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  1. Yes repair connectors are available for TD5 Look HERE Brendan
  2. Just a few points. PDGLA, contact address is Great Longstone. Odd that wasthe village at the centre of the BBC programme. Try to find out how much is spent on footpath repairs and green lane repairs in the Peak District. There is about 2,000 miles of footpaths in the Peak District, many across the high moors have been repaired by stone pitching. How much is stone pitching? Well according to the Lake District National Park costs START at £100 per METRE Or £100,000 per kilometre. How many kilometres of footpaths have been stone pitched in the PDNP? How much money has the highway authori
  3. Red Anderson are 24 volt ones. Different colour Andersons of same size will not readily mate to prevent some sticking a 6 volt bit of kit onto a 144 volt DC supply. If they are large Anderson connectors SB then most likely it will be an SB 175. SB 350 are LARGE (Numbers refer to continuous current rating) There are PVC weatherproof boots and rubber dust caps available but they are not waterproof. Having said that they are used under/on bumpers OK . If you have an external one remember to put an isolator in circuit. Brendan
  4. SB 175 Anderson connectors will be fine. Rated at continuous 175 amps or up to about 1,000 amps for a couple of seconds. 35mm2 cable will be fine for connecting to battery. Brendan
  5. Nick, whilst you are probably correct on the range of materials the load extension characteristic of the final sling would be dependent on many different factors. This would range from the actual choice of basic material i.e. polyester, nylon 6, nylon 6-6, nylon 6-12 etc. The molecular weight of the chosen polymer. The amont of draw imposed on the polymer filament, the weave of the webbing etc etc. The apparent strength of the sling would depend on the test regime used which can give vastly different figures. Hence why most physical tests are done to international standards. All this th
  6. Lifting straps are made from polyester as they have 'minimal' stretch. Your seat belts are made from polyester. Would you want a stretchy seat belt in the event of an accident? Climbing slings/harnesses are made from nylon and they are 'stretchy' to absorb shock loads. Polyester Towing/lifting straps are not intended for snatch recoveries. They will generate higher shock loads due to small extensions Nylon recovery/snatch/kinetic straps are better for recoveries due to larger extensions Do NOT use shackles to join two ropes/straps together. If a strap/rope fail you have 1kg of metal sh
  7. Rescue tape would work if you can get to pipe. Rescue tape is a self amalgamating silicone tape tape, not to be confused with the rubber amalgamating tape used by sparks. Brendan
  8. Hi Rob, See you are at Bedale. Our red 110 will be on the 4x4 Overlander stand at Driffield May 7/8th so you would be able to have a good look at the set up there. Anyway a photo for you HTH Brendan
  9. That is the one They also do a plastic wing tank for the 90 which holds about 30 litres Brendan
  10. Our rear winch on our 110 is mounted in rear crossmember. Have rear bumperettes fitted and the winch sticks out no further then them, about 3"/75mm. Floor pan cut for about 2"/50mm and refitted. Solenoid pack sat on top of rear n/s wheel box. Yes it works. No effect on departure angle or tow ball HTH Brendan
  11. A wing tank fits inside the rear wheel arch, basically in space where standard rubber filler tube passes through. An extra 45-48 litre which gravity feeds into main 110 fuel tank HTH Brendan
  12. As a trader who was there I think it was a successful show. The toilets were spotless when I went to use them, was pleasantly surprised when I went into them at first especially when you consider facilities at other venues. Food was good and the cook asked us what time we wanted breakfast from. Breakfast was available from 8am and I got the impression that if we said an earlier time that would have been arranged. Only problem there was I don't like my tea in a polystrene cup but that is a minor grumble On minor grumbles better signage outside on roadside would have been better. I think D
  13. Norm Yorkshire ambulance service used to have a Land Rover. It turned out to Cro call outs with a trailer attached. Brendan
  14. Use a wing tank. Gravity feeds into main tank so no need for pumps. Brendan
  15. Think it is Karl who runs Tohuse Autos. A friendly guy who knows his LR and is helpful. Give him a bell am sure he will do his best to help out Brendan
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