonus 110 FFR and had a set of leisure batteries installed in rear battery box along with a 24v power inverter . Alternator was charging all ok at 27.2v. New alternator belt fitted yesterday and now 24v warning light has appeared on dashboard. Auto electrian says no charge from coming from 2nd alternator. Any ideas or what is a suitable alternative alternator to use. Picture is what I have I think it is possibly a mark 10 PRC5253. Can I use a truck or bus alternator and weld onto brackets etc? the batteries are two 12v 120 amp ones and I only use it for TV and lights & phone charging in rear. Is 90 amp too much, could I use a lower ampage one? thanks Brian
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